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  1. Typical underlayment materials in an old house include plywood, cement board, particleboard, or hardboard. These underlayments are used on top of the sheathing to create a firm, even base for sheet vinyl, linoleum, and other surface materials. Underlayments can be damaged by plumbing leaks, abuse, excessive wear, and high humidity
  2. Wood Plank Subflooring Wood planks were the traditional subflooring material used in homes built up to the mid-twentieth century. Since then, planks have been almost entirely replaced by plywood and other sheet subflooring. The planks are typically 1x6 and made of pine, fir, or a similar softwood
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  4. In new construction, a heavy plywood subfloor typically does the job, but in older houses, the slight deflection and unevenness inherent in ¾ board subfloors may be on the hairy edge of acceptable, so some manufacturers advocate attaching a layer of ½ plywood to beef up the subfloor to 1¼ thickness
  5. ate. Hardwood flooring may be installed straight onto the subfloor, with only a sheet of red rosin paper intervening

I cringe at the thought of engineered wood in a 100 year old house. Our floors are original 165 year old heart pine, also down to nearly saw dust, cannot be refinished again. I have had many flooring contractors come in and the idea I like the best was using the current flooring as a subfloor and putting reclaimed wood on top of it Unfinished and prefinished. Pictures would help. But generally, in New England, some old homes either have plank floors top nailed to the floor joists or you find a 45 degree pine subfloor that is nailed to joists with some type of flooring on top of the pine. Either way, if the floor feels solid , keep it

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Wood floors go hand-in-hand with old houses. They're traditional and functional—as well as having finishes highly valued for their rich historic character and warm beauty Most subflooring in wood frame construction today is either oriented strand board (OSB) or plywood. Older homes may have boards laid diagonally across the floor joists. The subfloor thickness depends on the construction design, namely the distance between the floor joists, specified in the plans Plywood is the best subfloor choice to lay on top of the pine because it nails in securely and creates a flat, even surface for the new floor to adhere to. When laying it over an existing floor, a.. 1 RED-X T&G particle board subfloor installed at 90 deg to joists spaced 2' oc. 3/4 or 5/8 particle board found mostly today in modular and mobile homes. These subfloors should NOT be removed but overlayed with 1/2 CDX plywood that is well stapled (2 around perimeter and 6 oc.) or glued or screwed In an application where the subfloor has uneven tendencies and/or crosses over various rooms with differing subfloor surfaces, engineered flooring gives you real wood, where you otherwise would have to put down new subflooring. Because engineered hardwood has a top layer of actual wood, you are able to get the best of both worlds

It's comfortable, easy to walk on, and completes the look of a home. Types of Subflooring. When it comes to a home flooring system, there are typically four subfloor options to choose from. 1. Oriented Strand Board. Often mistakenly referred to as plywood, oriented strand board is the most common material used for a subfloor. There's. Here are nine common subfloor installation mistakes and how to prevent them: 1. Improper spacing. To avoid buckling, subfloor panels should be spaced with a 1/8-inch gap at all edges and ends to provide room for naturally occurring expansion. Tongue-and-groove edges on many premium floor panels, such as Weyerhaeuser's Edge Gold ® OSB panels. Or the subfloor may be made of plywood or other panel products that are laid perpendicular to the joists. A plywood subfloor has panels that are laid in a staggered fashion, with the ends and edges butted together; the panels are nailed (and sometimes also glued with construction adhesive) to the floor joists Glue is sprayed between each layer and the sheet is hot pressed. CDX plywood should be a minimum of 7/16 inch thick. The thicknesses are as follows: 7/16-, 15/32- and 1/2-inch-thick panels require.

Depending on when a home was built, a subfloor could be made from softwood boards like pine or fir, plywood, or OSB (oriented strand board). OSB is a composite of glue and strips of scrap wood, in. The HOME REFERENCE BOOK - the Encyclopedia of Homes, Carson Dunlop & Associates, Toronto, Ontario, 25th Ed., 2012, is a bound volume of more than 450 illustrated pages that assist home inspectors and home owners in the inspection and detection of problems on buildings. The text is intended as a reference guide to help building owners operate.

