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  1. A cultured marble vanity top includes an integral sink that comes attached to the counter itself. The sink and counter install in one piece onto the vanity with very little special effort required..
  2. How do you install a cultured marble vanity top? Use rubbing alcohol on a clean cloth to wipe off all dust on the countertop surface that will be glued to the base. Apply a clear silicone caulk adhesive to the top surface of the cabinet base that will be glued to the countertop, then remove any excess adhesive using the same cloth and alcohol
  3. Installing cultured marble products is really fairly simple. It is not much different than a postage stamp. You simply glue the sink tops to the base cabinets or the flat wall panels to the shower and bath walls. Often you need to trim the countertops because a wall may be wavy or a corner is slightly out of square

The installation of a cultured marble vanity is fairly straightforward, with a few exceptions that are specific to the material. First, inspect the vanity top and make sure it is free of defects. Next, check the vanity bottom to see if it's flat and level so that the top will sit properly The most common way to attach a marble countertop is to glue it to the top of the cabinet frame using silicone caulk or construction adhesive. This is a permanent installation, so if you're installing an undermount sink or drilling holes for a faucet, it's best to complete this work first Install the vanity top and sink on the vanity and use a wrench to tighten the drain pipe onto the end of the drain tail piece. References Crane Plumbing: Installation Instructions Cultured Marble. Watch this detailed video to see how easy it is to install our Tub Surround kit. Anyone can do it

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At a 90 degree angle, apply light pressure and begin to drill into the cultured marble through the duct tape at the center of your mark. Cultured marble is easy to drill through, and you can use a standard drill bit instead of an expensive one. The key is that the drill bit should remain cool during the drilling process Once cut to fit, installation of cultured marble consists of gluing the marble in place and allowing the adhesive to dry. Step 1 Dampen a clean cloth with rubbing alcohol and wipe the back of the cultured marble to remove all dirt and dust. Allow the marble to dry completely Measure the top of the cultured marble, and find the area you want to place the faucet hole. Always drill into the top of the cultured marble to avoid cracking the surface. Step 2 Place a strip of masking tape over the area you want to drill a faucet hole Place the marble vanity top face-down on the blanket, aligning your to cut zones with easy entry points. Use vice grips and clamps to secure the vanity top in place. Before you go to the next step, double (or even triple) check to make sure that your top can't slip. Cut along your pencil markings using the masonry blade

If you are cutting cultured marble for a kitchen countertop, there are other factors to consider. You will also need to cut holes for the sink and faucet holes. Cultured marble for the kitchen is a good choice if you want to add style at an affordable price. Vanity Top. The most common usage for cultured marble is in bathroom vanities Furthermore, if your cultured marble vanity top does obtain a scratch, chip, or blemish, it can usually be repaired fairly simply. The surface can be rebuffed with a gel compound that recoats the vanity top. With that said, a crack or broken piece cannot be repaired, as these are made from a single mold.. The Cultured Marble Vanity Tops calculator will provide you with up to date pricing for your area. Simply enter your zip code and the square footage, next click update and you will see a breakdown on what it should cost to have Cultured Marble Vanity Tops installed onto your home Example: a 10 x 10 area = 100 square feet

Cultured marble vanity tops are available in 48 unique colors so you can get the exact look you desire for your bathroom. Select styles deliver in days, not weeks for you to get started on your remodeling project sooner. Download a product brochure to learn more or find a Wolf Dealer near you A cultured marble vanity top is more likely to be found on remodeled or brand new houses. This surface material is considered a high quality upgrade that can make your home more valuable. Because cultured marbles is prone to scratches, you can find its surface marred with faults after time One of the best ways to clean cultured marble is purchasing a solution such as Mrs. Meyers or Method Shower Cleaner, both of which contain a neutral PH balance for your cultured marble. Use a spray bottle to avoid access solution sitting on your marble. Once you have sprayed this on immediately wipe it down with a soft cloth You can make your marble vanity top even more customized by adjusting or including angles, clipped corners, radius corners, bump-outs, banjo tops, drop-in or under-mount bowls, or a loose backsplash. Learn more about our cultured marble vanity tops below

