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Proper aftercare is 50% of the process for beautiful Permanent Makeup. The skin is full of holes and AVOIDING color loss is the objective for the next 7-14 days. While results and experiences will vary when it comes to tattoo aftercare products, all of them are designed to help heal your tattoo while preventing dryness and peeling, as well as. FOR permanent makeup treatments: Some clients can swell and flake minimally while others have a much more swollen post-treatment appearance. For all of our permanent makeup services, please prepare yourself for the initial result on DAY 1 to DAY 4 to appear darker, bolder and bigger in comparison with the final healed result Permanent Makeup Aftercare Instructions. Keep your Permanent Cosmetics CLEAN & lightly moisturized. Open skin is sensitive to pet dander, gardening, dust & dirty hands. Do not use any products that are not recommended. Do not waterlog your permanent cosmetics - too much ointment, pools, baths, steam, heavy exercise, long showers Kelly's Permanent Makeup Aftercare. Kelly carries an amazing aftercare made with the perfect blend of 10 SUPER OILS that all work together to prevent exfoliation, hydrate and maintain your vivid color. It can be used during the healing process and nightly after your Permanent Makeup is healed It is important that you follow aftercare instructions, short and longterm to maintain the shape, color and longevity of the Permanent Makeup. Following Cosmetic Tattoo Procedure: Apply very little Vaseline on the treated area twice a day for 3 days. This is especially important after cleansing in the morning and before bedtime

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  1. g pools, hot tubs, or saunas while the area is healing. Avoid sunlight exposure to the area and then always use waterproof sunblock after the area is completely healed to avoid any fading of the pigment
  2. ed that your work is complete. Touch-up visits are scheduled at 4-6 week intervals or longer. Be prepared for the initial color intensity of your procedure to be significantly sharper, brighter.
  3. Permanent Makeup Aftercare and Healing. Now that you know what NOT to do Here is the ever so important DO list! With every procedure, it is important to pamper your new makeup and keep a protective veil of Aquaphor® over the treated area. This prevents scab formation and drying, which can lift out the newly implanted color
  4. Permanent Makeup Aftercare 101 There's a lot of confusion around the proper aftercare steps for permanent makeup. Our most frequently asked questions always revolve around aftercare instructions, wet V.S. dry healing, what products are best, and the day-by-day healing process itself
  5. aftercare instructions: Proper aftercare is a very important aspect of the long term success, effectiveness, health, and overall satisfaction with your new eyebrow tattoos. It is very important to follow those instructions in order to achieve the best possible results from your permanent makeup procedure

Before & Aftercare Essentials for permanent cosmetics and permanent make-up procedures. Vitamin-enriched aftercare gel, Mini cubed ice packs. What is best to use for swelling, pain and discomfort after a permanent makeup procedure? Follow the easy step by step process of Susan Church, a world renowned permanent cosmetics make-up artist, pioneer, educator, lecturer, and successful practitioner. What is the aftercare for Permanent Makeup? This is probably one of the most asked questions and a good one it is. It is important that the after care for your permanent makeup is followed correctly to allow the best results to be achieved. Also bear in mind that your new permanent eyebrows, lips or. Permanent Cosmetics Aftercare Instructions. Blot your eyebrows with a clean tissue every 5 minutes for the first hour after treatment. Every 2 hours for the first 24 hours after treatment, wipe your eyebrows with cooled boiled water on a cotton wool pad then pat them dry with a clean tissue This aftercare gel instantly stops the lymph in tattoos, permanent makeup and microblading. This prevents scabbing and pigment loss. This prevents scabbing and pigment loss. It also helps to protect and rejuvenate the skin after it has undergone any of the treatments mentioned

