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You may be surprised to find out just how many edible fruits belong to the rose family, officially known as the Rosaceae group. Apples, pears, cherries, plums, apricots, raspberries, strawberries and peaches are all members of the flowering plant group. Chocolate was once used as currency UK Travel Update: COVID-19 Vaccinated Americans Can Travel to the England from Monday, August 2nd - Full Details Inside Ten Interesting Facts about Stirling Castle Exhibition Report: Portsmouth - The Mary Rose Museum - New 1545 Experience And So Much To Se Here are ten interesting facts (or myths) about British food, some going back to Roman times: It was the Romans who made oysters popular in Britain and were responsible for establishing their cultivation. The rich waters of Camulodunum (Colchester today) are ideal for cultivating the delicious Colchester oysters

10 interesting nutrition facts! 1 min read Asparagus is a good source of vitamins A, C and E, B-complex vitamins, potassium and zinc. An avocado has more than twice as much potassium as a banana Whatever your taste, these interesting food facts will amaze and enlighten you, so without further ado here are the top 100 random facts about food! Pound cake got its name from its recipe. The early recipes of pound cake called for one pound of butter, one pound of eggs, and one pound of sugar. That's a huge cake 3. Pizza. The word pizza is more than 1,000 years old - it first crops up in a Latin text written in southern Italy in 997AD. To start with, pizzas were only sold whole. But in 1933, the. There are an average of 465 beans in each 415g Heinz tin. During the rationing in World War Two, the Ministry of Food classified baked beans as an essential food. Brummies are the UK's No1 bean..

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From KFC to Greggs, we've rounded up some of the most shocking, hilarious and mind-boggling facts about the top brands out there. Prepare to have your mind blown. 1. McDonald's is the world's largest toy distributo The Most Stolen Food In The World Is Cheese! Definitely one of the more surprising facts in this series, the most stolen food in the world is in fact cheese. Around 4% of ALL the cheese made in the world gets stolen. There's even a black market of stolen cheeses, but we didn't tell you that. cda Report. Final score In fact, every American eats about 1,996 pounds of food per year. How wild is that? Whether you crave Hershey's kisses or reach for a plate of carrots, here are 100 fun facts about food that might surprise you. And for more, don't miss these 15 Classic American Desserts That Deserve a Comeback This will give you a lot of informatio As for the cuisine, the typical food of UK is the roast beef and Yorkshire beef, but the Brits have voted the Chicken Takka as their national dish. The Chicken Takka is actually an Indian recipe. The UK is linked with the European continental land through the Channel Tunnel

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Last year's, punters enjoyed 120,000 bottles of champagne, six tons of salmon and more than four tons of strawberries. The top prize for strawberry eating goes to the Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Club -- 27 tons of them are eaten (along with more than 1,500 gallons of cream) during the championship. Crowdie, a soft, fresh milk cheese, was made in. 2. The UK really is a tea-drinking nation. As the stereotype dictates the Brits drink more tea than anywhere else in the world (about 165 million cups a day). 3. Her Majesty owns the swan population. The Queen owns every swan in the country. The Queen owns all the Swans. 4. It's a nation of chickens Food Facts for Kids Food around the World. Our Fun Food Facts for Kids will show you lots of interesting and fun facts on famous food from around the world. Here we tell you about amazing food records and share some fun and easy-to-make recipes from around the world They're nearly genetically identical except for one thing: a genethat's either dominant (in peaches) or recessive (in nectarines). That's what determines whether the skin is fuzzy or smooth. 2... UK Facts | UK Food Food and soft drinks are among the main manufactured goods in the UK, still almost half of its food stuff consumed on the British isles is imported to meet the populations needs. Typical English Breakfast with fried egg, sausages, bacon, black pudding, baked beans, tomatoes and toast Popular food in the UK

70 Quick Health Facts: Food, Fitness, Hydration, Random (Fun!) The Good Body Last updated: March 16, 2021 Fitness , Pain Management To be your happiest and healthiest self, we've brought you a wide selection of health facts covering everything from fitness to food to hydration Fun Facts about the United Kingdom . The United Kingdom, popularly known as Great Britain, or simply as the UK, is one of the most Influential, powerful, and richest countries in the world.It is an amazing piece of land that is rich in history and facts, some of which are yet to be discovered