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The final step in polishing cultured marble vanity tops is to rinse off your polish. Finish the job by thoroughly rinsing the freshly polished top with a water-filled spray bottle, then using a clean nonabrasive washcloth to wipe away any remaining traces of the polish MarCraft. Select 73-in Solid White Cultured Marble Bathroom Vanity Top with Double Oval Bowls. Model #MS7322SW102B. Find My Store. for pricing and availability. 2. Design House. 49-inch x 22-inch Contempo Cultured Marble Vanity Top 49 in Solid White. Model #563486-WHT Get 2021 Cultured Marble Vanity Top price options and installation cost ranges. Free, online Cultured Marble Vanity Top cost guide breaks down fair prices in your area. Input project size, product quality and labor type to get Cultured Marble Vanity Top material pricing and installation cost estimates Cultured marble countertops are excellent candidates for refinishing instead of replacement. Cultured marble is a blend of marble dust and polyester resin and is often used for bathroom vanities, sinks and shower pans and walls. Over time cultured marble can become scratched, chipped, stained, or simply out-dated

The prices of cultured marble can vary somewhat, depending on where you live and where you buy. On average, the cost of cultured marble vanity tops ranges between $30 and $100 per square foot. This means that some types are less expensive than various types of marble, while some can cost more Even if you rinse the left-over chemicals, in a diluted form can still etch your cultured vanity top. Step 3 - Use Safe Cleaning Methods. After spraying a light coat of safe cleaner on your cultured marble vanity top, use a soft cloth, such as chamois or microfiber, to gently wipe your vanity's surface dry. Avoid leaving excess cleaner on your. However, some do not want to install regular granite and choose to go with cultured granite instead. A cultured granite vanity top will bring enhanced visual appeal to your bathroom. A stunning bathroom vanity can truly complete the room. Find out more about what cultured granite is and how much it costs by reviewing this guide The weight of a granite or italian marble vanity top is heavier than that of a cultured marble vanity top. please address safety and handling issues for lifting, loading and unloading accordingly. Also notable is the size and the composition of the quartz deposits within each granite top 37 in. W x 19 in. D Cultured Marble Vanity Top in Solid White with Solid White Basin with 4 in. Faucet Sprea

The new cultured marble top may have an integrated sink bowl or you may need to install one into the countertop. Securing the countertop to the vanity is usually done with adhesive and caulking. You will have to decide whether you want to scribe the back and side of the top to the wall, or use caulking to hide the gaps INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS With a helper, stand the vanity up (as shown). This is a good time to install the faucet and drain per manufacturer's instructions. Outline the top of the cabinet with silicone. Clean off any excess silicone and place the vanity on the cabinet, back first. Carefully lay the vanity flat on the cabinet INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS CULTURED MARBLE VANITY TOPS off valves, drain connection, including a 1-1/4 lavatory trap and a good pipe compound for use on male pipe threads for all water connections. You may also want to use sealant to secure the top of the vanity cabinet. A word of Caution: The new Vanity Top is made of Cultured Marble. It i

How do you install the vanity top? Installation is included in your new cultured marble top. How to do daily care? For daily care, use a soft cloth, warm water and mild soap. No abrasive scouring powder or pad that could cause grooves in top. Is cultured marble durable to use in the kitchen It can. While your Cultured Marble and Cultured Granite counter top is durable, sources of heat such as curling irons, flat irons, and candles can damage its surface. We recommend using a trivet or similar item to place them on when using. Marble-ite counter tops are more heat resistant, but caution should still be taken

The weight of a granite or italian marble vanity top is heavier than that of a cultured marble vanity top. please address safety and handling issues for lifting, loading and unloading accordingly. Also notable is the size and the composition of the quartz deposits within each granite top Cultured marble is made of a mixture of polyester resin, limestone dust, fillers, and pigments with a clear gel coat finish on top. While you can't remove deep scratches that go all the way through the gel coat, it is possible to restore the surface and shine using extremely fine sandpaper and polishing compounds Clean the surface of the vanity with TSP, rinse and dry. The use Lime Away for a second cleaning, rinse and dry. Prepare the surface for primer by sanding the cultured marble with medium-grit sandpaper. The sanding removes any finish already present on the marble as well as creates a textured surface that allows for efficient primer adherence A marble countertop in the kitchen is where you get into troublesome maintenance issues. Both surfaces can scratch and both can be damaged by some cleaners and chemicals. Both can be repaired rather easily with the proper products. Stick to products safe for marble vanities and you'll never have an issue. But all considered I'd go with Carrara.

