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  1. Tight contact shotgun wound of the chest. All of the gunpowder is inside the wound. The wound edges are abraded and there is a thin linear abrasion on the upper right from the muzzle. Loose contact shotgun wound and a larger, more ragged exit wound
  2. ing the wadding, one can deter
  3. er in evaluating the circumstances of an individual case to arrive at a manner-of-death opinion
  4. ation - Secondary to negative pressure of cavitation - Shell casing, wading etc. - Thorough surgical debridement is imperativ
  5. Close range — Close range gunshot wounds occur at muzzle-to-target distances of approximately 6-12. Both fouling and stippling are present. Intermediate range — These wounds occur at muzzle-to-target distances of approximately 12 to 3'. There is no fouling, only stippling or deposition of particles on clothing

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Intermediate-range and close-range shotgun wounds of the head are almost as mutilating as contact wounds because the pellets are still traveling in a single mass. Severe wounds are especially common if the mass of pellets strike the skull at a relatively shallow angle and exit. Large gaping tears of the scalp are present close/ contact range wounds to the head When a shotgun is discharged into the head during a contact (loose or hard) or close range shot (up to about 15-30 cm or 6-12 inches), the pellets contained in the cartridge have not had time to spread, and they enter the body as a single mass shotgun wound with scalloping and 2 -3 separate pellets (range) enterance vs. shored exit Shotgun 10 -20 ft range Sabot X-ray of air pellet pseudostippling from a suture stippling: flake vs. ball powder 0.410 shotgun: 3 petals on skin Bullet: 0.25 vs. KTW vs. Glazer (metal fragments with Teflon cap and copper casing in body)

Short distance: at a range of 3 - 4 feet, the pellets begin to spread out before reaching the body, producing one large entry wound that shows serrated or crenated edges (scalloping or rathole appearance

Gunshot Wounds Acute penetrating trauma from a close-range shotgun blast injury to knee. Birdshot pellets are visible in the wound, within the shattered patella. The powder wad from the shotgun shell has been extracted from the wound, and is visible at the upper right of the image. via WikiMedi Closeup of the cross section. Visible are the individual wound channels created by the bbs. Likely a very effective close range tactical load. Before lead shot was banned throughout most of North America for use on waterfowl, Lead BB was the load of choice for long range goose hunting Close-Contact Gunshot Wounds Shots fired from close range leave tell-tale marks called stippling, or tattooing. These marks are discolorations of the skin caused by burning gunpowder. Evidence of contact with hot gunpowder can be seen just above the V opening of the shirt (the blackened area) in the photograph above At close range, 12 gauge shotgun slug will kill just about any animal that ever walked the Earth. Can a 12 gauge kill a human? You have to look at the shell itself. You can run fairly light trap loads in a shotgun that may cause a nasty wound, but may not actually kill, even in a ten or twelve gauge.