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  1. Permanent makeup after care has come a long way since the old days of using random creams and drugstore lotions. The first major breakthrough in aftercare was the A & D ointment, a tried and true method of protecting the skin and helping it heal which is still used today by many reputable technicians and salons
  2. Permanent Makeup Aftercare. Well, permanent makeup is very similar. You will get much better results when you properly prep. It all starts with a good canvas! The procedure area must be healthy, strong, non-sensitive and non-irritated. Here's how to get your skin ready for the procedure
  3. A permanent makeup aftercare kit with written instructions is given following each procedure. Aftercare is an important part of the healing process
  4. Permanent Eyebrow Aftercare. It is normal for your eyebrows to appear very dark after the procedure. They will fade 10-50% in the first 1-3 weeks following. Individuals with darker skin or oily skin can have brows that sometimes heal less defined. Red heads, blondes and fair-skin types can experience more swelling, redness and crusting and will.
  5. Permanent Makeup Aftercare - Eyeliner. The eyes are the window of the soul. We all want thicker and fuller eyelashes. Yet, for some reason, few people other than the very young can keep their eyelashes from losing their long and thick appearance and some even lose most or all of their lashes
  6. Aftercare Specific to Lips In addition to the general aftercare instructions, please follow these specific lip instructions. Remember, place nothing on the treated area (except your aftercare product) until healed. This this means no makeup, creams, water (except for cleansing as detailed below), etc
  7. Home / Permanent Makeup Aftercare. We are the authorized dealer of A&D, Tattoo Goo, and Purtect products. These brands supplies pre preparation and after procedure skin cleanser and ointments to ensure lasting color and fast healing. The Most Popular Types of Permanent / Semi-Permanent Makeup in 2021

Permanent eyeliner tattoo aftercare. Please remember that like any cosmetic procedure this is a process. Do not expect immediate results and please be patient. It will be a few weeks before you can fully appreciate the final results. You may experience minor swelling and redness after the procedure Permanent Makeup Aftercare - Eyebrows. Eyebrows are the frame of the face. Proper placement of brows will open up the eyes and often time actually change the appearance of the shape of the face. If you have little or no eyebrow hair, you will be amazed at the benefits of this procedure Recommended Permanent Cosmetics Aftercare (Lips) 1. If there is any swelling, apply an ice pack to the area for 15 minute sessions. 2. Do not eat for at least one (1) hour after the procedure. 3. Apply recommended ointment gently with a cotton swab 3 to 5 times a day for at least 1 week. 4..

Eyebrow Aftercare. Within one hour of procedure gently wash eyebrows and pat dry with a tissue. Gently wash with provided cleanser 3 times a day. (Do not use a washcloth) Apply a thin layer of ointment 3 times a day. Do not steam, sauna, swim, or heavy work outs for 7 days. Avoid the sun for one week. No Facials, Botox, Chemical treatments, and. long term microblading & permanent makeup aftercare: Use a moisturiser with built in SPF to protect your enhancement daily. Use a good sunscreen in hot weather, ideally factor 50 wear sunglasses in hot weather to avoid premature fading of your results

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PERMANENT MAKEUP PRE- AND POST-CARE INSTRUCTIONS/ AFTERCARE, PERMANENT MAKEUP PROBLEMS, PERMANENT MAKEUP HEALING TIME. Pre-procedure Instructions When scheduling an appointment date for a 2 hours permanent makeup procedure, keep in mind the healing time of the procedure. You will need a few days afterward without social plans or strenuous activity After Care For Permanent Cosmetics: If there is any swelling immediately after the procedure, an ice pack should be applied for no more than 15 minutes at a time. You may experience the following for several days after the procedure. 1 Eyelashes or eyebrows sticking together in the morning. Rinse eyes with eye wash daily for 5 days Permanent makeup aftercare is the most important factor to ensure your new treatment looks it's best. You will find all aftercare information here

After getting your permanent makeup treatments such as microblading or powder brows, eyeliner tattoo, and lip blush tattoo, you must take extremely good care of the treatment areas to achieve the optimal results. That is why it is important to read and understand all the aftercare instructions and follow them carefully and diligently. Remember, the treatment is 50% of the work and the. Permanent Makeup Aftercare. Proper care following your procedure is necessary to achieve the best results. Keep in mind that in many cases, some unevenness of color is to be expected. This is the purpose of the touch-up visit. Please review the following directions and refer to them as necessary. If during your healing process you have any. While permanent makeup can improve your life and make it a lot more convenient, there is a slight amount of tending to that needs to be done during these kinds of procedures. When choosing a permanent makeup technician, it is incredibly important they have an aftercare followup process. Permanent Eyeline

There is almost no aftercare after eyes permanent makeup session. The main rule is not to touch it and be ready for eyes to be swollen a little bit two to three mornings after the initial session*. If you want your eyes to be less swollen, you can use an icepack wrapped in a clean tissue. In case if your eyes will feel dry, just use some clear. PERMANENT MAKEUP BEFORE AND AFTER CARE Every client's skin responds differently to PMU procedures, and this information acts as a guideline only. EYEBROWS AND EYELINER PERMANENT MAKEUP. BEFORE: Do not work out the day before the procedure. Do not take Aspirin, Niacin, Vitamin E, Fish Oil, or Ibuprofen 1 week before the procedure..