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Wood flooring types & ages. How to identify different types & ages of wood floors List and photographs of Types & Ages of Wood Floors Used in buildings Examples of restoration of old & antique wood strip floors & wood parquet floors Warnings to Wood Floor Restorers - mistakes to avoid, Wood Inlay & Parquet Flooring Modern Narrow-Width Solid Wood Strip Flooring Modern Thin Width Short Length. While a single layer of plywood subflooring may be sufficient, depending on the type of flooring that goes over it, a double layer is better, especially if the surface flooring is a very heavy material, such as slate tile. Some high-end houses even have a triple layer of subfloor Fasten the new subfloor patch in place, screwing all edges, including the old floor, to joists and 2x4 blocks. Use 1-1/2 in. screws spaced every 6 in. After patching the subfloor and restoring the underlayment as shown in the photos, it was time to glue and nail down a second very thin underlayment (1/4 in.) to assure a perfectly smooth surface.

• Solid Wood Subfloor. This type of subfloor is common on older homes. As with plywood subfloors, if there is movement or squeaks, refasten the subfloor to the joists and set protruding fasteners into the subfloor. The boards should be no wider than 6 inches and installed on a 45-degree angle These sub-floors are strong but lightweight, and are employed in houses with stumps, and as upper-floors in multi-storey building. Screw piers (or screw piles) Screw piers offer a quick, strong and very effective way to install stumps for a house, and can be installed almost anywhere

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The carpet was probably from the 70's when the house was built and we decided to remove it. After removing the carpet from both of the bedrooms, we noticed some water spots on the drywall and the tack strips for the carpet. If your floor was put down in the 70s and all you can see is some old wet patches with no rot then I wouldn't worry. Older homes with wooden floors often creak over time. This creaking is from a subfloor that is not thick enough to do its job. Though there are some ways to reduce this creaking, adding a subfloor layer is the only real option to fix the problem. The creaking comes from the subfloor wearing down or nails poking through an inadequate subfloor

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  1. I am replacing the wood floors in my 1920 home. Right now, I have 3/4 TG hardwood, which is not in the best shape, over a 2.5 wide x 3/4 inch think plank subfloor, which runs perpendicular to the joists (2x10, 16 oc).<br /> <br /> Ideally, I would tear out the existing finish flooring, screw down the existing plank subfloor where loose, repair the plank subfloor where needed and then lay my.
  2. Old Electrical Wiring Types Photo guide to types of Electrical Wiring in Older buildings. We illustrate a variety of types of electrical wiring found in older buildings. While varying somewhat by area of the country in the U.S., Latin America, Europe, and other areas, there are recognizable generations of electrical wiring ( KNOB & TUBE , greenfield, armored cable or BX wiring, plastic or NM.
  3. In a balloon frame, the 2nd story subfloor is held up on the edges by a ledger board instead of resting on the top plate in a platform frame. If you look around the edges of the 2nd story subfloor or attic subfloor in a balloon frame house, you'd be able drop a penny down to the basement in the stud bay
  4. The type of foundation each house is built on mostly depends on the soil type of the house construction site and the type of climate in that area also affects what type of foundation the house will have. Some types of house foundations will not do very well in wet weather or cold weather hence the need to consult an engineer before deciding on.
  5. A subfloor is a type of construction that is used in many different types of residential and commercial buildings. As the name implies, a subfloor is an additional layer of flooring that is placed directly on the floor joists, then covered with a second layer that serves as the visible floor in the structure

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  1. e the types of finish materials that can be laid on top of it. If your house is built on a concrete slab, the slab can serve as a base for almost any type of flooring. But, if your home has a plywood or board subfloor, it's important to check out the type and thickness of the material you.
  2. A subfloor is the layer of flooring that provides structural support. Although underlayment is often still called subfloor, in reality the subfloor is the thick wood layer that is screwed directly into the floor joists. Subfloors must be strong and resistant to damage
  3. Laying a New Subfloor Over Old Pine Flooring. Pine offers grain textures and knots that create an interesting look on your floor. However, the wood isn't as hard as some other flooring choices.
  4. Here are some things to consider when your subfloor is uneven. 1. Self-Leveling Compound. When you are dealing with uneven floors, one option that you have is to use self-leveling compound. This compound can potentially be utilized on a concrete slab or a wood subfloor, and it works well when you are dealing with dips in the floor

