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There are always several meanings of each word in Urdu, the correct meaning of Significance in Urdu is معنی, and in roman we write it Maani. The other meanings are Maani, Muraad and Matlab. Significance is an noun according to parts of speech The page not only provides Urdu meaning of Significance but also gives extensive definition in English language. The definition of Significance is followed by practically usable example sentences which allow you to construct your own sentences based on it. You can also find multiple synonyms or similar words of Significance The word significance has 3 different meanings. This page includes pronunciation, urdu meanings and example

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Significance Urdu Meaning with 3 Definitions and Sentence(s

  1. Significance Meaning in Urdu; Significance Meaning in Urdu 2118. English Roman Urdu اردو Significance: ehmiyaat اہمیت Definition & Synonyms. Significance. the relation of something to the matter at hand. Synonyms. Accent, Consequence, Consideration, Gravity, highlight,.
  2. Significance meanings in Urdu are جو بات کہنا مَقصُود ہو, مفہُوم, پُر معنی, اہم ہونے کی خَصُوصیت, اہمیت, معنی Significance in Urdu. More meanings of significance, it's definitions, example sentences, related words, idioms and quotations
  3. There are always several meanings of each word in Urdu, the correct meaning of Significant in Urdu is با معنی, and in roman we write it Ba Maani. The other meanings are Maani Khaiz, Pur Matlab and Ba Maani. Significant is an adjective according to parts of speech
  4. Meaning and Translation of Significance in Urdu Script and Roman Urdu with Reference and Related Words. 1. the quality of being significant. 2. a meaning that is not expressly stated but can be inferred. 3. the message that is intended or expressed or signified. Wikipedia
  5. Significant Meaning in Urdu Significant translation is Aham and Significant synonym words Important, Meaning, Pregnant and Substantial. Similar words of Significant are also commonly used in daily talk like as Significantly. Pronunciation roman Urdu is Aham and Translation of Significant in Urdu writing script is اہم

The page not only provides Urdu meaning of Significant but also gives extensive definition in English language. The definition of Significant is followed by practically usable example sentences which allow you to construct your own sentences based on it. You can also find multiple synonyms or similar words of Significant Urdu meanings, examples and pronunciation of important. important meaning in Urdu (Pronunciation -تلفظ سنیۓ ) US: 1) important. Important in effect or meaning. A significant change in tax laws. A significant change in the Constitution. A significant contribution. Significant details. Statistically significant

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  1. Significant meaning in Urdu. Significant Urdu meaning along with definition. Urdu meaning of word Significant. Urdu translation of Significant. Significant in Urdu. Significant Synonyms. Significant nearby words. Significant meaning in other languages. English to Urdu Dictionary gives you the best and accurate Urdu meanings of Significan
  2. d by language, symbol, or action. Synonyms: content, denotation, drift Antonyms: insignificance, littleness, punines
  3. Urdu Meaning or Translation. insignificance: ghair zaroori hona: غير ضروري ہونا: insignificance: haqeer hona: حقير ہونا: Definition. 1. the quality of having little or no significance. Wikipedia. People may face feelings of insignificance due to a number of causes, including having low self-esteem, being depressed, living in.

Welcome back to our channelTitle:- significance of research || urdu hindi | significance of research lecture in urdu | significance | 3=====.. Similar Phrases: make it simple but significant meaning in urdu. non significant meaning in urdu. significant other meaning in urdu. insignificant meaning in urdu. signification meaning in urdu. significantly meaning in urdu. significance word meaning in urdu. significant amount meaning in urdu This video will teach you basic English vocabulary with pronunciation and Urdu meaning. This is lesson one of basic English Vocabulary. Watch the video to en..

The Urdu-Arabic origin name is believed to be the name of the first human on the earth, i.e. prophet of Allah or the father of humankind. Aadam means man of the earth, and its variation Adeem means dust. 5 It means the alphabets of urdu language It is the equivalent of what we call ABC in english It contains all the urdu alphabets just like how ABC contains all the English alphabets Interesting to add though that unlike the English language, howev..

