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3. Social exclusion (or marginalization) is social disadvantage and downgrading to the edge of society used across disciplines including education, sociology, psychology, politics and economics is the process in which individuals or entire communities of people are systematically blocked from (or denied full access to) various rights. This chapter focuses on marginalization in education. Marginalization is the subject of much debate. There is a voluminous literature on how to measure it and how to differentiate the concept from broader ideas about inequality, poverty and social exclusion.1 Many important issues have been raised. However, debate ove Inclusive education is concerned with providing appropriate responses to the broad spectrum of learning needs in formal and non-formal educational settings. Rather than being a marginal theme on how some learners can be integrated in the mainstream education, inclusive education is an approach that looks into how to transform education Marginalization - [mahr-juh-nl-ahyz] is, to place in a position of marginal importance, influence, or power. Deprived/ marginalized is a multidimensional, multi-causal, historical phenomenon. To relegate or confine to a lower or outer limit or edge, as of social standing Education is the cr eation of a sound mind in a sound body. It develops man's faculty, especially his mind so that he may be able to enjoy the contemplation of supreme truth, goodness and beauty of which perfect KDSSLQHVVHVVHQWLDOO\FRQVLVWV´ - Aristotle Check Your Progres s Notes : a) write your answer in the space given belo

Are you Searching for Free PDF Notes and Books B.Ed? Then this is the right place. Here you can download and get full pdf notes for BEd first and second year and all Semesters i.e 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th, and for CTET, HTET, and Other TET Exams and Entrance Test Exams B.Ed. -ODL PROGRAMME (Bachelor of Education Programme through Open and Distance Learning Mode) COMPULSORY COURSE 01 (CC-01) EDUCATION IN INDIA BLOCK 1 : AN INTRODUCTION TO EDUCATION 7-112 BLOCK 2 : EDUCATION IN INDIA-HIST ORICAL PERSPECTIVE 113-222 BLOCK 3 : EDUCATION COMMISSIONS AND THEIR IMPACT 223-312 BLOCK 4 : EDUCATION AND VALUES 313-39 B.Ed Books & Notes for Free in PDF: 2021 Updated. B.Ed stands for Bachelors of Education is a two-year professional undergraduate degree course where students learn the principles of teaching. It is one of the best courses for students who are interested in making a career in teaching or want to become a teacher

DAS COACHING is the complete informational website in Bangla & provides various articles for exams like H.S Exam (Education, Sociology & Psychology), B.A Edu(H), M.A in Education, B.Ed, M.Ed., MPhil in Education, Ph.D. in Education, etc. It also offers information on a range of topics including Study in India, study abroad, Distance education, college admissions, and more Students can Download Books, Notes & Study Materials of B.Ed Course in PDF formats from the following download links attached here in this below table. Below is the list of some Reference Books for the Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) course for the students who are pursuing B.Ed 1st year and 2nd year UG degree to start their preparation Tamil Nadu Teachers Education University - TNTEU Study Material, Books And Notes For B.Ed Download PDF BEd Books. Notes And Study Material In Hindi PDF Download FREE. Uttarakhand Open University B.Ed Study Material In Hindi. B.Ed Study Material Notes And Books In Tamil Medium. B.Ed 1st Year Books. B.Ed 1st Year Notes. B.Ed 1st Year Study.

Mathur, A. (2017). Diversity, Marginalization and Schooling. The Delhi University Journal of the Hu-manities and the Social Sciences 4: 155-169. 155 . Diversity, Marginalization and Schooling . AVANTIKA MATHUR. 1. Central Institute of Education, University of Delhi . ABSTRACT . A reality often ignored in education, is that of a. Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) SEM 1 COURSE 2: Language Across Curriculum SNDT University / Ashoka Education Foundation NOTES Disclaimer: These notes compiled from information freely available on the internet and are for non‐commercial use only. These notes are only to be used as a quick refresher Skinner. While general psychology is pure science, educational psychology is its application in the field of education with the aim of socializing an individual and modifying his behavior.. Anderson. Educational psychology is the systematic study of the educational growth and development of a child.. Stephen Wide education providing best B.Ed Notes , Computer Education,General knowledge,Best Bed Note and also B.ed Syllbus,breif notes, Previous question ,Teacheer choice notes and many more ,basially emphasis the B.Ed contents and UPSC notes .There have somany educational information.You can get free Computer Education and somany facilitie

