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Attention Please! Striking, fantastic foliage in shades of burgundy and purple with ruby undersides really grab your attention in both as a border or focal point in a landscape bed or in planters. This heat lover grabs the spot light in your garden areas all summer long where other plants wither away. This mid size grower spreads a wide 24-30 inch filling in an area quickly Check out our alternanthera little ruby selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our shops

Alternanthera Little Ruby will grow to 30-40cm high and a width of 60-90cm. Alternanthera Little Ruby is the perfect mounding ground cover with a compact spreading habit. It has stunning deep burgundy foliage that makes it a stand out plant. It is a third the size of common Alternanthera dentata. Great as a border or groundcover aswell as pots. Alternanthera Plant Care & Growing Guide. 1. Light Requirement. While it is best to grow these plants under bright direct sunlight, they can also be grown in partial shade. If you are growing this plant outside, you should choose a spot that receives direct light. If you are growing it inside a greenhouse, choose a spot by a window that gets. How to Cut Back & Care for the Alternanthera Plant. Alternanthera plants (Alternanthera spp.) reward gardeners with their interesting foliage. Two types are widely available: one that's usually. Little Ruby is very easy to propagate from cuttings - which is how I came to have 5 big clumps from one small original plant. Each of my current 5 are about 2.5' in diameter - they look like small burgundy shrubs among the flowers. As the plant grows wider, branches that touch the ground will also root - another way to get more plants

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Browse pictures and read growth / cultivation information about Alternanthera, Calico Plant, Joseph's Coat, Ruby Leaf (Alternanthera brasiliana) 'Little Ruby' supplied by member gardeners in the Pl.. The ruby foliage of Purple Knights makes it ideal as a colorful potted, edging or ground cover specimen. Alternanthera ficoidea 'Versicolor' is a creeping type and exhibits multi-colored, slender leaves and is often used as edging. The burgundy colors of the mounding Alternanthera ficoidea 'Red Threads' plant make it stand out in the garden. Alternanthera (Alternanthera dentata), often referred to as Joseph's coat, is a perennial, herbaceous, warm-season bedding plant. It will not survive frost but can return from roots after mild winters. Little Ruby is typically used as an annual in Louisiana. Little Ruby is used as a ground cover for its compact, mounding, spreading form

Check out our little ruby alternanthera plant selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our shops Little Ruby Alternanthera. A recent selection that is a smaller, more compact version of the traditional garden plant called Joseph's Coat. It has a long planting season and can be used as a ground cover where its foliage color blends well with other plants or as a container plant. Foliage is a rich burgundy in full sun alternanthera ficoidea. Sprawling or upright grower ranging from 6 to 20 inches tall, with elliptic to oval or rounded leaves to about 1 inches long. Bettzichiana (A. bettzichiana) has spoon-shaped leaves that have red and yellow markings. Aurea Nana grows only 4 inches tall with yellow-splotched foliage. Chartreuse is simply a bright green.

JJ sê: Die Malanseuns plant van die week is die Alternanthera Little Ruby is 'n fantastiese grondbedekker wat pragtige rooi blare het, laag groeiend,.. JJ sê: Die Malanseuns plant van die week is die Alternanthera Little Ruby. Die tyd om net op blomme vir kleur staat te maak is verby. Loof, en veral die..

When grown in full sun, Little Ruby alternanthera, the newest Texas Superstar selection, shows rich burgundy and green foliage. Little Ruby is related to older alternantheras, referred to as Joseph's Coat, but grows to about a third of the height of older selections, said David Rodriguez, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service agent for horticulture in Bexar County Alternanthera dentata is a tropical perennial typically grown as an annual, known for its colorful foliage that ranges from burgundy to purple. Genus name comes from the Latin words alternans meaning alternating and anthera meaning anther. Alternate anthers in the genus are barren. 'Little Ruby', Purple Knight, Snow Quee The LSU AgCenter's Louisiana Super Plants program highlights tough and beautiful plants that work well in Louisiana landscapes. The Little Ruby alternanthera.. They are scheduled to arrive here in South-Central California on November 4th. Positive. On Jul 6, 2007, gardengirl1960 from Seabrook, TX (Zone 9a) wrote: I just got this plant yesterday. It was a lot of small Joseph's Coat in a big pot. It was an unmarked plant so I did not know the name until I asked at DG Little Ruby™ Alternanthera is the perfect mounding ground cover with a compact spreading habit it has stunning deep burgundy foliage that makes it a stand out plant. Little Ruby™ Alternanthera is a third of the size of common Alternanthera dentata, it grows approx 30cm to 40cm tall and 60cm to 90cm wide and grows in full sun to part shade.. Little Ruby loves humi