A subfloor, AKA subflooring, is the underlying support structure for most types of flooring in most rooms of the home. In addition, the subfloor supports everything on top of the floor: you and your family, as well as your appliances, furniture, and other possessions Great, informative article. Really helps with the photos. Would like to go with laminate through out my 30 year old house. After ripping up the old carpet, realized the particle board has several low spots in the living and dining area, and down the hall. Center of the living room slopes toward the walls with a difference of about a half an inch Wood panels, such as plywood or oriented strand board, are common subfloor choices. However, because wood is a naturally porous substance that will absorb moisture, when used as a basement subfloor, these materials are often installed on mini-joists known as sleepers, which allow it to sit above a concrete pad Check the current subfloor for flatness, protruding fasteners, and squeaks, and reattach any loose boards. If the board subfloor is in poor condition, use plywood as a clean, flat surface to glue down 1 ⁄ 2 -in.-thick engineered flooring. If the subflooring is in good shape, nail it down without the plywood, assuming the engineered wood is of.

In some cases, you may not have a subfloor—just a concrete slab underneath—but in most cases, homes have some type of subfloor in place. For homeowners, builders, or renovators who are installing, replacing, or re-securing a subfloor, the primary choice they face is related to the subfloor screws Add liquid adhesive or caulk to the seams created between the new piece of subfloor and old. This helps to seal it in place. Replace the tub in reverse order of removal. Older homes may also.

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My house is 1 story, but I have a basement so all the floors on the main level are upstairs and have a wooden subfloor. I ripped out the vanity in a bathroom I'm working on and starting taking out the tile. I had a bit of trouble because the vanity had to be lifted almost 2 to come out which I thought was odd House framing actually consists of several separate projects assembled into one to create the finished home. Taken in that context, house or building framing is not all that difficult. With today's advances in air tools, such as framing nailers, you don't even have to be an experienced hammer swinger to frame a house Repairing a damaged subfloor is serious business, but it doesn't have to be scary. Learn from Ashlee & Cody as they diagnose their moisture issues & fix thei.. In this video you'll see how you can do plywood subfloor leveling using the plywood sheets. I was going to install a hardwood floor (5/8 thickness) but ther.. With prices running as low as $0.75 per square foot for materials, the cheapest flooring types are vinyl or carpet. Prettiest Flooring. The prettiest flooring has a lot of character and comes in hardwood, natural stone tile or terrazzo. Best Old Flooring Types. If you need to match old flooring in a home, look for solid hardwood or natural.

A subfloor is the bottom-most structural level of your floor. It supports your decorative floor finish, whether it's carpet, hardwood, vinyl, laminate or tile. For more information, download our PDF about types of subfloors. Preparation for installing floor tile depends on the type of subfloor in the room you are tiling Engineered tiles can be installed anywhere in the home, with or without grout. It's ideal for high-moisture areas like kitchens, bathrooms, basements and laundry rooms — and even on the wall as a backsplash or accent wall! And unlike ceramic tile, engineered tile can be installed over minor subfloor irregularities without the risk of cracking

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While incorporating our engineered flooring system, the subfloor is installed. This process begins with the welded foundation being wrapped in a nylon reinforced vapor barrier. The vapor barrier adds a layer of protection from moisture and helps prevent pests and allergens from getting into the home. On top of the vapor barrier, a thick blanket. Whether you have a plywood subfloor or a concrete subfloor, there are a few steps that are universal in preparing the subfloor. The most important step in this process is checking for any damages. Your subfloor must be: Level within 3/16 inch for every 10 feet. Grout lines must be filled in if using tile as a subfloor I wouldn't. I've been in far too many houses built in the 80's with plywood subfloors that were squishy or sagging. Maybe that was a bad era for plywood and todays plywoods are much better but I still wouldn't want them long term. My 60 year old planks in my last house were hard as rocks Structural problems can occur in even the most well-built homes due to excess moisture, wood rot, and termite damage. If these threats arise and structural repairs are neglected, your home will start to suffer in the form of bouncy and spongey floors, drywall cracks, sticking doors, and sloping and uneven floors Old-house enthusiasts of all kinds will be delighted by our extensive collection of resources for their enjoyment and practical use. They include a wealth of links to businesses that offer products for old-house restoration, and also artisans and service providers to the old house trade, helpfully organized by region. Besides, we maintain.