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  1. Pinkish discoloration of tissues in the wound track due to carbon monoxide. Shotgun Near Contact Wound (or close range wound approx. 6 inches) Clothing will trap most if not all of the soot and powder grains of near contact fire; On naked skin following features are produced: Singeing of hair, 'clubbed hair' Skin burns due to flame/hot gase
  2. At the close range, i.e., within 15 cm, a circular entry wound is noticed if the muzzle is perpendicular to the target and elliptical if the muzzle end is at an angle. 2. Wad Distribution. Several wads are found in shotgun ammunition. They are propelled along with the other charge. They may enter the target up to three meters
  3. From a UK forensics hub: The ability of a victim to survive a shotgun wound depends upon the range of fire. Contact or close range injuries usually result in massive destruction, and clearly wounds involving the head or thorax result in instantaneous or rapid death. The argument that the projectiles don't expand is weak
  4. Shotcup petal abrasions in close range .410-caliber shotgun injuries. Dowling GP(1), Dickinson JA, Cooke CT. Author information: (1)University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada. Shotcup petal abrasions centered around a shotgun wound of entrance are generally thought to occur at a range of 30 to 90 cm
  5. At close range, shotgun injuries are usually far more severe than bullet injuries because the total energy available is much greater (, 4 14). The combined mass of multiple pellets spread over a small area can produce massive destruction of soft tissue and bone ( , Fig 11 )
  6. Most lethal shotgun wounds are at close range 1,2,3 Epidemiology Worldwide there were an estimated 251,000 deaths due to firearm injuries in 2016, which increased 20% from 199
  7. Shotgun wound suicides are contact range in 96% of cases, while shotgun wound homicides are contact range in 8% and distant range in 59% (Molina, Wood and DiMaio, 2007) Injury Patterns and Wound Care. Morbidity and mortality is high with ballistic injuries. Three-fourths of persons with a penetrating gunshot wound to the head die within 48 hours
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Close range shotgun wound to the wrist and hand Near-contact or close-range wounds are identifiable by the presence of flame burns and singeing of hair. Mid-range or intermediate-range wounds do not have flame burns or singeing of hair but will show the presence of smoke, gas, and unburnt particles. This difference is determined primarily by the type of projectiles in the shotgun. Frequent operative dressing changes, adequate debridement, and irrigation minimize sepsis following close-range shotgun blasts and should be the treatment of choice for this devastating injury. Techniques of wound closure need to be individualized to the particular situation. PMID: 2258959 [Indexed for MEDLINE] MeSH terms. Abdominal Injuries.

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At a close enough range it certainly could be fatal, but at that same range the intruder could also have grabbed the gun by the barrel and not be shot. Furthermore, how dangerous is birdshot? birdshot , a standard birdshot load is usually best for a homeowner's defensive 12-gauge shotgun Close range is generally within a range of 6 inches but soot can be seen as far away as 12 inches in magnum loads. The type of gunpowder, the gun barrel length, and intermediate objects influence the concentration and pattern of soot. As in all entrance wounds, an abrasion collar or microtears are present, but with close-range wounds it will be.

Shotgun Wounds Daniel B. Nissman CLINICAL HISTORY Close-range gunshot wound. FIGURE 83A FIGURE 83B FIGURE 83C FIGURE 83D FINDINGS Postmortem AP radiograph of the left upper chest (Fig. 83A) reveal close range gunshot wounds that resemble in­ juries the animal could receive by being hit by a car. Gunshot wound are created by three types of firearms: pistols or civilian firearms, shotguns, and military or high powered hunt­ ing rifles. There is much controversy as to the definition of low vs high velocity (feet per sec­ ond) firearms Abstract. • This report summarizes an eight-year experience (1976 to 1983) with 49 close-range shotgun blasts with associated major vascular injuries seen in a large urban hospital. Injuries to the upper extremity (40%), lower extremity (56%), and neck (4%) were seen. A high frequency of associated deep venous injury (82%), nerve injury (37%. The aim of this case report is to increase awareness of and reduce the potential morbidity of close-range shotgun injuries. Case presentation A middle-aged female presented to the Emergency Department with wounds to her right hip and flank after suffering a shotgun injury

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For this reason close-range shotgun injuries have many of the characteristics of high-velocity missile war wounds. When a missile enters tissue a temporary pulsing cavity, in which the tissues undulate and stretch and compress, is formed along the missile tract within 10 to 30 milliseconds after impact In the CLOSE RANGE combat of Vietnam, the tiny 5.56 bullet produced wounds were so impressive, that pictures of them stayed classified until the 1980s. This isn't surprising because the 5.56 was designed for close range combat. How the 5.56 Does it's Damage. Spoiler Alert: it's primarily from fragmentation