6. To install the vanity top, rest one edge on end of the cabinet while keeping the other end at 45 degrees over the cabinet. Slowly, lower the other end into place. 7. It is not necessary to glue the top of the cabinet. The weight of the top and the plumbing will keep it secure 1. Wet the surface of the countertop. Run a clean, damp cloth over the surface of the cultured marble to slightly wet it. This helps you avoid damaging the glaze that gives it its shine when you apply the soap or cleaner. If the surface already has lingering water, such as from a shower, you don't need to add more. 2 The Boulder 22 x 37 Cultured Marble Vanity Top is a beautiful vanity top with a clean look, made in a durable material.This product is listed at an extremely affordable price! It is a great choice for many different design tastes, as well as men or women Premade Vanity Tops. If the premade vanity you want does not come with a top, you can pay an extra $40 to $200 for one. This price typically includes a cultured marble countertop with a built-in sink. Before buying this product, make sure that it will fit the cabinet Because cultured marble is not porous, its much more mildew and bacteria resistant than natural stone so shower walls and vanity tops are easy to clean. Cultured stone is also impervious to chemical spills like hair coloring where natural marble is not. Cleaning Cultured Marble is like Car Car

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Cultured Marble Products Without the Marble Price. Green Country Marble in Tulsa, Ok, has been providing quality cultured marble products since 1991 for Tulsa and surrounding areas. Cultured marble is ideal for bathtubs, showers, vanity tops, wall panels, planters, window sills, and much more The second step to redesigning your bathroom is picking the right vanity top. At Builders Surplus, we offer cultured marble tops and granite tops. Cultured Marble Tops are solid and non porous. They are easy to clean and maintain. Cultured marble tops are perfect for bathrooms with small children because scratches can be easily polished out Cultured marble top with integrated bowl for a seamless, one-piece design. Pre-drilled for a 4-in centerset faucet for easy installation (faucet sold separately) 30.5-in W x 18.6-in D bathroom vanity with top. Great for traditional style decor. White finish vanity complements a variety of color palettes. Brushed nickel finish hardware adds a. Cultured marble vanity tops, often thought to be among the most classy and beautiful of surfaces you can build into your vanity, are also some of the more difficult to clean without creating permanent scratches, abrasions, and other types of marks. But for most of these surfaces there is a way to clean them and still maintain the natural looking beauty of their clear and unblemished surfaces

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Cultured Marble Bathroom Vanity Tops. August 01, 2021. Available in any length up to 12 feet. 61-inch x 22-inch Camilla Cultured Marble Double Bowl Vanity Top in Solid White. Cultured Marble Vanity Top With Bluntnose Edge Drop In Sink Provided By D Vontz Marble Vanity Tops Cultured Marble Vanity Tops Bathroom Vanity Decor Add Functionality and Appeal. A new bathroom vanity top with a sink gives your bathroom a fresh, restored feel. With our variety of top-brand vanity countertops, you can easily create your ideal space faster and more affordably than you might imagine. Our pre-made vanity tops are available in 35 colors and styles 4.8/5 (1,144 Views . 22 Votes) Cutting a cultured marble vanity top can present a challenge, because it is a very hard substance that splinters, chips, and scratches easily. To successfully cut a cultured marble vanity top you need a sharp masonry blade and a scratch-free work surface. Click to see full answer Cultured Marble Vanity Tops. Rynone Manufacturing is one of the country's leading cultured marble manufacturers. Our state of the art production facility manufactures over 230,000 vanity tops annually - a direct result of Rynone's commitment to infrastructure and technology With one of the industry's largest mold collections and color palette selections (65 colors), we are able to offer.


Vanity tops are available in cultured marble and cultured granite. Available in any length up to 12 feet. From 1 to 5 bowls in a top. One piece L-shaped and 45 degree tops are available. Bowls can be placed anywhere in the top. Shell, oval, or rectangular bowls, with others being added currently. Can be made with or without integral back & side. Wolf Cultured Marble Vanity Tops combine smooth, seamless lines with quality construction, beautiful colors and the most popular bowl sizes. They feature a wear-resistant top coat that provides durability and lasting beauty. Custom sizes and configuration are available