Little Ruby TM Alternanthera dentata 'LRU30' This compact little ground cover is a must for those areas requiring all year round colour! Its deep burgundy fo.. Ruby Red Alternanthera is a fine choice for the garden, but it is also a good selection for planting in outdoor containers and hanging baskets. It is often used as a 'filler' in the 'spiller-thriller-filler' container combination, providing a canvas of foliage against which the thriller plants stand out

Alternanthera denticulata 'Little Ruby'™ 'LRU30' PBR APPEARANCE: Purple-burgundy foliage on a compact spreading ground cover. Glows deep red when backlit by sunlight. USE IN: Plant in groups as a mass display of year-round leaf colour. Underplanting for brighly coloured flowering shrubs and trees. Suitable for pots. LOCATION: Plant in well drained soil in a full sun to partly shaded position. Little Ruby Alternanthera (Alternanthere 'Little Ruby') is a smaller, more compact version of the traditional Joseph's Coat. It is perennial in warmer areas and can be grown in full sun or light shade. Bamboo Muhly in the back is cold tolerant to zone 8. With airy, light frothy branches, it is pretty in the wind Plant Breeding and Testing - From Concept to Landscapes. Did you know that the average Ozbreed plant undergoes 5-10 years of rigorous testing before it is released to the market? Read on to find out why Ozbreed plants have been a staple for landscape professionals for over 20 years and are renowned for their no fuss, functional and reliable.

Max Height. 2'. Price. $3.99. 'Little Ruby' Josephs coat have dark purple foliage that will certainly make people's heads turn as they pass by. You can keep them either as a ground cover or as a small border plant with the help of a good pair of pruners. They would definitely add more color to any landscape or garden whether they are big or small Alternanthera wilts fairly easily if it gets too dry, but quickly recovers when you water it. Outdoors, grow alternanthera in sun or shade. Just like as a houseplant, alternanthera has better color in the garden or container gardens when it gets more light. Water regularly to keep the plant from wilting. Florida 33170 | (800) 327-707 Little Ruby Alternanthera is an herbaceous annual with a mounded form. It brings an extremely fine and delicate texture to the garden composition and should be used to full effect.This is a relatively low maintenance plant. The flowers of this plant may actually detract from its ornamental features, so they can be removed as they appear The gorgeous Viola MAGNIFI SCENT® Collection has been bred for beauty and fragrance. Blooms are medium to large, 1.5″ in diameter. Vigorous compact rounded habit, 4-9″ x 6-9″. Viola x hybrida MAGNIFI SCENT® 'Blue Sails' has frilled blooms in elegant crisp white tones with bold striking delft blue edges, and is ideal for patio pots and containers, garden borders and mass landscape.

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* Botanical name: Alternanthera dentata 'LRU30' * What it is: A trailing, non-flowering annual grown for its season-long, thumbnail-sized burgundy leaves that have brighter ruby-red undersides. * Size: 10-12 inches tall, 15-18 inches in spread. * Where to use: At its best as a trailer that adds dark foliage to a pot or hanging basket. But Little Ruby™ also does well in the ground, where. Little Ruby Alternanthera. Little Ruby Alternanthera is a newly designated Texas Superstar. This variety, selected from a species of plants commonly known as Joseph's coat, stays small and has beautiful foliage. With a compact growth habit and full, abundant foliage, Little Ruby gets only about a foot tall and wide Plant database entry for Joseph's Coat (Alternanthera dentata Little Ruby™) with 9 images, one comment, and 23 data details. × New and Unread Tree-Mails. Close. × Share This Page. Use these convenient icons to share this page on various social media platforms:.