Peter is far too close to the scope and the butt of the rifle is not firmly in place to his shoulder when he pulls the trigger. The result - a massive recoil.. b. shotgun blasts i. highly variable depending on distance from target ii. can reflect wounding potential of high velocity firearms from close range (less than 21 feet) or multiple low velocity weapons iii. wound contamination/infection with close range injuries due to shotgun wadding iv. wounding potential depends on 3 factors 1. shot patter

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Asked: How lethal is a shotgun to the head? I guess that depends on how hard I swing it at his head. Okay, bad joke. The big question is how far away from the shotgun are we talking about? Are we talking about someone getting shot at 10 feet, 25 y.. Brandner MD, Bunkis J. Shotgun blast injuries to the groin: reconstruction using the rectus abdominis flap. Ann Plast Surg 1987;18:541-6. PubMed CAS Google Scholar 88. Shepard GH. High-energy, low-velocity close-range shotgun wounds. J Trauma 1980;20:1065-7. PubMed CAS Google Scholar 89 However, shotgun wounds of the head with a .410 bore cartridge rarely result in massive destruction of bone or ejected portions of brain. For instance, of the 41 cases of contact or close range shotgun wounds of the head that have presented to our facility for autopsy over the last decade, only 1 case out of 5 caused by a .410 bore cartridge. The shotgun is a Mossberg Maverick, 12 Gauge, with a 19.5″ barrel, no choke. Typical of combat shotgun dimensions. The Box O' Truth is loaded with 12 sheets of 5/8″ sheetrock, backed up by a jug of water to try to catch anything that might penetrate all 12 boards Compared to stab wounds to the posterior part of the body, stab wounds to the anterior part of the body are generally: upward. If a person survives the initial trauma from a shotgun wound at close range: contaminants that were driven into the wound can cause a severe infection

The characteristics described for handgun fire, particularly those of close-range shots, are also observed in shotgun wounding. Shotgun exit wounds, however, are uncommon even in contact or close-range shots. Extensive photographs, three references, and sketches are included in the chapter. For related documents, see NCJ-69731-35 and 69737-47 The selection of external fixation allows for adequate wound care, vascular reconstruction, and wound coverage procedures. After wound stabilization and/or coverage definitive fracture treatment may be done by internal or external means. High-velocity wounds and shotgun wounds demand more involved attention than do low-velocity gunshot wounds Type of gunshot wound. A contact shot is defined as a gunshot wound incurred while the muzzle of the firearm is in direct contact with the body at the moment of discharge. Contact shots are often the result of close range gunfights, suicide, or execution . Effects of a contact shot from a .38 Special caliber gun on a folded cloth

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  1. A man hit by a shotgun at close range was in serious trouble, since he would suffer up to nine .32-caliber buckshot wounds. If the shot spread out, several soldiers could be struck by one shot
  2. The presence of a 12-gauge shotgun and its gaping maw of a barrel can stop a bad guy in his tracks because he knows what a close-range blast can do. The wound capacity of a load of double-aught buck shot (essentially eight .33-caliber rounds) is so devastating that 12-gauge shotguns are the tool of choice for professionals who must neutralize.
  3. Wound severity with shotguns is the result of many variables including range, type of weapon, type of projectile, amount of powder charge, and location of injury . Very close range and contact wounds produce a significant blast-effect injury, with much of the energy from the powder charge injected directly into the tissues [ 3 , 4 ]
  4. imal. Range is the most important factor, and can be estimated in over half of cases, as can the shot size used. (Wilson, 1978) A rifled slug fired from a shotgun may have a range up to 800 yards. (Mattoo et al, 1974
  5. If we're just going by the numbers, there is no shoulder-fired weapon that equals a shotgun loaded with a slug when it comes to wound potential at close range. Most slug loads launch a 500-grain solid projectile at 1,400 feet per second; for comparison, a classic .45-cal 1911 sends a 230-grain bullet at just under 850 feet per second
  6. Winchester's PDX1 Defender Segmenting shotgun slug is a great example. This slug is pre-programmed to split into three large fragments that individually do great damage via three wound channels yet do not penetrate as deep as the slug as a whole would. This slug is also desirable for shooting steel plates at close range during practice due to.
  7. The 25-year-old's autopsy report confirms that Ahmaud Arbery sustained two close-range gunshot wounds in the chest, as well as a graze wound on his right wrist By Ashley Boucher May 12, 2020 08:35 P