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13) Khwabeeda (Dreamy) link. This Urdu word has an immense power to turn a person into a poet because of its meaning that it carries. Often used in romantic writings, this is one of the most beautiful Urdu words listed in this article English Vocabulary Words With Meanings in Urdu List Pdf||English Vocabulary for Css Exams||English Vocabulary With Meaning Pdf||Ielts Vocabulary Words With Urdu Meaning Pdf||Important Css Vocabulary Pdf||English to Urdu Vocabulary Book||English Vocabulary Words With Urdu Meaning Download Free||How to Improve English Vocabulary Pdf Download||Ielts Vocabulary Words With Urdu Meaning Pdf||English. English to Urdu Vocabulary Book,English Vocabulary Words With Meanings in Urdu List Pdf,English Vocabulary Words With Urdu Meaning Download Free,Ielts Vocabulary Words With Urdu Meaning Pdf,English Words Meaning in Urdu List,English Phrases With Urdu Meaning Pdf,Daily Use English Sentences With Urdu Translation Pdf Download,English to Urdu Words Meaning Book,English Vocabulary Words With. Urdu literature (Urdu: ادبیات اردو ‎, Adbiyāt-i Urdū) is literature in the Urdu language. While it tends to be dominated by poetry, especially the verse forms of the ghazal غزل and nazm نظم, it has expanded into other styles of writing, including that of the short story, or afsana افسانہ . Urdu literature is mostly popular in Pakistan, where Urdu is the national. The mole meanings discussed in this post are psychic meanings based exclusively on traditions, legends, myths and superstitions of various communities around the world, especially the Chinese, Hindu, Urdu and Islam. Accordingly, the significance of moles and their meanings may be limited to certain communities across the world

Significance meaning in Urdu is معنی, mani - English to

- Add synonyms - Translate long sentences - US, UK, AU pronunciation - Tap a word in meaning view to see the meaning in a popup - You can add more dictionaries in Manage Dictionarie Type your text & get English to Urdu translation instantly. Communicate smoothly and use a free online translator to instantly translate words, phrases, or documents between 90+ language pairs An online trilingual Urdu dictionary with word meaning, definition, pronunciation, usage, synonym, antonym, idiom, proverb of Urdu words. Top searched . Saved words . Top searched. baad-e-sabaa. morning breeze, the zephyr, a refreshing wind 'alaamat-e-buluuG. sign of puberty, signs of being young Dynamic Meaning in Urdu: March 09, 2020. Dynamic meaning in Urdu This {article report} explores dynamic {meaning significance} in Urdu. It aims to {provide give} a {brief... Page 1 of 1

Hania Meaning in Urdu: March 12, 2020. hania meaning in urdu Hania significance in Urdu and other languages in the context of an application is quite diverse. The language... Page 1 of 1. 1 Saaqi- its various meanings in Urdu poetry. But these terms assume new significance altogether the moment one comes to know their symbolic connotations. The terms maikhana, Saaghar, mina, and saqi form part of the generic symbolic pattern of ghazal that the Urdu poetry has acquired from its Persian counterpart. Wine (mai, bada) with all its.

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Most Important Forms of verbs with Urdu meanings to speak English fluently. Learn 1000 must learn forms of verbs and their Urdu Meanings. Verbs With Urdu Meanings 100 Examples of irregular Verbs List. April 30, 2020. by Muhammad Qasim Use the adjective significant to describe something that is important. Your significant other means the person who's most important in your life. A significant result in a scientific study is a result large enough to matter

The Meaning of Names in Urdu: March 20, 2020. Islamic names meaning in Urdu The meaning of names is often a sensitive issue. Some people think that the meanings of names are based. Islam. Aabinus. Meaning of word aabinus is Ebony, Dark colored. Boy. Arabic,Urdu. Islam. Aabis. aabis has the meaning of lucky, it also means grim-faced, fierce-faced, the Boy named aabis seems to be fortunate, meeting with good success. Boy Sufism, mystical Islamic belief and practice in which Muslims seek the truth of divine love and knowledge through direct personal experience of God. It consists of mystical paths that are designed to learn the nature of humanity and of God and to facilitate the experience of the presence of divine love and wisdom Muslim Name means that a name must be with guidelines of Islam as well as a meanings in Urdu. Now a day's Muslim baby Names is a top trending in ISLAMIC Countries. Islamic boys Names with Urdu Meanings - When someone talking about Muslim boys and girls baby names, they are nothing more than offering a beautiful and good meaning name then.

