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DIY physics guru David Prutchi coveted one of the expensive professional-grade gyroscopic camera stabilizers made by Kenyon Laboratories. These devices, he observes, don't seem to have changed much since Kenyon's founder filed the following two patents in the 50′s: US2811042, US2570130. Referencing those patents, David reverse-engineered the basic geometry of the Kenyon stabilizer. I saw some thread about Gyro Stabilizers. I'm not sure how they work professionally but if i had to guess would be the way id like to make one. Take a battery powering two electric motors with a spinning two 9 inch wheels or so and place them perpendicular to each other. Spin them as fast as possible and if this works like a bicycle wheel when. This is a demonstration of a homemade gyroscope and gimbal set. It shows how gyroscopes can be used in inertial guidance systems, and the problem of gimbal l.. A simple homemade gyroscope with a toy motor and some CDs. A simple homemade gyroscope with a toy motor and some CDs

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Step 4: Tape the Fold. Even though the fold is flattened out, it still needs to be secured. To do that, cut off a piece of tape that is slightly longer than the perimeter of the cylinder, then simply tape it around the end with the fold of the gyroscope. After that, all you need to do is fold in the tape. Ask Question momentum. As the rotor tilts, gyroscopic precession torque generated caused by changing angular momentum. Fig.1.1: Control Moment [1] 1.1 How Gyroscope Works? A gyroscope is a spinning mass arranged in gimbals which helps it to pivot in the x, y and z axis. Consider a wheel is spinning about x axis with some angular velocity ω as shown in figure

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  1. First, carve a piece of wood into the shape and size of the scooter handle's hole. Then drill a hole into the wood and insert one of the bolts before lodging the wood into the handle's hole. After that, attach the corner brace steel together using the bolts and nuts. Use the plastic bottle caps to cover the bolts and nuts using glue
  2. One of the simplest ways to add a weight to your camera is to leave it mounted to your tripod. Use your tripod as you normally would for stationary shots. Then when it is time for a moving shot, just pick up the tripod at the center column and use it as a hand held stabilizer
  3. This $15 DIY DSLR Stabilizer Rig Puts an End to Shaky-Cam Forever. Alan Henry. 1/22/13 8:00AM. 27. 3. We've shown you some DIY camera stabilizers for lighter cameras, but if you have a DSLR or.
  4. Using a homemade mechanical gyroscope, i created a gimbal to stabilize my GoPro camera.In this first test, my gimbal has just one axis (pitch) so if i change the roll angle it will happen the gyro precession (it will not stabilize correctly). Precession is what happens when a spintop is desacelerating and doesn't stay in the vertical orientation anymore.In the beginning of the video I didn't.

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  1. Gyro technology has been utilized by large oceangoing vessels to stabilize the ride for some time, and it finally found its way into the recreational boat industry in recent years. Just two years ago, Seakeeper, a leading manufacturer of gyroscopic stabilizers for the recreational sector, introduced its Seakeeper 2, designed for boats as small.
  2. The device is known as a gimbal. It functions to hold a camera of any kind in a relatively stable position. The camera can rotate on many different planes wh..
  3. The PVC creates a strong and efficient mount that is also cost friendly. The stabilizer can be held in any way to achieve the best shot. This means you can hold it with one hand or two, run, skip, ride a bike and still produce a relatively smooth image. The total cost of the project was only $20, saving tons on similar products sold online
  4. DIY physics guru David Prutchi coveted one of the expensive professional-grade gyroscopic camera stabilizers made by Kenyon Laboratories. These devices, he observes, don't seem to have changed much since Kenyon's founder filed the following two patents in the 50′s: US2811042, US2570130. Referencing those patents,
  5. Homemade Camera Stabilizer. We've featured quite a few camera gimbals and steady cams here, but this one stands out. For one, [Daniel Rhyoo] was in his sophomore year when he built it. His 2.