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You will normally find basmati and pilau rice used in many Indian dishes in the UK. There's also a three-category system for Indian food inside the country. These categories are Taamsic, Raajsic and Saatvic Food Facts. Our Food Fact Sheets are written by dietitians to help you learn the best ways to eat and drink to keep your body fit and healthy. These fact sheets are for information only and are not a substitute for proper medical diagnosis or dietary advice given by a dietitian. The information is correct at the time of publishing, and. 10 British Foods Americans Just Don't Understand Slideshow. William and Kate. Doctor Who. Fish and chips. The way they say telly when they mean television. Simon Cowell. Phrases like bloody hell.. Americans have been fascinated by the British forever, whether for their self-deprecating sarcasm or or their Cadbury chocolates. We. 79 Interesting United Kingdom Facts. The word Britain is derived from the name of a Celtic tribe, the Brythons. [19] The word England comes from Angle-land, or land of the Angli, or Angles, a Viking tribe that came across the North Sea and settled in the east and north. The French name for England, Angleterre, also literally.

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Nov 11, 2013 - Explore Jack's's board Did you know - fun food facts!, followed by 405 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about did you know, facts, food facts Factory farms raise 99.9 percent of chickens, 99 percent of turkeys, 95 percent of pigs, and 78 percent of cattle currently sold in the United States ().So the next time you see packaging or. Interesting facts about food and nutrition. Food has a big role in our lives today, it is a source of pleasure, social status, religious significance and above all a tool to survive. What we select to eat, how we prepare it or how we sense the food is directly influenced by our individual cultural inheritance 1. 1.3billion tons of food is wasted each year. 2. Wasted food amounts to over $1trillion of loss and wastage annually. 3. If all the food wasted was made into a country, it would be the third largest carbon dioxide producer in the world, surpassing the carbon dioxide produced by countries such as India and Russia

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2. The first restaurant going by the name Kentucky Fried Chicken opened in 1952 in Salt Lake City after The Colonel met restaurant owner Peter Harman at a food seminar.. 3. In 1991, the KFC name. More presidential food facts here. 7. The Popsicle was actually created by accident in 1905. When 11-year-old Frank Epperson left a sweet drink and its stirring stick on the porch overnight, he. Facts About the History of Restaurants. The word restaurant is French, originally meaning food that restores ().; The oldest American restaurant still in service today is Boston's very own Union Oyster House, founded in 1826 ().The oldest tavern in America is White Horse Tavern in Newport, Rhode Island, opened in 1673 ().The first fine dining restaurant established in America is Delmonico. Read on for 71 delightful, interesting and just plain bizarre facts about England, United Kingdom. 1. If you cover all of its history, the British Empire has invaded all but 22 countries in the world. 2. The regional accent variation is so strong that people living only a mile from each other might sound slightly different

Fast Food Facts 'In America on 4th July, the amount of hot dogs eaten could stretch from Washington DC to Los Angeles over 5 times' In America, our transatlantic cousins celebrate their independence. 4 th of July celebrations in America are marked with cookouts, fireworks and good old-fashioned gluttony.. The peak 'hot dog season' in America lasts from the end of May to the start of. 12 Foods of Christmas InfoGraphic. An estimated 6.5 million jars of cranberry sauce are consumed in the UK during Christmas. Christmas dinner is one of the most anticipated meals in the U.K., we all look forward to it and we're more than happy to help ourselves to a second helping of turkey or potatoes - but are we aware of how much food we. But too much sugar can lead to serious diseases like type 2 diabetes, which people are getting younger than ever before, and heart disease. We've got an easy way to cut back on sugar, with lower sugar swaps on the things we eat every day. That means kids get less sugar, but are still happy! Sugar swaps for kids Here are 25 kickass and interesting facts about sandwiches. 1-5 Facts 1. The sandwich was named after Lord Sandwich - a gambler who didn't have time to eat during a play so he would ask his servants to bring him slices of meat in between slices of bread. - Source 2. According to the Unite California. Rolling pastures and bright skies make for happy cows. The Golden State is the United States' #1 dairy producer, churning out tons of butter, milk, and, of course, ice cream each year.