Author Close Range Safety Tips Posted on October 18, 2016 February 20, 2017 Tags 911, accident, accidental death, close range safety training academy, depression, emergency preparedness, firearm safety, firearm training, first aid kit, first aid tips, gun safety, gun training, guns, gunshot wounds, home safety, medical emergency, personal. Michael Brown's gunshot wounds included a shot in the hand at close range, his official autopsy shows, according to an analysis reported by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.. A county official with.

CLOSE RANGE SHOTGUN INJURY There is a large perforated laceration, roughly elliptical in shape, measuring about 15x10cm. The margin is irregular. There is no burning, blackening or tattooing in the surrounding area. Opinion: Entry wound of a shot gun injury at a close range. This appearance may be due to the presence of clothin high-velocity gunshot wounds or close range shotgun blasts. associated vascular injury. temporize extremity until amenable to intramedullary nailing. GSW to Spine. Nonoperative. broad spectrum IV antibiotics for 7-14 days . indications. gunshot wounds to the spine with associated perforated viscus An extremely injured foot due to a close-range firearm (a shotgun wound), notice how the Achilles' tendon is still present partially intact! An external fixation is applied by placing pins or screws into the bone to immobilize and protect the foot until it is safe for a surgery to be performed! Close. 82 If the firearm is discharged close enough to the skin (generally less than 18-24 inches) these products will be deposited on the skin surface and can assist greatly in reconstructions of the events. Close Ranges Gunshot Entrance Intermediate Range Gunshot Entrance. Now that the bullet has penetrated the skin what happens next Shotgun wounds differ somewhat from handgun and rifle wounds. As with other firearms, the velocity of pellets as they strike the intended target is the primary determinant of wounding capacity. No injury to the cranial va ult is identified. The calvarium and brain are intact. Close-range gun-barrel effect from rapidly expanding gases.

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a close range wound. The author has seen a number of distant entrance wounds in which one or two grains of powder have been carried to and deposited in the entrance wound by a bullet. In contact wounds of the trunk, stellate or cruciform entrances in the skin usually do not occur, even when the weapon and ammunition use Using a 3/4″ in plyboard as the standard for a potentially lethal wound, even the lowly 22 LR stretches its legs hundreds of yards. Now, Eric and the IV8888 team tackle what might the the hardest to quantify, the shotgun. The lowly scatter-gun is often thought of as only a close-range weapon

The first is that birdshot is as lethal as buckshot at close range. Birdshot #8 large wound channel, minimal risk of over penetration. He's a recognized expert on wound ballistics, and is an leo from the peninsula. 410 shotgun for home defense Skeet shooters engaging fast-crossing targets at close range desire a large quantity of small pellets, so they typically choose a #9 shot. Conversely, trapshooters engage targets moving quickly away from the shooting position, so they choose either a #8 or a #7.5 shot with the requisite momentum to catch-up to and break the clay pigeon When shooting at close-quarters, you don't need to be overzealous. First, you need to choose the right home defense shotgun. Typically, when people talk about personal defense guns they are referring to a tactical shotgun. Generally speaking, you are looking for a shotgun that's easy to maneuver, as you will be using the weapon at close range Close contact gunshot wound to the chest. The impact of the bullet and gases striking the tissue also left a distinct bruising (ecchymosis) around the wound. Notice the stitching of the Y incision. Contact wounds caused by the barrel of a gun touching the skin when the weapon is fired may present the imprint of the muzzle Entrance wounds are often ringed with the residue of gunpowder and cordite - the two substances contained within a bullet. A close range gunshot - if the weapon is touching the victim's body - will normally have what is known as an 'abrasion ring' and also a clear imprint of the weapon's barrel