PMU Permanent Makeup Aftercare Form admin 2021-04-01T13:07:39+00:00. PMU Permanent Makeup Aftercare Form. PMU Permanent Makeup Aftercare Form. At Aesthetics Forms we have a large selection of ready to use Aesthetics Form Templates. Below is a short video explaining more about what we do _ Microblading permanent makeup will eventually look more powdered. This happens with all Microblading. Skin ages and will change the look of all permanent makeup. To keep your hair strokes looking good, a color boost touch up appointment will be needed every 1 to 2 years. Everyone will be a little different Permanent Cosmetics Aftercare. For 2 to 7 days after treatment, the procedure area may experience the following symptoms: Flaking, Tenderness, Dryness and Itching. THIS IS NORMAL. For some, temporary swelling and redness may occur. Color of eyebrows becomes much darker because of scabs, THIS IS NORMAL. (Usually day 2

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  1. ALL NATURAL HEALING BALM Introducing our Bowler Esthetics healing balm! I took over a year to develop, test, and formulate this permanent makeup aftercare. It was designed to give you the best retention possible, and make the application easy and sanitary for your clients. AMAZING FACTORS: -All NATURAL. No nasty fi
  2. PERMANENT MAKEUP POST CARE. Please read the following and follow as closely as possible. Please follow these instructions for 7-10 days after the procedure to improve and prolong the results of your pmu/cosmetic tattoo. If you don't follow these instructions, it can greatly affect your pmu/cosmetic tattoo results
  3. Eye Brow aftercare. Procedure area will look off-color, darker and crisper. Actual shape, depth and color results will show in 4-6 weeks. Color may soften up to 30 %. Wash using your fingers at least once a day with a mild diluted soap for 2 days. Do not use hydrogen peroxide to cleanse area
  4. Permanent Makeup Lips Aftercare. After lip tattooing. Please remember that like any cosmetic procedure this is a process. Do not expect immediate results and please be patient. It will be a few weeks before you can fully appreciate the final results
  5. Permanent Makeup Aftercare - Prepare your clients to take optimal care of their cosmetic tattoos with permanent makeup aftercare products! Please be advised that H2Ocean permanent makeup after care spray is not a sea salt scrub, injection or irrigation. This permanent makeup aftercare spray should be used as a misting agent to help heal and.
  6. Permanent Makeup Aftercare. After your permanent makeup procedure, there are a few do's and don'ts so that you can achieve your desired results. An aftercare kit with written instructions will be given to you at the time of your first application incuding Aquaphor and q-tips

Permanent makeup may not appear as bold or sharp on darker skin clients compared to lighter skin clients. Some clients may have a harder time retaining pigment and may require additional touch ups. LONG TERM CARE. Use a good sunscreen. Sun exposure will fade your cosmetic tatto Permanent Makeup Eyebrow Procedure. Follow up 4-6 weeks after the initial procedure. Eyebrows will not appear swollen, however, they will be tender for a few days. You will need to apply an aftercare moisturizer approximately every 1-2 hours in 48 hrs then 4 - 6 times a day for 7 days 20 Oct. The most important thing that goes into a successful microblading/permanent makeup procedure is how well the client follows the aftercare procedure. You want to make sure to keep the area moist with Aquaphor, all day long 24/7 for at least 10 days. This will allow the color to set in and avoid oxygen from hitting your brows and changing. After the touch up, it is recommended to schedule a 1-1.5 yr. touch up to maintain the color. All aftercare rules apply to all subsequent appointments as well. If you go elsewhere for any touchups after Sara Justice has done them, we may no longer do your procedures. Permanent Makeup is an art, NOT a science Permanent Eyeliner Aftercare. Using a fresh Q-Tip, apply a light coat of Vaseline to the tattooed area twice a day. Keeping the area moist during the first 5-7 days will help the tattooed area hold color and heal evenly. It is normal for the pigment to fade 30-50% within the first two weeks