Design House 586321 Cultured Marble 31-Inch Vanity Top with Integrated Oval Bowl, Reinforced Packaging, White on White/Centerset 4.0 out of 5 stars 12 $171.93 $ 171 . 9 Get 2021 Cultured Granite Vanity Top price options and installation cost ranges. Free, online Cultured Granite Vanity Top cost guide breaks down fair prices in your area. Input project size, product quality and labor type to get Cultured Granite Vanity Top material pricing and installation cost estimates Cultured Marble ($30 per square foot) Ongoing Tile costs. Sealing of grout ($250 per year) Cleaning of Tile ($70 per year) That is $320 per year to simply maintain a tile or marble shower. That means in as little as 5 years, the cost of installation and maintaining a tile or marble shower equals the cost of installing a cultured marble shower

49-Inch W x 22-Inch D Classic Cultured Marble Vanity Top in White Complete your bathroom renovation with this easy to install and durable cultured marble top. This piece is designed to fit any traditional vanity base available today and matches beautifully with the Magickwoods Classic collection The choices of sink styles for a custom made vanity top by Marble-Lite are numerous. They range from the more simplistic square sink and rectangular sink designs, all the way up to the modern slant sink and ramp sink. All our bowl styles are interchangeable in any vanity top KJM offers many different different tub styles and are designed to your specifications as a soaker tub or even a whirlpool system with 4, 6, or 8 water jets installed. Click here to see our gallery. Cultured marble has a unique inherent versatility, and finds applications for residential construction, multi-family housing and commercial buildings If you're looking for 2021 breakdown for Cost of Cultured Granite Vanity Tops materials and what installation cost might be, you've come to the right place. As an experienced licensed home improvement contractor, I know first hand what it should cost for various levels — from Basic, Better, and of course the best

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Boulder 22 x 31 Cultured Marble Vanity Top. $ 139.99. The Boulder 22 x 31 Cultured Marble Vanity Top is a beautiful vanity top with a clean look, made in a durable material.This product is listed at an extremely affordable price! It is a great choice for many different design tastes, as well as men or women The Cultured Marble Vanity Top comes with a 5-year limited warranty that protects against defects in materials and workmanship. Solid White 37 x 22 Cultured Marble Vanity Top. Update your master bathroom, powder room or guest bath with this integrated top with a classic oval bowl. Three pre-drilled holes make installing a 4 centerset. This stunning vanity top includes an integrated back splash that is made from cultured marble which offers long-lasting durability. The spacious top possesses functional and fashionable features alike such as the three pre-drilled holes to make installing a 4 centerset faucet easy and the surface's squared edges that evoke a more modern look To Install Cultured Marble: 1. Install bowl clips into studs in vanity top. 2. Silicone bowl and set on top when it is upside down. 3. Set bowl clips onto bowl. 4. Roll top over to center bowl and clean up silicone. 5. Allow to set for 24 hours. To Install Cultured Onyx

The cultured marble can hold up really well though, just treat it gently. Gee, I'm getting less thrilled by the marble vanity/sink being made for me by the contractor (who didn't ask what I want). I'm allergic to bleach and amonina Once the vanity top was made and arrived at the store they called me to set up the installation appointment. It only took a couple hours for the installation of the counter and faucet. Then we couldn't use it for 24 hours while it set. We love this vanity top! The total for the counter, sinks, faucets, and installation was only $1357. The. Cultured Marble Tub? [ 2 Answers ] OK guys, got to good deal on a large cultured marble tub + surround from local manufacter. My first pick was a large cast iron tub but no way for me to easily move it in the house. Cultured marble man is going to install the tub and surround for me. The material looks very strong and durable.. Walk In Tub Installation. Products. American Walk In Tubs. BCI Tub and Shower Systems. Bishop Cabinets. Delta Faucets. Karndean Flooring. Vanities & Vanity Tops. Reviews Free consultation. Cultured Marble To Quartz Vanity Top. Home. Gallery

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Durable - Cultured marble is non-porous, making it extremely tough and resistant to stains, mildew and chips. Economical - In general, cultured marble is less expensive to fabricate and install than slab marble, but will increase the overall value of a home just as natural stone products will Cast mineral and cultured marble has many uses and functionality and is environmentally sustainable. Our practical, easy to install cultured marble shower pans and vanity tops provide each specially made bathroom with a custom style. With varying options, each bathroom design, large or small, has a one of a kind look and feel for each home Cultured marble can be used to create many bathroom and kitchen products. Sinks with integral tops, bathtubs, whirlpool baths, shower basins, back splashes, wall panels, etc. are all possible. Since it's a molded product, manufacturers can create an infinite amount of designs tinted to any color. The clear finish can be ordered high gloss or. I love the cultured marble. It is so easy to clean versus the tile and grout. It is economical. We replaced our guest bathroom tub/shower walls and vanity top with the ivory/white veining color cultured marble. The sinks are round and deep. Plus the walls were painted, SW Sleepy Blue, and two separate mirrors were put in place of the large mirror