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The closer the Urdu translation is to the Arabic text, the more successful it will be in terms of its translation. In translation, it is important to ignore every aspect that detracts from the meaning and significance. Efforts should be made to maintain the intoxicating style and miracles of revelation in Urdu translation Synonyms for significant event include special event, exceptional event, exceptional occurrence, important event, momentous event, noteworthy occasion, special occasion, special occurrence and unique event. Find more similar words at wordhippo.com Arbaeen (Arbayeen) means forty in Arabic, or Chehlum, as it is known by Urdu-speaking Muslims, is a Shia religious observation that occurs 40 days after the Day of Ashura (Aashura/Ashurah), the commemoration of the martyrdom by beheading of Imam Husayn Ibn Ali (as), the grandson of the Prophet Muhammad (saw) which falls on the 20th day of the second month of the Islamic Lunar Calendar called. Significance of Shabe Qadar or Lailatul Qadr in Urdu. Shab-e-Qadar is the sacred night of the last decade of the month of Ramadan in which Quran Pak was bestowed upon the Holy Prophet (PBUH). A detailed Urdu description about amaal shab e qadar , lailatul qadr , namaz shab e qadr , shabe qadar ki raat , shabe qadr , shabe qadr ki raat , shabe.

Islam is the second largest religion in the world after Christianity, with about 1.8 billion Muslims worldwide. Although its roots go back further, scholars typically date the creation of Islam to. The lines below discuss the significance of Shab e Barat in the light of two major hadiths of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said with regards to Shab e Barat observance. Hadith#1: The hadith is narrated by Hazrat Ali (RA) in which Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said: When it is the fifteenth of Shaban, then stand (in worship) at night and fast during the. Here is the Urdu Quotes Best Urdu Quotes Famous Urdu Quotes Eid from Eid Ul Adha Mubarak Quotes In Urdu that you can download for free. We really hope that this really helps you find what you are looking for. Uploaded by tamble on in category . See also Inspirational Quotes from Topic. Here we have another image Eid Ul Adha 2019 Significance. Eid Ul Adha Mubarak Quotes In Urdu. July 29, 2021. July 19, 2021. · 2021 Quotes. by tamble. If you are searching for Eid Ul Adha Mubarak Quotes In Urdu, you are arriving at the right place. 1000+ free printable quotes are available here. Download Eid Ul Adha Mubarak Quotes In Urdu here for free

Significant Meaning in Urdu with 3 Definitions and Sentence

Significant Urdu Meaning with 2 Definitions and Sentence(s

According to the Bible (Genesis 22:1-14), God told Abraham to bring his son Isaac to the land of Moriah (meaning Chosen by Yah) and offer him as a sacrifice on a mountain there. As Abraham was about to complete the sacrifice, God stopped him and provided a ram as a substitutionary sacrifice Kafan is a cloth to cover the dead body. In all religions, the dead body is always kept covered and so the the covering cloth is named as per their languages. Kafan has become so common in Hindi speaking areas that the the actual Hindi word Mritch.. اكتشف الفيديوهات القصيرة المتعلقة بـ tabarak meaning in urdu على TikTok. شاهد المحتوى الشهير من المبدعين التاليين: ANIZAAA(@anizaasad), Dayyan(@yourfavbrownkid_), Shehmeer(@shehmeerkanwar), Tabarak(@tabarak.iz0qx), Rayaan Sattar(@rayaansattarrr). استكشف أحدث الفيديوهات من علامات هاشتاج: #. Nature and significance of Islamic law. In classical form, the Sharīʿah differs from Western systems of law in two principal respects. In the first place, the scope of the Sharīʿah is much wider, since it regulates the individual's relationship not only with neighbours and with the state, which is the limit of most other legal systems, but also with God and with the individual's own. Category - 1000 English Words in Urdu. 1000 Most Important English Vocabulary words with Urdu meanings for Speaking English fluently. Vocabulary with Urdu meanings can help improve English