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The Permanent Makeup Shop provides you with the highest quality aftercare products needed for Microblading, Ombre Brows, Tinted Lips (permanent makeup lips) and Dusty Eyeliner (permanent makeup eyeliner) procedures. We strive to provide the highest quality PMU (permanent makeup/cosmetic tattoo) products Don't forget to book your second permanent makeup session in advance! This should take place 8-10 weeks after first eyebrow session and 6-8 weeks for eyeliner or lip tattoo. You can save 1/2 OFF your second session by booking on time, and tagging me on Facebook and/or Instagram GENERAL PRETREATMENT AND AFTER-CARE INSTRUCTIONS FOR PERMANENT MAKEUP APPLICATION: Do not drink coffee and alcohol in the treatment day. Do not take medications contains salicylic acid (example: ASPIRIN, DISPIRIN) 5 days before treatment. Do not take blood thinners 5 days before treatment. If you are taking medications from the list above. Your permanent make-up has been applied with sterile, single use needles with the finest colours available. The quality of your procedure is dependent on you giving the proper care during the healing process from this point on. A few days of simple care will make a noticeable and permanent difference! Any lip procedure like injectables or lip tattoo (micropigmentation) carry unique risks. Aftercare Following a Permanent Makeup Procedure. PROTECT THE TREATED AREA!! Protect from water for 2 weeks, you may apply a thin layer of the ointment provided before taking shower to avoid a direct contact with water. Protect from mechanical damage. Protect from infections. Permanent makeup lasts between 1.5 - 3 years

  1. The instructions you should follow during the semi-permanent eyeliner aftercare: Don't get the new tattoo wet for the next seven days. Be careful when showering, wash your hair and face.Most importantly, do not use make-up on or near the area for seven days, until your skin is completely healed
  2. provided aftercare, the longer it will last. Permanent Makeup is an art, NOT a science. Clients results will vary and using a pencil or powder may still be needed. We have no control over your bodies healing process and each time a procedure is done, the pigment will have less retention due to scar tissue
  3. utes until site wipes clean. This will assist in healing process
  4. Permanent Makeup Aftercare Instructions . EYEBROWS. First 24 hrs.: Using the aftercare pads given to you, gently wipe your eyebrows every 3 -4 hours. Day 2-14: Do not get your brows wet! Do not apply anything on your brows until all the scabs have come off. EYELINER. First 24 hrs.
  5. Permanent Makeup Aftercare and Maintenance After Your Permanent Makeup Session Upon completion of your permanent makeup session, we will apply a topical ointment with a cotton swab to keep the area moist and to create a protective barrier. We will give you ointment to continue using over the next 7-10 days. You should apply
  6. A & D Anti Scar Scald Repair Cream Gel, for Body Art Makeup Eyebrow Supplies; XF30 4.7 out of 5 stars 108 $9.99 $ 9 . 99 ($2.13/Ounce

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Since powder brows is one of the most popular version of semi-permanent brow makeup and here's everything you need to know about the healing process and the aftercare. What are Powder Brows? Powder brows, or ombre powder brows , is a treatment that uses a special shading technique for achieving a natural looking eyebrows with a powder effect CONSENT AND RELEASE AGREEMENT FOR PERMANENT COSMETICS This form is designed to give information needed to make an informed choice of whether or not to undergo a permanent cosmetics application. If you have questions, please don't hesitate to ask. See After Care sheet for instructions on care

Prep and Aftercare . Proper preparation and aftercare for permanent/semi-permanent cosmetic procedures is crucial for quality results. It is always best to avoid drinking alcohol and taking blood thinners 48 hours prior to your service as these things cause more bleeding Use the aftercare cream. Apply the post-care cream which your permanent makeup specialist will provide you with. Go for a touch up procedure. Although, when you will see your healed results in about 3-4 weeks, you probably will want to skip the touch up. But you must know that this step of the microblading treatment is very important Semi-Permanent Eyebrows Aftercare Options: After the procedure, the area around your eyebrows may be swollen, sore, and red, which is normal. This will usually disappear within a few days, and good aftercare is needed to speed up recovery and make sure that you get the best results