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This is how the inequality in the society, directly or indirectly, affects the educational process. In the Indian Constitution, there is a right to equal rights and dignity for all the people of the society and it is the declaration of giving equal opportunities to everyone to grow, but in practice, they all have inequality today Centre for Distance Education Bharathidasan University Tiruchirapplli-620 024 Course Material Co-ordinator Dr.K.Anandan Professor & Head, Dept .of Education Centre for Distance Education Bharathidasan University Tiruchirapplli-620 024 Author Dr. K. Thiyagu Assistant Professor, Department of Education, Central University of Kerala INCLUSIVE EDUCATION (SECD 01) B.Ed. Spl. Ed Bachelor of Special Education Self Learning Material Madhya Pradesh Bhoj (Open) University . Bachelor of Special Education 1.3 Marginalization: Multiple Diagnoses, Multiple Prescriptions To describe marginalization is not to explain it. Noting that poverty exists does not lead directl Syllabi/ B.Ed.-2Yr/KUK 2015-16 4 Course: 2 CONTEMPORARY INDIA AND EDUCATION Max. Marks: 100 Time: 3 Hours (Theory:80,Internal: 20) NOTE FOR PAPER SETTE

1) An Integrated personality. 1) Is flexible, strong and organized as well as balanced. 2) Has realistic assessment of oneself-one's strength and weakness. 3) Maintains harmony between ones abilities, capabilities, interests, self concept, social constraints life goal and social codes and conduct The main objective of my blog is to assists the students of Education, especially who are studying BA Education, MA Education, Bachelor of Education (B.Ed), Master of Education (M.Ed), Diploma in Elementary Education (D.EL.ED) and District Institute for Educational Training (DIET) by sharing better notes through this blog Causes of Individual Differences B.Ed notes english medium for B.Ed students, these are very helpful notes regarding to B.Ed and other educational stream. But mostly it is useful to the B.ed student. All notes are presented according to topic wise so their is no confusion for you while searching your notes english medium students as per latest syllabus of Pune University B.Ed course and Mumbai. B.Ed Notes Mumbai University Course 2 Contemporary India and Education Unit I Notes. The B.Ed. Notes for Mumbai University for Course 2 Contemporary India and Education and Unit I Understanding and Addressing Diversity in Indian society. File Format: RAR. File Size: Less than 125 KB. The notes are in a PDF file which is compressed into a RAR file The presence of inequality and marginalization of certain groups of people are due to: Stratification of Indian Society with reference to Caste, Class, Gender, Region contemporary india and education b.ed notes in english pdf. contemporary india and education tnteu. contemporary india and education question paper


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B.Ed. -ODL PROGRAMME (Bachelor of Education Programme through Open and Distance Learning Mode) COMPULSORY COURSE 03 (CC-03) TEACHER FUNCTIONS BLOCK 1 : FACILITATING LEARNING 7-112 BLOCK 2 : CURRICULUM CONSTRUCTION 113-178 BLOCK 3 : OR GANISING CO-CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES 179-278 BLOCK 4 : EV ALUATION AND DATA PROCESSING 279-36 What is education b.ed notes. So Download BEd 1st 2nd year Books. 3262012 Education is a systematic process through which a child or an adult acquires knowledge experience skill and sound attitude. Education is growth it is a natural process. Ad Search For Relevant Info. Ed is a two or four years integrated program Globalization: Impact on Education by Satish Tandon- Contemporary India and Education Notes The Mumbai University B.Ed. Syllabus for Course 2 Contemporary India and Education has given in References section point no. 19 as Adolescence is a transitional age of physical and psychological human development generally occurring during the period from puberty to legal adulthood. The period of Adolescence is most closely associated with the teenage years, through its physical, psychological and cultural expression can begin earlier and later