* Common name: Alternanthera Little Ruby™ * Botanical name: Alternanthera dentata 'LRU30' * What it is: A trailing, non-flowering annual grown for its season-long, thumbnail-sized burgundy. Little Ruby™ Alternanthera dentata 'LRU30' Emporium/Hotties Range Plant Description: This Alternanthera has a compact spreading habit, beautiful deep burgundy foliage and is a real stand out plant in any garden. Height & Width: 30-40cm high x 60-90cm wide. Foliage: Stunning deep burgundy foliage. Flowers: White flowers in spring. Uses: Small garden hedges (also as a ground cover, in.

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ALTERNANTHERA LITTLE RUBY TM (PBR) 75mm Pot. Alternanthera Little Ruby ™ 'LRU30' (Alternanthera dentata) is a stunning moneding groundcover that features a compact spreading habit and deep burgundy foliage making this plant a real standout in the garden. Tiny white flowers appear in Spring, looking like tiny diamonds adorning the dark foliage Alternanthera dentata 'Little Ruby' is a compact form growing to only to 40cm in height and spreading to almost a metre. It has a sprawling habit, in warmer climates grow as a perennial in colder climates grow as annual planting after the last frost. It produces dense clusters of small white flowers in summer Alternanthera Little Ruby. Alternanthera dentata 'Little Ruby' FROM: $16.99 $8.49 SET YOUR STORE. Please set your store before adding product to cart.? Available in Stores. Pot size guide -Qty + Add to Cart. Item code: 1581230140P. Add lush foliage and colour to your garden with this beautiful, ground cover. A real standout in the garden, this.

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Alternanthera dentata Little Ruby is a very compact, ground covering variety with attractive, dark burgundy leaves. It is a hardy, easy care plant that forms a dense habit. It bears clusters of small cream flowers. It is a fantastic container plant, and also suits wall planting. Little Ruby likes a part shade to full sun position, but performs best in full sun. Thrives in moist, well drained. Alternanthera is a large genus of 200 species of bushy annuals and perennials that are grown mainly for their attractive colorful leaves, which are opposite, often toothed, and variable in size. Flowers are insignificant. Alternanthera are native to tropical and subtropical open forests in Central and South America

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Common Name: Little Ruby Botanical Name: Alternanthera Denata - Little Ruby Plant size: 10 - 15cm Pot size: 50mm Max growth: Grows to about 60 - 90cm high and 30 - 40cm wide Maintenance: To maintain a compact habit or to keep a formal appearance, regularly pinch out the growing tips, trim the plants throughout the growing season in summer Alternanthera 'Purple Prince'. SKU. 31998. Burgundy-purple foliage with plum-red undersides forms a compact mound with long-lasting color and texture for all-season. A vibrant addition to baskets and containers. Plant with contrasting colors for a colorful show. USDA Zone Joseph's coat plants (Alternanthera spp.) are popular for their colorful foliage that includes several shades of burgundy, red, orange, yellow and lime green.Some species have single-or bi-colored leaves, while others have the entire rainbow of color in a single plant. These frost-tender perennials are grown as annuals and range in size from 2-inch dwarfs to 12-inch mounds of foliage Alternanthera is widely regarded for its attractive foliage and heat tolerance. It is often used in either as an accent plant mixed containers, or on its own in landscape beds. A. dentata. Approx. seed count: 17,400 sds/oz. Germination info: Cover seed lightly; 72-76°F; 3 days ALTERNANTHERA - Joseph's Coat Plant is a fast growing plant. It is fairly easy to care for if you have a bright area and do not forget to water the plant. Joseph's Coat plant has colorful green, wavy leaves covered in hot pink splashes and streaks. The coloring on the leaves is totally random