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Permanent makeup is the process of adding micro-pigmentation to the upper layer of the skin, also known as cosmetic tattooing. How permanent is it? Permanent makeup does not last forever. In general, fading occurs and requires periodic touch-up appointments to keep the pigment fresh. On average, clients return every 1 - 2 years for a touch-up Permanent makeup Pre & aftercare; Brow Lamination Pre & Aftercare; Brow Henna Pre & Aftercare; Info Menu Toggle. Price List; Permanent Makeup FAQ; Contact; Contraindications for Permanent Make Up. If it's a term you haven't heard before, a contraindication is a condition or factor that would make a medical or esthetic procedure dangerous to. Permanent Makeup Aftercare Card PMU Aftecare Card | Etsy. May 2021. This is a digital product - nothing physical will be shipped to you. Custom file with bleed marks will be sent to your email on file. Instructions on how and where to upload and print will also be included. CUSTOMIZATION: When purchasing please indicate what color you want in. Permanent Makeup Aftercare Balm $49.99 PERMANENT MAKEUP AFTERCARE LOTION $49.99 Ink Soap $16.50 Sold out After Soap $27.50 Sold out Squeeze Bottle $2.99 Home; Collections PERMANENT MAKEUP AFTERCARE BOWLER ESTHETICS @bowleresthetics. Info Search. • Carefully read over all General Aftercare, for more important Do's and Don't of Permanent Makeup. General • Gently apply a rice size amount of the ointment provided, 2-3 times per day for 7 days or until fully healed with a clean q-tip. • DO NOT touch the treated area as this could transmit bacteria and lead to infection

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  1. Permanent Cosmetics Aftercare Is it an easy process? Absolutely. It really is basic wound care. How long is the recovery time? Recovery time is different for everyone. Most people will see completely healed results within 7-1o days. What should be avoided during recovery? We recommend avoiding activities that would result in heavy perspiration and lon
  2. Permanent Cosmetics Aftercare. 1. After the topical anesthetic wears off, you may feel some tenderness on or around the tattooed area. You may also experience some redness or slight puffiness the day of the procedure. This typically fades within 24-48 hours of the procedure
  3. Permanent makeup after care is very important. Proper care during the healing process will result in better pigmentation. Detailed after care instructions will be provided at the appointment and at all consultations
  4. PERMANENT MAKEUP AFTERCARE - EYELINER. The eyes are the window of the soul. We all want thicker and fuller eyelashes. Yet, for some reason, few people other than the very young can keep their eyelashes from losing their long and thick appearance and some even lose most or all of their lashes
  5. Remember, permanent makeup is an art, it is not a science. LIP AFTERCARE INSTRUCTIONS If you have ever had chicken pox, a fever blister, or a cold sore, you must take Zovirax, Famvir, Valtrex or other anti-viral pre and post-procedure to prevent the potential outbreak of cold sores
  6. We provide an aftercare kit following the initial application of color. This is an important part of your healing proces

Here are 5 tips for tattoo aftercare: 1.Gently cleanse, stay out of the sun, and away from heat. During the healing and aftercare process, which may take from several days up to a couple of weeks, gently cleanse the tattoo daily with fragrance-free, anti-bacterial body soap and lukewarm water. For the first few days, no sun, swimming, sweating. Microblading Permanent Make-up Aftercare. Microblading. Microblading is a semi permanent, superficial solution to sparse, over plucked, over waxed and thinning eyebrows. It is ideal for defining shape, creating an arch and filling in the brows. Microblading allows to construct natural looking eyebrows for people with very little or no brow hair Make-up Aftercare Advice • Be aware of allergic reactions - in the event of this remove with damp cotton wool and apply a soothing lotion such as calamine lotion. • To re-apply lipstick, do this with a lip brush, apply lip gloss and blot. • Avoid activities such as swimming, saunas, steam rooms and other hot environments

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Permanent Make Up Before and Aftercare What to do before & after your microblading procedure the prep: If you've ever hired a professional painter, they will tell you that it's all in the prep. Professional painters know that they get the best results when they spend extra time sanding, filling holes, making sure edges are [ aftercare lips Follow all the general advice above, plus the following. Due to the physical make up of the lips they will take longer to heal and to show the true extent of the colour, during this time don't panic, everything you see is normal