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3,463 Views. English to Urdu Vocabulary PDF BOOK Download Free Learn Advanced English Words for exams preparation With Urdu Meanings and Sentences English vocabulary words with meanings in Urdu list PDF Urdu to English vocabulary PDF Book Download Free for improving your English speaking skills. Watch Video Lesson. Rebuff (جھڑک دینا. His skateboard urdu case study meaning in had been cancelled. Although resistance to the end of experience. Weve all encountered writers who rarely abuse the privilege to books, movies, television, and even awkwardness to conferences between teachers and students perceptions of 34 esl students at the trade, facing the financial 19 critically synthesize source materials to teach past tense. Secondary Education. Following the primary education from ages 5 to 9 is the 3-year Middle School (sixth to eighth grades for children ages 10 to 12), a 2-year secondary school (ninth and tenth grades culminating in matriculation) and higher secondary or intermediate—eleventh and twelfth grades). Some accounts, including official reports. Sildenafil meaning in urdu for viagra overdose daily mail. Exp hematol 1:73 82 marrow stromal by inhibiting protein polypeptide bacitracin also inhibit urdu in sildenafil meaning mammalian ribosomal processes. Prepuce and glans due to the foregut and midgut autonomic nervous innervation of the drug, ensure that the drugs in ii86 170

Mushafi (1750-1824) himself was the first to use the word Urdu meaning a language in his first Divan. He is the first poet to have a significant volume of work in Urdu. Wali Deccani (1635. Answer Urdu Meaning - Find the correct meaning of Answer in Urdu, it is important to understand the word properly when we translate it from English to Urdu. There are always several meanings of each word in Urdu, the correct meaning of Answer in Urdu is جواب دینا, and in roman we write it Jawab Dena

بے اعتنائ برتنا Definitions. Please find 2 English and definitions related to the word بے اعتنائ برتنا. (adjective satellite): lacking substance or significance (adjective): (quantifier used with mass nouns) small in quantity or degree; not much or almost none or (with a') at least som Significance - Urdu Meaning and Translation of Significance (معنی - maani), Total 3 meanings for Significance , Roman Urdu Meaning for word Significance , Synonyms, Antonyms, English Definition and more March 09, 2020. janaan meaning in urdu The Janaan {meaning|significance} in Urdu is a message from Allah to {mankind|humanity} What Is Hatim Meaning in Urdu? March 09, 2020. hatim meaning in urdu For the U.K. Pakistanis, Hatim {meaning significance} in Urdu is {an emotional psychological} and spiritual... Page 1 of 1 Google's free service instantly translates words, phrases, and web pages between English and over 100 other languages

The meaning of a word in Urdu differs from one Urdu language to another. The purpose of this article is to examine the meaning of the word in Urdu and how it varies across the different languages. The article also examines the significance of the mandatory meaning in Urdu. When we speak of the meaning of a word, it means the obvious definition. Learn the most important words in Urdu Here you can find the translation of the 50 most important words and expressions into Urdu. If you are about to travel to Pakistan, this is exactly what you are looking for! We will teach you: How to say Hello! and Goodbye in Urdu Sherdil Meaning in Urdu: March 13, 2020. Sherdil A sherdil significance in Urdu is one of the most popular, and easiest ways to come up with a new or intriguing Urdu name.... Page 1 of 1. 1 Definition of significant in the Definitions.net dictionary. Meaning of significant. What does significant mean? Information and translations of significant in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web

Even though there are many translations of the meanings of the Qur'an, they do not help the reader in linking the Arabic words to their meanings. The only purpose of this word-for-word translation is to facilitate learning the language of the Qur'an. Even though a few word-for-word translations exist but the format of the present [ The meaning of emojis offers many possibilities of interpretation. Some are easy to realize, others difficult to interpret if you do not know the original meaning. This can lead to ambiguity or misunderstanding, since emojis can also replace regular words in a text. Excessive use of emojis can also lead to confusion with your counterpart Find English word Fallopian meaning in Urdu at UrduWire online English to Urdu dictionary. Fallopian & thousands of English and Urdu words Synonyms, definition and meaning How Firdous Is {Used Employed} in Urdu: March 09, 2020 Firdous meaning in urdu Firdous {meaning significance} in Urdu is a {very really} {important part of significant part} Urdu 1ΘΘΘ+【Urdu Poetry】【اُردُو شاعرى‬‎ 】- {Love,Life}- {2 Lines} Urdu Poetry !! ( اُردُو شاعرى ) Urdu Poetry is a rich convention of Poetry and has a wide range of structures. A significant number of the poetic structures and structures are of Arabic beginning. Today, it is an imperative piece of the way of life.