Whether your home is new or old, it is sometimes necessary to install floor joist bracing in order to eliminate squeaking and deflection in the flooring itself. Bracing will stiffen a floor system, prevent floor joists from twisting, and increase overall stability.However, there are actually two types of floor joist bracing commonly used: cross bracing and solid blocking The Best Insulation for Your Texas Home Foundation Type. In Texas, there are many styles and types of homes. Long, flat L-shaped ranch houses; Modular or prefab homes (see more on BMarko); Traditional southern with wrap-around porches; Barndominiums. The list goes on. No matter your fancy, you can find the home of your dreams in Texas

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Different building codes, different types of woods, and different construction years have different allowable sag limitations - some L/120, some L/240 (more common in modern houses), some L/360 depending on use of the building and other factors, but it is not unusual to see 2-4 inches of sag in older wood-framed houses, and I have seen as much. To protect the subfloor from moisture accumulation, the insulation under the subfloor should be selected to provide enough resistance to the inward vapor drive. Experimental study Conditions were monitored in a dozen Louisiana homes - eight in New Orleans and four in Baton Rouge. Eleven of the 12 homes were located in flood hazar Vinyl flooring is usually not installed directly over the subfloor in residential applications. In most cases 4-by-8-foot sheets of particle board or plywood must be installed in preparation for the vinyl floor install. One of the big considerations when installing different types of flooring in the home is getting the finished elevations to match The foundation that your house is built on can have a major impact on the structural integrity of your home. A slab foundation is made of concrete that is typically 4-6 thick in the center

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Over time, a sink or refrigerator water leak can damage and even destroy flooring materials and the subfloor below it. The experts show how to repair a water-damaged subfloor. How to Install a Base for a Concrete Floo The 34 acres of grounds boast a 250 year old magnolia, English and American boxwood walks, and a beautiful stocked pond. Privately owned since 1962, Waverly is one of only 40 National Historic Landmarks in Mississippi. Home is priced with contents

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The old tile were some type of natural stone. I consulted with the tile shop where I bought my new tile and he suggested that perhaps the grade of ply was not adequate. He suggested I remove the 1/2″ ply and put down a new layer of 5/8″ underlay on top of the existing 5/8 subfloor making sure not to overlap joints There's no home decorating challenge quite so frustrating as old, worn-out floors. You can paint the walls, add accessories, and even replace furniture on a budget, but replacing an entire floor is a much bigger — and costlier — job.. That doesn't mean you just have to live with your ratty old carpeting or scuffed-up vinyl. These days, there are lots of different flooring options.

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Apply subfloor sealer. Once your subfloor is free from odors and stains, using the enzymatic cleaner, make sure it is completely dry. Then you can apply a sealer such as Kilz Original Primer which will block moisture from penetrating into the subfloor and seal pet odors in the subfloor and cover up any remaining pet stains. Use a paint roller. These types of test kits (petri style) are highly inaccurate. The substrate in the dish is designed as perfect food source for mold growth. Even the cleanest home will contain enough mold spores to cause growth on those kits. I do not recommend replacing the drywall. The drywall acts as a containment barrier Less expensive compared to other types of flooring. The downside of carpet is it absorbs more dirt, debris, and stains than other types of flooring and harder on those with allergies since it holds more dust. Recommended for: Dogs that are house trained, have minimal health issues, and shed little Ensure Long-Lasting Performance with USG's Versatile Flooring Portfolio. USG Levelrock® is a Category Leader in Poured Gypsum Underlayments. Learn More