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Browse 3,812 gunshot wound stock photos and images available, or search for bleeding or emt to find more great stock photos and pictures. fresh gun shot wound - gunshot wound stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images. military man with high caliber gun shot wound left chest - gunshot wound stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images Move the shotgun back to reasonable self defense ranges and things change drastically unless the shot is still held in the wad at POI. Super Close range or contact wounds do not really reflect a useful context. Yes, don't use .22lr, L or short, .25acp, etc. to take yourself out. I sold a .22lr Rifle to someone I knew A .58 to .72 caliber lead ball did the business. More horses than men were killed during those battles from 1830 to about 1900. The .36 Navy was among the first purely anti-personnel handguns. After all, sailors did not fight on horseback. At close range the soft lead ball expanded and proved effective. The .44 Army was even more effective Consult a doctor for a professional opinion and always call 911 or seek emergency assistance if there is a life-threatening gunshot wound. Why Gunshot Wounds Happen. Getting shot may happen at any number of junctures. There have been negligent discharges in shops, on the range and during training classes. It isn't always getting shot in a gun. - shot gun wounds: - note that the shot gun wadding may lie underneath the fascia on the far side of the wound; - references: - The management of large soft-tissue defects following close-range shotgun injury. - high velocity injuries

Because it combines high rates of stopping power with controlled penetration, buckshot is a natural choice for close-range personal defense. Today's 12 Gauge Buckshot Choices In the wide-open spaces of the Old West, the double-barrel 10-gauge coach gun may have made a lot of sense, but in today's urban and rural areas, most people are best. Gunshot wounds may encompass a broad range of injuries involving soft tissues, bones, blood vessels and other underlying structures, including vital organs [1]. The extent of the injury and the appearance of the wound will depend on two factors: the velocity of the bullet or missile and the proximity of the weapon at the time of firing

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In close-range gunshot, hot gunpowder exiting the gun barrel can bruise, burn or penetrate the skin in a powderstippling pattern, which analysts can use to estimate distance [source: Hueske].Backspatter can cause external and internal muzzle staining, but in unusual cases the internal stain can also result from the cooling of explosive gases released by the gunshot, which suck the victim's. Lavery sustained his wounds at close range, the fateful round fired from a Soviet-designed PKM 7.62 mm machine gun. Lavery had quickly positioned himself between the shooter and a younger American. At 10 yards, you might break the skin with a couple of grains, but nothing very serious. At 12 feet, you might get the desired effect, if the desired effect is to burn the target with the rock salt. At 4 feet, you might cause a wound requiring a visit to a hospital for a human, or maybe death to a small animal Stellate wound is produced with firearm in contact shot. In a firearm injury, blackening seen around the entry wound is due to smoke. Tattooing in entry wound of a firearm injury is due to gunpowder. The skull was burst open, charring and cherry red colouration in the track inside. Range of the shot is contact shot

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A 38-year-old man presented to the trauma center with a close-range oblique shotgun wound to the manubrium sterni, right anterior neck, and right supraclavicular area. The patient was alert and responsive on arrival. His initial vital signs included a heart rate of 110 beats per minute, a systolic blood pressure of 100 mm Hg, and a respiratory rate of 20 per minute The Shotgun Wound. Although complicated formulas exist to determine the range of a shotgun wound, it may be estimated by measuring the diameter of the spread on the patient. As the shot travels from 2 to 100 yards, it separates slightly less than 1 inch per yard 40,146 . However, in close-range injuries, a billiard ball effect may occur with. A suicidal .410-caliber shotgun injury of the right eye is described in which typical petal abrasions were noted around the entrance wound. However, significant soot deposition around the wound suggested that the range of fire was less than 30 cm and perhaps closer to 15 cm. Test-firing of the weapon and ammunition used by the decedent showed.

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