Do I need to anchor the new cultured marble vanity top I'll be installing in my bathroom? Home » Article » Do I need to anchor the new cultured marble vanity top I'll be installing in my bathroom? Posted on February 8th, 2013. By: Steve Maxwell . Updated on July 8th, 2021 Cultured marble sinks are often constructed in a single piece with a cultured marble counter. Refinishing the sink typically requires you to refinish the counter top as well. Cultured marble is unlike other solid surface. The cultured marble is not the same texture and color all the way through the counter Does the under side of cultured marble break down after 20 +years & start to smell? We have a 22 year old cultured marble double sink/countertop in good shape except that recently one sink has started to emit a smell inside the cabinet. All plumbing etc is in good shape. The odor seems to comes from the under side of the sink SINKS & VANITY TOPS Get rid of your old sink and replace it with a stylish cultured marble vanity top. Its smooth non-porous surface resists stains and cracks and comes in a variety of styles and colours. Our sinks & vanity tops are designed to withstand the toughest environments White Integral 1 Bathroom Vanity with Cultured Marble Top (Common: 25-in x 19-in; Actual: 24.5-in x 18.5-in) Create a convenient storage area in your powder room with this bathroom vanity with top. The fresh white finish with polished chrome finish hardware and a cultured marble top ties the look of any bath together

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Cultured Marble and Granite Advantages - A manufactured surface offers the consumer many advantages over other materials. Lower Cost - Even more beautiful is the lower cost of casting polymer materials. Ozarks Cultured Marble is able to produce large complex shapes at a fraction of the cost that it takes to form natural quarried materials Mickelsen Marble, Inc. has been in business in Eastern Idaho since 1972, and in the summer of 2013 acquired Eagle Rock Granite, another local Idaho Falls business.. Locally owned and operated by Kent Mickelsen and part-owner Seymour Thornock, Mickelsen Marble & Granite is a TruStone™ authorized dealer providing Cultured Stone (Marble, Granite and Travertine) and traditional Natural Stone to. of Cultured Marble Vanity Tops in the United States, is moving forward with a major expansion of special order and custom order cultured marble vanity tops. This exciting program enhancement features a wide assortment of new models, sizes and colors, including a brand new collection of SilkStone™ satin finish vanity tops

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What are Cultured Marble Shower Walls and Vanity Tops. In layman's terms, cultured marble is a mixture of fiberglass, resin, and crushed limestone. A more technical description is as follows: Cultured marble belongs to the family of cast polymers. Cast polymers are a mixture of an unsaturated polyester resin, highly filled with inorganic. Design House 586255 Features: Covered under Design House's 5 year limited warranty. Vanity top is constructed of cultured marble. High quality finish - will resist rust and corrosion through everyday use. Vanity top includes an integrated style bathroom sink. Features a single basin oval sink. Rear drain location increases available space. Don't trust just anyone to install your marble showers, tub wall surrounds and vanity tops, allow our expert master craftsmen to make your bathroom a beautiful showplace you'll be proud of ! Contact Information. Please call or fax us at the numbers below for quotes or for any questions you may have concerning your cultured marble needs. We will. Mar 28, 2012 - Cultured marble countertops do contain marble dust, but they're not natural stone; they're actually closer to fiberglass or resin -- which means that, if the surface is discolored, scratched, or you're just sick of it, you can paint over it in good conscience Marblux provides to the original purchaser, a lifetime guarantee that Marblux cultured marble vanity tops will be free of defects in materials and workmanship. If the product is found to have a defect within the terms of this warranty, Marblux will repair or replace the produc

Shop for Transolid Kinsey 31-in Premium Cultured Marble Vanity Top with Undermount Sink - 31-in x 22-in. Ships To Canada On EVERYTHING* at Overstock - Your Online Home Improvement Outlet Store! - 3382896 Cultured Marble Top Repaired - Instructions how to repair a scratched cultured marble top. Its seamless one piece construction makes it perfect for tubs, shower pans, vanity tops and. Fortunately, any damage you have to your cultured marble sink or vanity can be easily repaired prior to Sep 4, 2015 - Cultured marble sink and vanities are popular and attractive. These one-piece countertop and sink combinations offer seamless sink areas that are highly resistant to water problems and some of the damage issues of other sinks and countertops Vanity Tops. The bathroom is a space that straddles a delicate balance between style and functionality. As one of the most frequently-used rooms in the home, it is essential that a vanity top meets the needs of the space while remaining easy-to-clean and eye-catching in style