Permanent Makeup Lips Healing Aftercare: Wet Heal vs Dry Heal. Here are the two most favored aftercare methods that permanent lip blushing artists are using everywhere: Wet Heal. Wet healing is how most permanent lip color artists have their client's heal today. Your artist will have you blot your lips with cotton pads every 15 minutes. Aftercare is an important in ensuring a beautiful permanent cosmetic result. We will throughly review aftercare instructions and answer any questions you might have at your appointment; however if you'd like to review aftercare instructions prior to your appointment, please click on the PDF links below Permanent Makeup Aftercare How well you take care of your permanent makeup following your service plays a huge role in color retention. Before you leave our studio, you will be provided with an aftercare kit that includes everything needed to care for your new brows, lips, or eyeliner

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Permanent Makeup After Care. NO WATER on the treated area at all for 2 weeks. NO sunbeds, sun, sweating, baths or exercise for 14 days. NO makeup or makeup remover, moisturiser or any chemical near the treated area till heals well! ABSOLUTELY NO PICKING or SCRATCHING!!!!! Or you will RUIN the results. If you do not follow the aftercare, we will. Immediately Following Eyeliner Procedure: Apply ice to the treated area for 10 to 15 minutes every few hours or so. Ice helps. reduce swelling and aids in the healing. Follow by applying grapeseed oil. Place a small amount on a clean cotton swab so you. can control the amount applied

Permanent makeup is a substantial investment and it is vital that the correct aftercare advice is rigorously followed in order to ensure the best possible healed results. Special eyeliner advice: Splash twice with cold water and very gently dab dry with a clean soft towel or tissue As with every type of permanent makeup, do your homework and make sure your artist's technique resonates with you. Cost: Price varies depending on scar size, but expect a range from $2,500 to $4,500 1 day before the procedure: Do not drink alcohol. (all procedures) Permanent Makeup results will be negatively affected by alcohol consumed within 24-hrs prior. 12 hours before the procedure: Do not workout. (all procedures) The day of your procedure: If your are prescribed anti-anxiety medication, take them as directed by your doctor 2,273 permanent makeup aftercare products are offered for sale by suppliers on Alibaba.com, of which other body art accounts for 17%, tattoo ink accounts for 3%, and tattoo gun accounts for 1%. A wide variety of permanent makeup aftercare options are available to you, There are 679 suppliers who sells permanent makeup aftercare on Alibaba.com.

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Aftercare Steps. ♦ 3 hours after your appointment is finished, you will need to take a cotton tip, and apply ½ a pea sized blob of aftercare provided to the lip. Gently smear the cream over the lip on each side, until the lip has a slight shine. You do not need to apply an excessive amount just enough to hydrate your skin Those that follow the aftercare advice get the best results: * DO drink plenty of water. At least 2 litres a day is recommended. * DO massage the treatment area. For 2-3 minutes a few times a day for the next 2-3 weeks. Body brushing & lymphatic massage can also help to support the process. * DO use Eve Taylor Cellu-lose Cream as part of your.

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Buy permanent makeup and microblading aftercare cream at Halcyon Cosmetic Professional. Aftercare cream encourages healing by keeping skin hydrated LIP PERMANENT MAKEUP AFTERCARE quantity. Add to cart. REVIEWS. I absolutely love Deseyener's products! First I ordered 24K golden Volume tweezers in black and then in white because it's just impressive how they can pick up the thinnest diameters without any problems every single time. Then I was tempted to try their lashes, and I must say I. Aftercare Instructions for Permanent Makeup/Tattoo(s) Immediate Aftercare. You may experience swelling or redness. Ice packs, protected with a cloth, can be used to reduce swelling. Wash hands before touching treated areas. Keep areas clean and moist with a very light coat of Aquaphor Healing Ointment Permanent makeup is an art, not a science; results vary depending on skin type, and skin undertones. To achieve extremely good results, you must follow a meticulous aftercare regimen. Before any permanent makeup procedure Here is Face It's after care instruction that we give to our clients, every after care differs depending on your Technician. Please follow the steps your tec.. PERMANENT COSMETICS AFTERCARE. 1) Use the provided Vitamin A&D ointment for aftercare 3 times a day (lubrication helps maximize the retention of colour. After first week you are able to lubricate the area you can use natural oils such as coconut oil, olive oil, avocado oil just to name a few. Preventing Infection