Here are our top ten facts about picnics to get you inspired: The average person picnics at least three times a year, that's 94 million picnics per year. According to research done in 2013, the average family spends £26 per picnic totaling £2,479,720,000 Food and Drink Facts. All kinds of facts about food and drink. Featuring a range of topics, including diet, nutrition, and food tips. In 1974, canned food from a boat that sank in 1865 was tested by chemists and was found to be still safe to eat

10 facts on food safety. Updated October 2016. The great majority of people will experience a foodborne disease at some point in their lives. This highlights the importance of making sure the food we eat is not contaminated with potentially harmful bacteria, parasites, viruses, toxins and chemicals The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, aka the United Kingdom (UK or U.K.) or Britain, is a sovereign country situated off the north­western coast of the European mainland. The total area of the United Kingdom is 240,000 km^2 (94,000 square miles)

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  1. Today's we will look at Street Food fun facts such as Mar 5th is National Mobile Food Vendor Day & street food is eaten by almost 2.5 B people daily
  2. or detail of key ingredient of Sheep's lung being considered an 'inedible item.
  3. s. 1 Carbohydrates. Carbohydrates give you energy, calcium and B vita
  4. Get ready to test yourself on how many of these United Kingdom facts you already know and prepare to discover some interesting new information about the UK. 1. We do love to be beside the seaside. The UK's coasts are famous around the world, from stunning winding walks and clifftop landscapes to golden sandy beaches
  5. 2. 13% of edible food and drink purchased by households are wasted. That's the equivalent of almost three meals a week going uneaten. 3. UK households binned £13.5 billion worth of edible food in 2015 4. That's on average £540 per household 5. 40% of food waste in the hospitality industry are carbohydrate
  6. The final of our interesting food facts is that Chinese food, when authentic, is one of the healthiest types of cuisine available. Authentic Chinese food does not require any milk-fat ingredients; therefore less cream, butter and cheese is used in the cooking which is what makes it a lot healthier to alternative cuisine options

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7 Interesting Food Facts Despite checking out food packets and really keeping a close eye on what you consume, there is a large chance that you may not know abouts these interesting food facts. Here are 7 facts about food that you may find hard to swallow 6-10 Interesting Facts About Alcohol. 6. Germany, instead of Father's Day, has a Men's Day where men young and old cart wagons filled with booze and food around. - Source. 7. During Prohibition, the U.S. government poisoned alcohol to discourage alcoholism, killing as many as 10,000 people. - Source Top 10 interesting facts about Italian cuisine (and customs) Many people around the world are familiar with Italian cuisine, or the various renditions of it that have appeared in different countries. But, there are certain things that have changed as the food has traveled and married with other cultures, not to mention the customs that. Well, now it's your turn to be the smarty pants and baffle them with these fantastic facts for kids. Whether you're stuck homeschooling them over lockdown, in a supermarket queue or just want to satisfy curious mini minds, reach for these fun facts. Trust us, they will keep your little (and big!) ones mesmerised 2. White wine can be made from red grapes. (2) 3. The amount of pure alcohol in a typical can of beer, glass of wine, or shot of spirits is the same. (3) 4. Hundreds of years ago, recipes for beer had such ingredients as honey, sugar, bay leaves, aromatics, poppy seeds, mushrooms, butter and bread crumbs. (4

The largest Royal home is the Windsor castle. Big Ben refers to the bell and not the clock. There are 28 world heritage sites in the UK and 4 in London. These include The west minister palace, The tower of London, Maritime Greenwich, Kew Botanical gardens. These interesting facts about United Kingdom Architecture are are really exciting There's plenty of food trivia to discover about festive time, from the feasting to the singing; here are 14 fun facts about Christmas, from the historical to the unusual, which you can recount to guests in an idle moment in between basting the turkey and pulling crackers

10 food waste facts. FACT 1. Over 1/3 of all food produced globally goes to waste. Ref. FACT 2. The annual value of food wasted globally is $1 trillion, and it weighs 1.3 billion tonnes. Ref. FACT 3. All the world's nearly one billion hungry people could be fed on less than a quarter of the food that is wasted in the US, UK and Europe From deadly dishes to outrageously expensive fruits, here are 10 incredible facts about food consumption around the world. 1. INDIA PRODUCES, CONSUMES, AND EXPORTS THE MOST CHILI PEPPERS IN THE WORLD 9 Quirky Facts We Bet You Didn't Know About the Origin of Your Favorite Foods Clint Brownfield Updated: Jun. 30, 2021 From salads to sandwiches to ice cream cones—we've got the scoop on the. These fun facts really get you thinking about how far we've come. Taking a 23-minute flight might seem like a waste of money today, but in 1914 Abram Pheil paid $400, which would be $8,500 today. This article teaches you fun facts, trivia, and history events from the year 1991. Find out about popular TV shows, movies, music, books, cars, interesting foods, sports facts, and other pop culture trends to get the right mix of questions and answers for your 1990s-themed trivia quiz