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B Ed English Notes b ed bachelor of education syllabus eligibility, b ed all solved assignments aiou free download spring 2018, b ed notes for teacher training students module 1, b exclusion and marginalization it is a strategic approach designed to facilitate learning success for al B.ed Guide is an educational blog where you can get all the information regarding B.ed courses, Entrance test, B. ed Books, Central B.ed, State B.ed, Previous year question paper, B.ed Lesson plan, Notes for b.ed 1st-year students.b.ed book store near me,pedagogy of science b ed notes speaking, b ed study material cgstate gov in, b ed m ed education notes daily based, b ed m ed study materials books pdf free download 2018, summary of in participation of all learners vulnerable to exclusion and marginalization it is a strategic approach designed to facilitate learning success for al

B.Ed. notes-Educational Technology. Module I - Teaching & Communication. Prepared by. SABARISH-P. The National Policy of Education, 1986 has laid a great stress on the use of teaching aids, especially improvised aids, to make teaching-learning more effective and realistic. Some of the important values of the proper use of audio-visual aids are 1.3 Western system of education in India with special reference to Macaulay's Minutes and Wood's Despatch 1.4 Education system in India 1.5 Types of Education-Formal, informal, and non-formal 1.6 Education as Investment - Human Resource Development 1.7 Interdisciplinary approach in education - correlation with different disciplines an in Inclusive Education. Children with Learning Disabilities- B.Ed Notes. 151.8k Views. Children with Learning Disabilities. Children with learning disabilities are those who are average intelligence. They generally face difficulty in learning to read, writing, spellings, arithmetic, language skills and so on.. 3. Character aim: Like Herbart, Gandhiji also believed that one of the essential aims of education is the moral development or character development. According to Gandhiji, the end of all knowledge should be the building up of character. Character building implies cultivation of moral values such as courage, strength of mind, righteousness, self- restraint and service of humanity

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  1. education and health services, housing, income, leisure activities and work. The impacts of marginalization, in terms of social exclusion, are similar, whatever the origins and processes of marginalization, irrespective of whether these are to be located in social attitudes (such as toward
  2. The underlying causes of marginalization within a given society are multifold and varied. Education policies to achieve inclusion and gender equality must address a complex set of challenges in contexts across the globe if they are to succeed at getting all girls into school. Photo credit: Charlotte Kesl/ World Bank
  3. OBSERVATIONS MADE IN EDUCATION BY THE LIBERAL FEMINISTS There is unequal access and representation of women in some fields of education e.g. sciences are done mostly by men than women. Women in education have remained in areas under the oppression of men e.g. there are few female school heads (U.N.C.E.F 2000) but in reality there are more.
  4. g instruction inductive method deductive method drill method micro teaching simulatio
  5. In the drafting of the National Curriculum Framework 2005, twenty one national focus groups were formed in all subjects, including those which had till recently been relegated to the background. Some of them were: Art and music, Heritage crafts, Educational technology, Systemic reforms, Environment education, Peace education, and Rural education

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RABINDRANATH TAGORE ~ B.ED. NOTES. Life Sketch. Viswakavi (World Poet) Rabindranath was born on May 9, 1861 in Bengal. His father Maharihi Devendranath Tagore was a rich man and an aristocrat and his mother was Sarada Devi. Rabindranath Tagore was not sent to any school. He was educated at home by a tutor Posted on September 22, 2015 by John Parankimalil. Introduction According to T. Roosevelt, To educate a man in mind and not in morals is to educate a menace to society.. The supreme end of education is expert discernment in all things - the power to tell the good . Continue reading →. Posted in B. Ed Notes | Tagged Need for Value. ICT File PDF. ICT File B.Ed PDF: (Information and Communication Technologies) refers to technologies that provide access to information through telecommunications.. Although ICT is similar to Information and Technology (IT) but focuses primarily on communication technologies. In this ICT (Information and Communication Technology) file we have listed all the tools that are needed while using ICT In Israel, the B. Ed. Education and Teacher's Certificate studies takes four years. During the first three years, students attend an intensive program that offers training in general knowledge and teaching practice. In the fourth year, students teach at schools and receive pay while continuing to attend classes one day a week

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With contributions from leading experts in the field, The Jossey-Bass Reader on Contemporary Issues in Adult Education collects in one volume the best previously published literature on the issues and trends affecting adult education today. The volume includes influential pieces from foundational authors in the profession such as Eduard C. Lindeman, Alain Locke, and Paulo Freire, as well as. Themes in 1989 higher education case law reflect the difficulty in reducing the federal deficit, increased service demands on state budgets, and an economic condition of marginal growth. The interpretation of constitutional rights in relationships between the institution and students, employees, and communities continues to be heavily litigated