This rustic double sink vanity offers a charming weathered look and convenient storage space. Additional Info: Bring the look of a lodge cabin or countryside cottage to your bathroom with this rustic double sink vanity. It has a cultured cream man-made marble top and a distressed brown finish over a wooden frame for a natural, subdued look Magick Woods Elements 61″W x 19″D Solid White Cultured Marble Vanity Top with Oval Recessed Bowl MAGICK WOODS ELEMENTS We've helped change the way that bathroom cabinets and vanities are designed by expertly crafting bathroom products that are fully-assembled and installation-ready upon delivery Cast Polymer is the umbrella term used to encompass cultured marble, cultured granite, cultured onyx and solid surface products used in a wide range of household and commercial applications. Some of these applications include: counter tops, lavatories, vanities, shower receptors, bathtubs, enclosure sets, fireplace surrounds, window sills, wall. In fact, just as common as cultured marble shower wall panels are cultured marble shower inserts, cultured marble countertops, cultured marble tub surrounds and cultured marble bathtubs. Cultured Marble Countertops Costs: $30 - $100/sf. Cultured Marble Tub Surround: $1,000 - $1,500 total

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The Design House Cultured Marble Wave Bowl Vanity Top with integrated 4-Inch Backsplash gives your bathroom a stylish, versatile look. This vanity top measures 25-inches long by 22-inches wide, and comes in a frost color that is sure to complement the rest of your bathroom's décor. There are 3 pre-drilled holes, allowing for a 4-inch center mount faucet. The backsplash helps prevent mold. 37 in x 22 in Single Bowl Cultured Marble Vanity Top in Moonscape Grey (563270) at Ferguson. Nobody expects more from us than we do.

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The elegant Beckett vanity has it all, with quality touches like brushed nickel accents, dovetailed drawers, cultured marble counters and soft-close doors and drawers. Ample storage and a double-depth lower drawer give you plenty of room for those bathroom necessities. Do your bathroom right, with the beautiful Beckett vanity series Vanity tops Vanity tops can be manufactured up to 12 feet long and if they are 30 or less in depth, can be made with a molded 4 backsplash. Also available are angled tops, (with some limitations), made in one piece to fit that specially designed corner. We offer 10 different bowl styles that can be integrated into your new vanity top The Richmond vanity combo in a durable white finish brings traditional styling to your bathroom. Raised panel doors complement the frameless construction. Decorative door hardware and cultured marble top included. Fully assembled - ready to Install, 5-Year Limited Warrant Designers Marble is a leading custom manufacturer of cultured marble and granite products in the Puget Sound area and the exclusive licensed manufacturer of TruStone™ for Washington State. Family-owned and in business since 1984, we have established a reputation for top-notch quality, professional installation and responsive customer service They are completely different. Cultured marble is a resin and does not need sealing. Real marble is a soft stone and is easily damaged tho beautiful - much prettier than cultured marble. Cultured marble is an old fake stone product without the durability of the new quartz resins like Silestone. The technology is older than corian

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The white contemporary appearance, in a matte finish, gives you the. Bowl is a beautiful and practical addition to any bathroom. Vanity Top (Common: 31-in x 22-in Actual: 31-in x 22-in) at Lowe s. Vanity Tops - Granite - Crushed Marble- Cultured Marble Orange. Seamless Cultured Marble Countertop with Rectangular Sink The Ziva vanity comes in different sizes and finishes to fit into any size bathroom and blends with any style. It also includes a matching stone countertop and ceramic undermount sink, making it the one package you need to finish off your bathroom upgrade. Benefits: Solid wood frame W/ MDF panels; Single hole Cultured Marble top 37 in x 22 in Single Bowl Cultured Marble Vanity Top in Solid White (551382) at Ferguson. Nobody expects more from us than we do. The Ziva vanity in white from Lexora provides a beautiful, contemporary style to any bathroom. With sleek, clean lines and a cool, neutral finish, this vanity's beauty is only matched by its seamless functionality. The cabinet door and drawers feature soft-close hinges and slides to increase safety and ensure you neve