You should to add the meaning of urdu . what is urdu who florished it. Reply. Pervez Hasnain on September 11, 2018 at 2:06 am Urdu is still changing. In Pakistan, Urdu is spoken only in urban areas and half of the words are from English. We call it Urlish (jokingly) Also the Hijri calendar was instituted some time in the reign of Caliph 'Umar (634 644 C.E.). However, due to the association of Islamic calendar with Hijrah, new year day becomes an important day to remember the meaning and significance of Hijrah. In modern times, some Muslims also began using it to send greeting cards and celebrate new year

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The Significance of Ya Ali Madad and Naad-e Ali! May Ali Help You and Invoke Ali! Invoke Ali, You shall surely find him helping in your troubles Naad-e Ali calligram at the Aga Khan museu What is the meaning of Ammarah ? Ammarah is baby girl name mainly popular in Muslim religion and its main origin is Arabic. Ammarah name meanings is An inhabitant. People search this name as Ammarah meaning in urdu. Ammarah is written in Urdu, Hindi, Arabic, Bangla as عمرہ, अम्रह, أمره, আম্মারাহ.Other similar sounding names can be Ammaar, Ammar, Ammara

Urdu is also the national language of Pakistan. It is mutually intelligible with Hindi, and is the lingua franca of the Subcontinent of Hindustan (India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh). Urdu has roots of Sanskrit, an Indo-Aryan language, and has significant word and cultural borrowings from Arabic and Persian An essential key to understanding God's Word and its design is through the meaning of Biblical numbers. Their connections and patterns, when we search them out and understand them, reveal the handiwork of God. Although the arrangement of some is obvious, others are not and require in-depth Bible study

This is a potentially wide-reaching decision of significance to creditors and insolvency practitioners alike. With the coming of popular sovereignty the idea of equality assumed a larger, if unintended and at first latent, significance Hannah name meaning in urdu hannah is a muslim boy name and it is an arabic originated name with multiple meanings. Hanna name meaning in english are compassion sympathy pity. Hannah name meaning and history. Hanna is a muslim girl name which originates from the urdu languageacording to numerology predictions lucky number for hanna is 6

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Quran with Urdu Translation Online. Learning the Quran Translation is very important for us because it helps in understanding the whole meaning of Allah's Message. We teach translation in both English and Urdu languages to help the worldwide Muslim population. The Koran is the sacred text and we should understand it instead of just reading it Introduction to Meaning and Uses of Tanzanite. Tanzanite is a stone of transmutation, shifting from lilac-blue to sapphire blue and into deep blue-violet. In faceted form it is stunning, celebrated as the Gemstone of the 20th Century and first promoted by the New York jewelers, Tiffany & Co. who created magnificent pieces to showcase this stone Important English Vocabulary With Urdu meaning and PDF(1) Add Comment. by Muhammad Bilal. 6,775 Views. Daily words English to Urdu. The 3000 Most Important Words Vocab of this series along with meaning in Urdu the most useful words in English Find the meaning, history and popularity of given names from around the world. Get ideas for baby names or discover your own name's history Urdu Dictionary . west meaning in Urdu (Pronunciation -ﯿﻨﺳ ﻆﻔﻠﺗ ) US: 1) west. We update this dictionary on daily basis even if you are not able to find any word typed in the search box, our database will save that word and it will be available in the next 24 hours with complete and comprehensive way

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Urdu is the national language of Pakistan, spoken by more than 104 million people in that country and around the world. If your significant other speaks Urdu as their first language, saying I love you in Urdu will really warm their heart. If you are male, say mein ap say muhabat karta hoon Urdu. 7%. Indian (Sanskrit) 7%. English. 7%. User Submitted Meanings. According to a user from Pakistan, the name Hudaibiya means Given by god. A submission from Pakistan says the name Hudaibiya means God given. A submission from Pakistan says the name Hudaibiya means Gift of God and is of English origin Ana ilyas is new famous Urdu Novels writer, She Wrote many best famous Urdu novels, Ana ilyas Novel people love to read, There is a lot of people who read ana ilyas novel, who search the ana Ilyas novels list, so we are going to share with you ana ilyas new novels list. so you can easily download ana Ilyas novels pdf

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Definition: to wash (as the hair) with soap and water or with a special preparation The word shampoo had a markedly different meaning when it first entered the English language in the middle of the 18th century. It comes from the Hindi and Urdu cā̃po, which is the imperative of cā̃pnā (to press, massage), and in its earliest use retained the meaning of massage Finally, and in many ways most significant, the UDHR cannot be enforced by traditional means of coercion. The U.N. has no armed forces of its own, but must obtain parts of other states' militaries for help. The U.N. agencies directly concerned with human rights, such as the Geneva-based Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights. Define significance. significance synonyms, significance pronunciation, significance translation, English dictionary definition of significance. n. 1. The state or quality of being significant: a matter of some significance. See Synonyms at importance. 2. A meaning that is expressed or implied: What..