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I was soon to learn that there's a big difference between AdvanTech panels and other subflooring options. Commodity OSB uses glues and a process that permits the panel to soak up moisture. Most subfloor-grade plywood uses similar glues between the laminators. While plywood gives you a more consistent panel, it is still prone to wicking moisture Rooms in houses generally have warm dryish environments, particularly in winter with central heating, so will try to 'pull' through moisture from the ground into this atmosphere. Any barriers will result in moisture accumulating underneath the barrier (think in the same way as epoxy dpms and wet subfloors) Typical subfloor in 1950's ranch house : Typical subfloor in 1950's ranch house. Typical subfloor in 1950's ranch house : This simple a­nd pretty ranch hou. Typical subfloor in 1950's ranch house : Siding and window restoration of our 1950 house from incise. Tiles may have been made with asbestos in the 1950s Houses of this era typically had timber floors supported by piles and perimeter walls. Some architect-designed homes had in-ground concrete slabs. Read more. See floors for details of subfloor framing. Back to top. Common problems and remedies Most foundations will be in good condition, though most will lack foundation bracing

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a single family dwelling, a semi-detached house, a row house, or similar residential construction having not more than two floors, excluding the basement or semi-basement. Construction System, for definitive reasons, is the manner of constructing the whole or dominant part of the house (1. e. foundation, floors, wall or roofs) Joists, beams, posts, walls, bridging and subfloor plywood make up the flooring system in most homes. Bracing the subfloor adds structural integrity to the floor system. An improperly braced subfloor can sag and cause structural problems, like doors that won't close properly, or annoyances such as squeaks when the floor is walked on Insulating an old house - Breathability! As always in this site, you will hear me banging on about breathability in old buildings. Insulation needs to be breathable. It also needs to discourage condensation. Modern insulation is the work of the devil in this regard. We constantly battle modern insulation A subfloor is a type of construction that is used in many different types of residential and commercial buildings. As the name implies, a subfloor is an additional layer of flooring that is placed directly on the floor joists, then covered with a second layer that serves as the visible floor in the structure

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Our log house floors are all painted sub floors. The great room is a maroon and peach check. using 1/4 in. automotive detail tape for the grout lines i measured for the 15×15 squares i wanted and wa la! no one has ever recognized it as the subfloor Homeowners with old houses more often have issues with sagging and uneven floors, as do homes that have been flooded or been infested by termites. This is an issue no homeowner wants to ignore. Before you hire a specialist to help, get an estimate on how much your floor repair costs will be

It is not just older homes that have creaking floors, surprisingly enough this can also happen in newer homes. Creaking sounds may come from the subfloor, from the wood flooring itself, improper or poor workmanship, temperature or humidity as well as from settling or foundation movement Re: 1970's ranch subfloor I remember back in the 70's when I started in construction, 1/2'' plywood subfloor was the norm. And we put a layer of 1/2'' or 5/8'' PB over it throughout the house after it was painted. Now if you remember those days, 1/2'' plywood was actually 1/2'' thick then, and it was a lot stronger than it is now We have 30-year old house with 2×6 T&G subfloor on 4′ OC joists and am installing 12×12 porcelain tile over backer board in kitchen, dining room, hall & baths (continuous run of tile). The kitchen has height limitation for diswasher & fridge, hence the backboard onto subfloor; otherwise would install ext. plywood between subfloor & backerboard Types of Electric Heated Floors: 1. Loose Cable. For this type of electric heated flooring, the cable comes on a spool, just like any other wire. Loose cable is by far the cheapest way to heat a floor and it's just as effective as the other systems. The drawback of loose cable is installation time; you have to position the cable in a. Carpet is still widely used in other rooms in the house. Picking the right type of carpet for your home. Carpet is still widely used in (often as runners) and. In fact, carpet is my preferred floor covering for most rooms in the house. Although, the carpet type suited to each room can vary, depending on what the room is used for For over a decade, we've been inspecting the underfloor areas of homes and we've seen all of the types of underfloor insulation you can imagine. Materials like foam board, fibreglass batts, foil sheets and polystyrene held up with string, chicken wire, packing straps and nails

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