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  1. The star attraction of this Latin American tropical stunner is the ravishing, splashy, colorful foliage. 'Purple Prince' rolls out a magic carpet of burgundy-purple leaves complemented by ruby rose undersides. Mounding, spreading, non-flowering 10-16 inc
  2. Little Ruby alternanthera (Alternanthera dentata Little Ruby) is among the very best alternantheras for Louisiana gardeners to plant. Because of its outstanding characteristics, it is a spring.
  3. Little Ruby™ is the perfect mounding ground cover with a compact, spreading habit. It has stunning deep burgundy foliage that makes it a stand out plant. It is a third the size of common Alternanthera dentata. Dimensions: Approximately 30-40cm tall x 60-90 cm wide. Uses: Ground cover, border plant, containers
  4. Features. Stunning colour. Easy care. Adds vibrance to your patio or garden. Great for containers. The Alternanthera Little Ruby produces simply outstanding deep burgundy foliage. The perfect mounding ground cover. Easy care, low maintenance plant
  5. Jul 13, 2014 - Wholesale Little Ruby Alternanthera, Purple Alternanthera for your Spring flower beds from Flintwood Farms, a wholesale plant nursery in Fayetteville, Georgia
  6. g bedding plants. The beautiful foliage in shades of burgundy and purple adds rich color to the landscape and is consistently attractive throughout the season
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  1. CO2 is on from 0500 thru 2200. As I don't have a CO2 tester yet (waiting *still* for delivery), I am feeding it through at. My water's Fe content is very low, so I use JBL Ferropol to correct that, and at the same time is a plant fertiliser. In the last few days I have noticed that the bottoms of this plant have been turning green
  2. Alternanthera denticulata. APPEARANCE: Beautiful burgundy foliage on a hardy spreading ground cover.Taller, with a more browny-burgundy colour than Little Ruby. USE IN: Borders and as a bold contrasting plant to lighter foliage in the garden.Suited to containers. LOCATION: Plant in well drained soil in a full sun to partly shaded frost-free position in the garden
  3. Alternanthera dentata 'Raspberry Rum' RASPBERRY RUM JOSEPH'S COAT PP21016; Details. Alternanthera dentata, 'Little Ruby' LITTLE RUBY JOSEPH'S COAT; Details. Alternanthera ficoidea 'Red Threads' RED THREADS JOSEPH'S COAT; Details. Angelonia angustifolia 'Balangpird' ANGELMISTr SPREAD BLUEBIRD ANGELONIAPPAF
  4. Little Ruby™ Alternanthera dentata 'LRU30' PBR Range: Emporium Range WHERE TO BUY More Info. Description Compact mounding ground cover with burgundy foliage Size 30-40cm high x 60-90cm wide Uses.
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  6. Little Ruby™ is the perfect mounding ground cover with a compact, spreading habit. It has stunning deep burgundy foliage that makes it a stand out plant. It is a third the size of common Alternanthera dentata. Dimensions: Approximately 30-40cm tall x 60-90 cm wide. Position: Full sun to part shade. Little Ruby™ loves humidity
  7. Alternanthera Little Maroon TM 'ALM01' Ruby Leaf Alternanthera. Plant Description. 10x50-80cm G/C maroon fol. full sun. part shade. dry. containers. Height: 0.1m - 0.1m: Spread: 0.5m - 0.8m: Pot Sizes: Little Maroon TM 'ALM01' 175mm Pot 1 Apr 2021 Little Maroon TM 'ALM01' Little Maroon TM 'ALM01'.

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Alternanthera dentata 'Little Ruby' Little Ruby Alternanthera Description A compact, mounding, small shrub with a spreading habit and stunning deep burgundy foliage with a glowing ruby red reverse side. It is approximately a third the size of common Alternanthera dentata. An excellent choice for a groundcover, as a garden border, or in containers Common name: Ruby leaf alternanthera. Botanic name: Alternanthera dentata. Description: A low growing perennial herb from the West Indies and Brazil with attractive burgundy leaves. In winter the flowers appear in whitish to creamy clusters, surrounded by small bracts with finely lacerated tips. The plant is mainly grown for its coloured. Alternanthera dentata 'Little Ruby' is a very compact, groundcovering perennial with attractive, dark burgundy foliage. It is a hardy, easy care plant, and forms a neat, mounding, dense plant. It bears clusters of small cream flowers, but the plant is grown for the foliage. Use as a contrast or accent plant in warmer areas, or as as an annual. Alternanthera dentata is native to the West Indies and Brazil. It is a generally upright plant that typically forms spreading foliage mounds to 12-30 tall. Although species plants feature linear-lanceolate to ovate, toothed green leaves (to 3.5 long), it is the purple-leaved cultivars that have become popular garden plants As tropical gardening has increased in popularity, so too has this striking, dark purple-leafed plant. It has vigorous, upright and spreading purple leaves and stems that arch over the edge of.