Ghazal. The ghazal is composed of a minimum of five couplets—and typically no more than fifteen—that are structurally, thematically, and emotionally autonomous. Each line of the poem must be of the same length, though meter is not imposed in English. The first couplet introduces a scheme, made up of a rhyme followed by a refrain First Kalima Tayyab in Roman English: La ilaaha illal lahoo Muhammadur Rasool Ullah. 1st Kalma Tayyab with English Meaning: There is none worthy of worship except Allah and Muhammad (PBUH) is the Messenger of Allah. Islamic first Kalma Tayyab with English translation 1st kalim tayyab Urdu meaning. F irst kalma in arabic english translation. Meaning and Significance of the Temptation of Jesus. With regard to the significance of the temptation, refer to the gospel accounts. Matthew writes, Then was Jesus led up of the Spirit; Mark expresses it, The Spirit drove Him, while Luke declares He was led by the Spirit. The one fact announced in these varied ways is of supreme. Meaning of Chemotaxonomy 2. Stages in Chemotaxonomy 3. Significance. Significance of Chemotaxonomy: The occurrence and distribution of the various types of chemical substances present in plants prove to be of taxonomic significance. However, it should be noted that, all kinds of chemical substances present in plants do not reveal information. The Symbolic Meaning of Chai . Judaism, like a number of religions, emphasizes the importance of life. Jews are encouraged to be good, ethical people, or mensches, exhibiting such traits as kindness, thoughtfulness, and selflessness and remaining good-natured, enjoying the time that they are given on Earth.A common Jewish toast is L'chaim! which means To life

significant definition: 1. important or noticeable: 2. having a special meaning: 3. important or noticeable: . Learn more Jul 9, 2020 - This is basic thing must learn Urdu Alphabets. Jul 9, 2020 - This is basic thing must learn Urdu Alphabets. Pinterest. Today. Explore. Urdu Words With Meaning. Urdu Calligraphy. Arabic Language. Urdu alphabet, pronunciation and language Part 2 of Significant Words, From A grammar of the Persian language. To which are. Concentrate hard on their name and meaning. Then let the universe decide with a free single-card tarot reading. Social Networking. Add Who's Your Baby? to your Facebook tabs, or Like / Tweet about 's meanings page to share with your friends. User Comments Find dream interpretation in Islam in Urdu. This is Khwabon Ki Tabeer in Urdu Islamic book in PDF format for free download or reads online.The dream is the prediction of future life, find out what your dreams mean, this dream meaning book provides a complete resource to help you the right way your dreams and find their meaning in Urdu now you.

Spiritual. Neptune represents intuition and psychic abilities, illusions, spiritual awareness, confusion, dreams, fantasies, and aesthetic likes and dislikes.Some of these things come naturally to Neptune in Scorpio while others are tougher to achieve. Intense. As Scorpio is a water sign in astrology, they feel everything right down to their very soul, making them an intense person Bismillah (In the Name of Allah): Meaning of Bismillah, Power and Worth of Bismillah Bismillah (In the Name of Allah) is the start of all good things, so we shall start with it. This blessed phrase is a mark of Islam, one constantly recited by all creatures through their tongues of disposition

Kaaba meaning. The kaaba meaning cube in arabic is considered by muslims to be the house of god. Kaaba islam a black stone building in mecca that is shaped like a cube and that is the most sacred muslim pilgrim shrine. The history and form of the kaaba There's a reason pink, purple, yellow and green are popular colors come Eastertime — there's meaning and symbolism behind our favorite Easter colors Temple Purohit » Mantras, Slokas & Stotras » Surya Mantras - In English, Sanskrit - Meaning, Significance, Ways to Chant Surya, the chief of the Navagraha ( the nine Classical planets) and important elements of Hindu astrology, is the main solar deity in Hinduism and generally referred to as the Sun in Nepal and India

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