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B. Ed. SE-02 Contemporary India and Education 4 100 B. Ed. SE-03 Introduction to Sensory Disabilities 2 50 1 Marginalization vs Inclusive Education, Segregation and Integrations 2 Principles of Inclusive Education and Diversity in Classroom 3 Barriers to inclusive Education bachelor of education b ed semester mode. education network b ed notes metacognition. curriculum for 2 year b ed programme doe du ac in. b ed books amp notes for all semesters in pdf 1st 2nd year. function of education b ed notes. b ed notes. educational evaluation wikipedia. valuable notes on the evaluation process in education. b ed notes B.Ed Study Material (Semester Third) Course Code BED15301. All Units (Coming Soon)*. Course Code BED15302 (Click below links to Download) All Units (Coming Soon)*. Course Code BED15303 (Click below links to Download) Teaching of Geography. Teaching of Mathematics. Course Code BED15304 (Click below links to Download

Environmental Education B.Ed( 2 year B.Ed) S.no. Content Outline Module 1. Fundamentals of Environmental Education Unit 1. Concept of Environmental & Its Issues a. Environment: Meaning - Definition of environment Environment refers to the surrounding of an organism which include both living and non living components 1.Principle of Togetherness: Inclusive education provides such learning environment that promotes all round development of all learners together in the same educational setting. Irrespective of their caste, color and gender. So it is an approach which brings all children together in a common educational community. 2 B.ED. SYLLABUS (SEMESTER I) PAPER - I: PHILOSOPHICAL PERSPECTIVES OF EDUCATION TOTAL MARKS: 80 Course Outline Unit - I: Aims of Education - Education: Nature & its meaning, objectives/aims in relation to the time and place. - Educational Aims in the Western Context: With specific reference to Western thinkers such as Russell & Dewey

IGNOU BEd Study Materials/Books - If you come to this page for download each collection of BEd (Bachelor of Education) Study Material so you are come at right place. Here you will get everything for which you have come to here. We have downloaded all available Study Materials of BEd to our System and it is ready and available for all BEd Students IDEALISM AND EDUCATION|B.Ed NOTES FREE. May 29, 2021 June 10, 2021 DivyanshiYadav No comments. INTRODUCTION. Idealism is the ancient western philosophy. It is that school of western philosophy which considers; This universe is created by god. Spiritual world is superior to material world On this website you can find a lot of information regarding B.Ed. (Hons) Elementary and its courses. You can find Introduction to B.Ed. (Hons) on Welcome page, on course pages you can find syllabus of courses, notes, lecture topics, links to material, assignment and presentation topics, surveys for courses, help for courses, booklets, etc.. Anytime you can go to about us page our use contact. Topic 1: (mid term) Take one teaching method. Write assignment on it. Method & its Process. Advantages & disadvantages. Pick a topic from social studies and teach it in class using your method. Topic 2 : (Final Term) Global Warning. Make group of 5 students The Bachelor of Education programme, generally known as B.Ed., is a professional course that prepares teachers for The B.Ed. curriculum shall be designed to integrate the study of subject knowledge, human development, marginalization in Indian society and the implications for education, with analyses of significant polic

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  1. Action research has been proven most beneficial in the field of diagnostic education. KEY WORDS: Action research, B.Ed. Pupil teacher. Introduction According to John W. Best (1970) Action research is focused on the immediate Research is a long term scientific search. Research is an honest, exhaustive, and application, not on the development.
  2. Solved and helpful books with notes are available for the B.Ed Applicants. In this B.Ed categories Books you can download subjects of B.Ed exams free in PDF. These Notes and PDF books are important and easy to learn and study. In All Punjab and Pakistan AIOU and VU is offering B Ed Admissions for all students girls and also boys
  3. ation. The system of education generally advocated emanated from the Vedas and was called vedic system of education, which insisted on code of conduct both for the student and the teacher and placed the child under the care and direction of the teacher
  4. B.Ed Syllabus & Subjects: The uniform curriculum for the B.Ed course framed by the National Council of Education Research and Training [NCERT] for the better development of students lays down ground-rules and syllabus framework for students all across the nation: B.Ed Syllabus - Semester 1. Sl. No
  5. 3. Dewey, J (2004) Democracy and Education, Courier Dover publication. 4. GOI (1966) Report of the education commission education and national development, New Delhi Ministry of Education. 5. GOI (1986) National Policy of Education, GOI. 6. Kochhar, S.K. (1993) Pivotal Issues in Indian Education, Sterling Publisher's Pvt. Ltd. 7
  6. B.Ed Notes 1 st Year, 2 nd Year in PDF All Semester Download in Hindi English. B.Ed (Teaching of Commerce) Free Notes. Download. B.Ed (Guidance and Counseling) Free Notes. Download. B.Ed (Childhood and Growing Up) Free Notes. Download. B .Ed (Health and Physical Education) Free Notes. Download