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  1. Height : 10 - 16 (25 - 41cm) Width : 18 - 20 (46 - 51cm) Exposure : Partial Sun, Sun. Grower Information : Seed supplied as: Raw. Plug crop time: 4 to 5 weeks. Transplant to finish: 7 to 8 weeks. First compact seed alternanthera is an easy-to-grow alternative to vegetative varieties. Durable carpet of ruby/burgundy foliage is ready to take on.
  2. Plant Alternanthera dentata in positions that have a mix of sun and shade throughout the day for best results. they can get a little straggly so a quick trim during summer once or twice will keep it neat. Grow as ground cover or as a low hedge where they work particularly well as an edge to pathways. Soil: Well drained soils that are humus rich.
  3. Scientific Name : Alternanthera brasiliana Hardiness Degree : 40°F (4.4°C) Plant Habit : Mounded, Spreading Characteristics : Colorful/Attractive Foliage, Drought Tolerant, Heat Tolerant, Low Maintenance Water : Light Fertilize : Once a month Spacing : 12-14 (30-36cm) Height : 10-16 (25-41cm) Width : 18-20 (46-51cm) Exposure : Partial Sun, Sun General Information : Beautiful burgundy.
  4. Keeping this in consideration, how do you propagate alternanthera Reineckii? Propagation of Alternanthera Reineckii Be sure to cut the stems first before pushing it deep through the substrate to prevent it from floating away. The stems should be individually planted with a spacing of 1.5 inches from each other to allow light reflection to reach the lowest portion of the leaves
  5. Botanical name: Alternanthera dentata. Common name: Ruby leaf. Foliage colours consist of purple/burgundy colour combinations which provide colour all year round. Small cream coloured flowers are borne throughout the year; this plant can grow as a tall ground cover or a low hedge. Size. Plant height: up to 50 cm. Plant spread: up to 60 c
  6. g a textured carpet in shades of deep burgundy. A single plant makes a mound about 8 inches tall and 14 inches wide. It blooms on and off all year, but you may never notice. The small, pale flower buttons are held in the leaf axils, where they are nearly indistinguishable from the foliage unless.
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Alternanthera reineckii var 'roseafolia'. Alternanthera reineckii var. 'roseafolia' is a very decorative red plant. Commonly know as Telanthera, of the Alternanthera sp. this one is an exemplary aquarium plant. Alternanthera reineckii has a bronze color on top of the leaf and the deep purple colored underside of the leaf.Alternanthera reineckii offers a nice contrast to the mostly green. Alternanthera Little Ruby. Height 12-16 Inches. Full sun to partial sun. Coloration will change with sun exposure. Compact, spreading habit with burgundy foliage. Category: Alternanthera. Additional information Alternanthera dentata, 'Little Ruby'. Has amazing dark maroon foliage with lighter maroon on leaf underside. This compact variety reaches 12 inches tall, spreading 14 to 16 inches. Excellent as an accent or container plant. USDA Z9 - Cold Hardy to 20 to 30 (F) Sun to Partial Shade Alternanthera dentata grow and care - shrub‎ of the genus Alternanthera also known as Joseph's coat, Little ruby plant or Alternanthera brasiliana, Alternanthera dentata perennial evergreen and can grow also as annual in cold climate used as ornamental ground cover plant, can grow in tropics, mediterranean, subtropics or temperate climate and growing in hardiness zone 9+ as perennial or. Alternanthera brasiliana 'Little Ruby' Alternanthera brasiliana 'Little Ruby' Family: Amaranthaceae. Genus: Alternanthera. Leaf colour: Plant colour may vary depending on the time of year and weather conditions. Sun; 2D; Plants sold by full box only. Available in multi-cell trays of 72, 105 and 200