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We just keep devouring this delicacy day after day but very little do we know about the facts and history hidden behind this mouth-watering food. So today, let us take a look at 20 interesting facts about pizza. Are you ready? Facts about Pizza: 1-5. 1. The first pizza wasn't made in Italy or USA. It was ancient Greeks who gave birth to Pizza Interesting fun facts on various subjects that include science, space, countries, animals, food and more. These amazing facts are unique and which will easily interest and amaze kids 11 of 35. The odds of getting a royal flush are exactly 1 in 649,740. Poker fiends have a slightly better chance of laying down a straight flush: Try 72,192 to 1. Out of the 7,462 distinct five.

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  1. Milk allergy. Cow's milk allergy (CMA) occurs when the body's immune system mistakenly reacts to proteins found in milk. In the UK, CMA affects 2-3% of babies and young children, with most growing out of it by the age of five. Immediate milk allergy is uncommon in adults. Food fact
  2. Fun Food Facts . These food facts are sure to satiate your weird and fun food fact appetite! WTF Fun Fact - Coffee Cherries. July 27, 2021. Coffee beans grow on a bush. They are actually the seed of a small red fruit called coffee cherries and Read More & Source. Leave a comment
  3. g is about more than just crops - it generates money in a myriad of ways. Our farms do much more than provide us all with food - they also boost our overall financial prosperity. For every £1 invested in far
  4. Discover even more exciting facts about London by exploring London's culture, history, and food. Take one of our food tours. We have: East End Food Tour , Twilight Soho Food and Cocktail Tour , our Brick Lane - Flavors of India & Beyond and the Historic Docks Pub Grub Tour
  5. Once imported food gets to the UK, there are more miles ahead. DEFRA estimates that moving food is responsible for 25 per cent of all miles covered by heavy goods traffic in the UK. Transporting food within, to and around the UK produces 19 million tonnes of CO2 annually - equivalent to around 5.5 million typical cars

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30 interesting trivia and fun facts about Japanese food you didn't know. Test your knowledge of Japanese cuisine with this brain-bending list of trivia on everything from sushi to soba noodles Quirky breakfast facts. The celebrity people in the UK would most like to have breakfast with is Holly Willoughby; The world's first breakfast cereal was created in 1863 and needed soaking overnight to be chewable; The world record for the most people eating breakfast in bed is 289 and was set in Sydney, Australia on 2nd March in 2012

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Rich with external influences, impressive history and all sorts of interesting ingredients, Indian cuisine is as fascinating as it is delicious. Here are 11 facts about Indian food that you may not know The constable had to chase him down on his bicycle, issuing a ticket for £4 7s and earning Arnold the speedy distinction. For more trivia to impress, here are 40 Random Obscure Facts That Will Make Everyone Think You're a Genius. 4. New car smell is the scent of dozens of chemicals. tommaso79/Shutterstock

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Read our strawberry facts to learn more. The average apple contains around 130 calories. More apple facts. India is the world's largest producer of bananas, producing nearly 22 million tons in 2007. More banana facts. Humans use many different methods for gathering food which include farming, hunting, gardening, foraging and fishing Here are 15 engaging Chinese food facts that you may not know. 1. Chinese Staple Food: Noodle Vs. Rice. Northern people like to eat noodles and regard it as the main food, because the dry northern climate is suitable for the growth of wheat. There are all kinds of noodles in the north such as Hand-pulled Noodles, Minced Noodles, and Noodles.

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Take a look below for 26 more interesting and fun facts about bread. 1. Bread mold fungus draws nutrients from the bread for its survival, and destroys the bread in the process. 2. The most common bread in Lima, Peru's capital, is called Pan Frances, which means French bread 1. Every child in the UK receives an average of 8.8 Easter eggs every year - double their recommended calorie intake for a whole week. 2. The largest ever Easter egg hunt was in Florida, where. Alarmingly, many typical fast food salads are stuffed with lots of saturated fats and sodium, and in some cases are even more detrimental to your health than a good old Big Mac burger. 17. Pictures Tell A Thousand Lies. Those posters you see of fast food burgers dripping with deliciousness are never real burgers. You probably already knew this one, but you might not realize the sheer effort.