  1. B.Ed TC-202 03 03 01 10 40 50 8. 7 Pedagogy of a school subject-part1(1/2) B.Ed TC-203 03 03 01 10 40 50 9. 8 Assessment for Learning B.Ed TC-204 06 06 02 20 80 100 PRACTICUM 10. EPC 2 Drama and Art in Education(1/2) B.Ed P-205 03 03 01 50 50 TOTAL 21 21 07 110 240 35
  2. ent characteristics of education in India during colonial rule Critical appraisal of recommendations of following commissions Secondary Education commission (1952-53) Indian Education Commission (1964-66
  3. In 1997, he launched an independent publication, Education Notes, a newsletter for NYC teachers which he turned into the EdNotes blog, in 2006. He is a founding member of various UFT caucuses such as, Independent Community of Educators (ICE) and Movement of Rank and File Educators (MORE), to the now defunct, Grassroots Education Movement (GEM)
  4. Share your Knowledge, It's a way to achieve Immortality Tag - models of teaching b.ed notes. Teacher Education Models of Teachin

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  1. Download FREE B.Ed Material | Online books for B.Ed. B Ed Admission is offering FREE Study Materials to download for the B.Ed course students. B Ed Admission always have been a helping hand for those who need any information about B.Ed Course admission in MDU, KUK or CRSU Universities of Haryana. All of these are state government universities
  2. Details of B.Ed. (Tamil) Bachelor of Education in Tamil which includes B.Ed. (Tamil) Syllabus, eligibility, duration, institutes and job options
  3. ation First Year Course No. Course Name Credit Theory Marks Practical Marks Full Marks Course 1 Childhood and Growing Up 4 80 20 100 Course 2 Contemporary India and Education 4 80 20 100 Course 3 Learning and Teaching 4 80 20 100 Course 4 Language across the Curriculum 2 40 10 5

Winsoft Education Technologies Pvt. Ltd. | For Admissions Contact @ +91-9311707000, +91-9312650500 SYLLABUS FOR BACHELOR OF EDUCATION (B.Ed.) Two-Year Regular Course AS per NCTE Framework 2014 DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION CHAUDHARY RANBIR SINGH UNIVERSITY • Issues in marginalization of difference and diversity • Children living in urban slum. B.ED. (HONS) ELEMENTARY 08 Introduction In the HEC 2010 document, Curriculum of Education: B.Ed (Hons.) 4-year Degree Programme (Elementary & Secondary, Associate Degree in Education, M. Ed./Ms. Education), the course Foundations of Education was designed to focus on the ideological, philo Download IGNOU B.Ed Study Materials. These Bachelor of Education Study Materials are provided in zip format. Students can download the material for each subject by the link given below. Unit wise Sudy materials are also provided here. Study Notes will be very useful to the students for their Preparation. Name of the Course