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The Antonov An-225 Mriya was built in Kiev, Ukraine while it was still a part of the Soviet Union. It has an empty weight of 285,000 kg and a wingspan of 88.4 meters. It is the heaviest aircraft ever built. It also has the largest wingspan of any functional aircraft. Oishimaya Sen Nag April 1 2019 in World Facts If you're eager to take a trip down memory lane, check out these 30 facts that are sure to fill you with a fond sense of nostalgia. 1. A billion people tuned in to see Prince Charles and Lady Diana get married. While royal and celebrity weddings are still a big ratings hit to this day, they pale in comparison to Diana and Charles ' wedding in 1981 Take a look at some of the most interesting facts and quirky things to do in the USA. 1.) New York was once New Amsterdam. Before New York was, well, New York - it was called New Amsterdam as a settlement by the Dutch that chose to settle in Manhattan. The Name, New York only came into being later in the 17th Century when those pesky English.

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15 Interesting Facts on Chinese Food You Probably Won't Know . By Kelly PangUpdated Jul. 27, 2021 Chinese food is the most popular food in the world, but authentic Chinese food has many differences with Western food! Here are 15 or so more facts to educate and shock you The white, pink, or purple flowers are about 1 cm long, and they give way to pods from 8 to 20 cm (3 to 8 in) long and 1 to 1.5 cm (0.4 to 0.6 in) wide.. Green beans are eaten around the world, and are sold fresh, canned, and frozen.They can be eaten raw or steamed, boiled, stir-fried, or baked in casseroles. There are only 31 calories in 100 grams (3.5 ounces) of green beans General Sleep Facts. 1. 35% of US adults get less than the recommended seven hours of sleep each night. 2. Humans are the only mammals that delay sleep. 3. Donald Trump claims to be a 'short sleeper', needing less than six hours sleep a night. 4. The average person falls asleep in seven minutes. 5

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Vegetables: Fun Facts. Source: The USDA Vegetable Laboratory. Bell peppers are usually sold green, but they can also be red, purple or yellow. Tomatoes are very high in the carotenoid Lycopene; eating foods with carotenoids can lower your risk of cancer. Other vegetables high in carotenoids are carrots, spinach, sweet potatoes, and collard greens Here are 52 festive facts to get you even more in the mood for Christmas. 1. Speedy Santa. US scientists calculated that Santa visits 822 homes a second to deliver all the world's presents on. Every year, Cyndy Gerken of Naples, Florida designs a new fun food for her nieces. They loved these guys that sport radish pieces for ears and shredded-carrot tails. 9 / 19. Ugly Sweater Cookies Perhaps the most amazing thing about Ugly Sweater Cookies is how cute they are. Try these classic gingerbreads on for size Random, Interesting, Amazing Facts - Fun Quizzes and Trivia. Mental Floss. MENU. CLOSE. BIG QUESTIONS; The 20 Most Idyllic Towns and Villages in the UK. ALL STORIES. Food. McDonald's Free. Christmas Food Facts. Fun Christmas Food Facts. The average Brit will gain up to half a stone over the festive period, because of the draw to never-ending chocolates, mince pies and savoury snacks. Unless you're keen to step up your exercise plan over Christmas why not take ten minutes to give your noggin a workout instead with our Christmas.

Little-Known Greek Food Fun Facts. 1. Lunch is the Biggest Meal. In the states, dinner is typically the large meal that families share together. For Greeks, that biggest meal is their mid-day meal, which they call mesimeriano. This is because shops and schools usually close down during the early afternoon, and everyone comes home to eat Fun facts about Lincolnshire: Lincolnshire has 8 county neighbors - Rutland, Nottinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Norfolk, East Riding, South Yorkshire, Leicestershire and North Hamptonshire Lincolnshire and Northamptonshire share the shortest county boarder in the whole UK, it's only 19m long - that shorter then a swimming pools length A study shows that there's a 20% increase in heart attacks on Mondays, hence the the name 'Heart attack day'. 22. Monday is the world's ugly day. You're less attractive on Mondays, at least that is what a study showed. 23. Of the seven days of the week Monday is the only day with the least amount of rain falls. 24 10 interesting facts about flies you never knew Flies can be a big nuisance to anyone and their constant buzzing around can really get on your nerves. For businesses, particularly those in the food and pharmaceutical industries, they can be a huge concern due to the impact they can have on consumer health