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  1. University. TNTEU Study Material for B.ed and M.Ed in PDF format in English as well as in Tamil is available here for download. Students can download the study material for 1st and 2nd year of their program. All the students of Tamil Nadu Teachers Education University who are searching for TNTEU Notes for various subjects can download it from.
  2. A Study on Implementation of Suggested Pedagogical Practices in ADE & B.Ed. (Hons.) 2 Introduction Teacher Education in Pakistan has been consistently criticized for having marginal effect on the teaching skills of the prospective teachers. Critics also went to the extent of denying the need of teacher training
  3. Education is a process; by which a society transmit to new members they values, believes, knowledge and symbolic expressions to make communication within the society. Definitions of Psychology: According to Plato: Psychology is the study of spirit
  4. 5. To acquaint student teachers with contemporary issues and policies and their origin with regard to Education in Indian society. 6. To acquaint students with the relevant education commissions and their impact on educational aims ,curriculum and pedagogy in the context of liberalization and globalization. 7
  5. The Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) program is a popular course in the arena of education and has been designed with the aim to develop a deep understanding of the teaching-learning process at secondary and higher secondary levels. Generally, the B.Ed distance/correspondence program is for two-years

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Definition of marginalization noun in Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary. Meaning, pronunciation, picture, example sentences, grammar, usage notes, synonyms and more Society and the marginalization of the weaker sections 3. To enable student teachers to understand the implications for education in coping with Diversity and Inequality to achieve universal Education in Indian society 4. To enable student teachers to critically understand the constitutional values related to the aims of education in a Democracy 5 Get Admission In B.Ed. - Bachelor of Education From India's Top Ranked Colleges/ University in Punjab - LPU. Check Eligibility, Courses, Fees, Career. This Course mainly prepares students for work as a teacher. Student Can get the better opportunities and make Career As a Principal, School Teachers etc B.Ed books and notes Pdf Knowledge And Curriculum Pdf ( laxmi Publications ) crsu, mdu, kuk, cdlu, cblu and igu university for all semesters October 15, 2020 Childhood and Growing up notes study material for b.ed first year and b.ed second year crsu mdu kuk cdlu cblu igu du all other universit

In the HEC 2010 document, 'Curriculum of Education: B.Ed (Hons.) 4-year Degree Programme', educational psychology was added as a foundation course. The main focus of the educational psychology course is to help Student Teachers develop their understanding of human behaviour and mental processes within an education context Education is the best means for the propagation of a Philosophy. John Adams says, Education is the dynamic side of Philosophy. It is the active aspect of philosophical belief, a practical means of realizing the ideals of life. Philosophy and education are closely related in the following ways: 1

ROLE OF NCERT · To monitor the administration of NIE / Regional colleges of Education. · To undertake aid, promote and co-ordinate research in all branches of education for improving school - education · To organize pre-service and in-service education programmes for teachers. · To prepare and publish study material for students and related teacher's handbooks B.Ed. English or Bachelor of Education in English is an undergraduate Education course. This course is a two years program which equips the teacher trainees with the latest knowledge and skills in the field of English Language Teaching (ELT). B.Ed. (English) degree study teaches a person about various aspects associated with teaching and aims. Small Steps Toward A Much Better World. Ashish Jha, dean of the School of Public Health at Brown University, has had it with the FDA:. Nearly all public-health authorities in the country are urging people to get vaccines https://www.facebook.com/mdtoufik.sohel


MPBOARDONLINE.COM. Home> UG PG NOTES ; B Ed Creating an Inclusive School B Ed Drama And Art In Education B Ed Education Technology And Ict B Ed Ek Vidhyalay Vishay Ka Shikshan-2 B Ed Environmental Education B Ed Gender School And Society B Ed Language Across The Curriculum Part 2 B Ed Understand The Self Income Tax आयक Gender inequality is the social process by which men and women are not treated equally. The treatment may arise from distinctions regarding biology, psychology, or cultural norms prevalent in the society. Some of these distinctions are empirically grounded while others appear to be socially constructed Class 11 KPK Economics Notes Chapter 2 (Consumer behavior) 11. In figures 2.4 (a) AA' represents marginal utility curve of apples while in figure 2.4. (b) BB' is the marginal utility curve of bananas. When the consumer spends ON rupees on A and OM rupees on B the marginal utilities from the two commodities are equal i.e. SN = MT B.Ed, full form Bachelor of Education, is a 2 years bachelor degree degree one has to undertake to become a teaching professional. The National Council of Teacher Education (NCTE) has made the B.Ed degree compulsory for candidates who wish to teach at public schools in India at any level metaphorical understanding of the marginal: the group of musicians is situated in the center of the drawing, but the margins of this work are filled with the artist's notes. My reflections do not concern marginalization in general, but the marginalization of the artist and art on the brink o