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The gyro builder du jour is Seakeeper (seakeeper.com), with an array of active-control models to fit commercial and pleasure boats as small as 30 feet.With active control, the speed and angle of gyroscopic precession (a gyro's tendency to react to an input force at right angles to said input force) is controlled by hydraulic rams, which are, in turn, controlled by input from sophisticated. Build Your Own Camera Gyro-Stabilizer With a Spare Hard Drive. The most extreme camera operators use a gyro attachment for their camera to get smooth, steady shots. This applies to both still and motion (video) photography. The attachment works by two internal gyroscopes spinning in opposite directions, creating an X-Y stabilization pattern

GimbalHow To Make Smartphone Gimbal Stabilizer At HomeBEST Smartphone Gimbal 2019!watch more videos:- Watch How to Make a Gimbal For Smartphone - Homemade ht.. Gimbals, monopods, and other camera stabilizers can help you shoot beautiful images, but many of them are hundreds, even thousands of dollars. If you're a no-budget filmmaker, there are plenty of ways to stabilize your camera without spending a dime. Here are 6 DIY hacks from Filmora that show you how to keep your camera steady using materials. The Homemade canoe stabilizer plans So this article Make me almost know more even if i is newbie in this case. Posted by Unknown at 4:00 PM. Email This BlogThis! Share to Twitter Share to Facebook. Labels: canoe, Homemade, plans, stabilizer. No comments: Post a Comment. Newer Post Older Post Home

Two men should be able to construct the Build It Yourself Gyrocopter in about two weeks. The airframe consists simply of the keel tube (-1 on plan and perspective drawing), axle tube (-2 on plan), and the mast tube (-3 on plan). All are made from 1/8x2x2-inch aluminum square tubing (6061-T6 aircraft grade), which is cut to the overall lengths. Stabilizing the Market. It will soon be easier to add a Seakeeper gyro stabilizer to ever smaller boats. When you talk about people's first introduction to boating, it's usually a 20- to 25-footer, says Andrew Semprevivo, vice president of sales and marketing for Seakeeper. We believe that if we could provide that stabilized. The results with these DIY stabilizers are really good, but, make no mistake, Freeflysystems is a company with extensive experience and his products are enjoying of recognized prestige. The main difference is that MōVI is a 3-axis digital stabilized camera gimbal and most of the DIY projects are only 2-axis. Not everything can be perfect Everyday tasks like eating can become a struggle with tremors or Parkinson's but adaptive devices like stabilizing spoons can give back your independence The modern breakthrough solution is the image-stabilized binocular, which uses electromechanical magic to calm the jittering with the push of a button. But it doesn't come cheap. The runaway market leaders are the Canon IS series of imaged-stabilized binos, but the 15x50s that I lust for approach $1,000. Ouch

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That's a 'non-statement'. I've used stabilizers from built-in one's on my XL series lenses to full-on gyro-stabilizers. I've also used steady rigs and homemade bungee supports. When you're shooting in motion and want a stable image, some kind of stabilization is needed. Your friend is obviously not a pro The Gyro-Gale Tab-Fin is a hinged, two-part fin, that drives water in two directions as opposed to just one. The tab is mechanically connected at the end of the fin and rotates on a pivot point. The Tab-Fin stabilizers create three times the amount of lift as compared with a traditional fin of equal size

Utilizing a single high precision 3-axis MEMS gyro, the RX3S OrangeRX Flight Stabilizer V2 is capable of stabilizing flight on just about any fixed wing aircraft! It provides added stability by automatically correcting the aileron, elevator and rudder channels in flight. This compensates for unwanted changes in the airplane's attitude due to. 5$ Gimbal Action Camera stabilizer - homemade tutorial DIY. Số lượt xem: 0. camera stabilizer diy camera stabilizer diy gyro camera stabilizer homemade camera stabilizer gimbal diy action camera stabilizer diy how to make a gimbal - I made a manual Gimbal stabilizer because honestly its too expensive to buy one. hahaha.. Building the stabilization system. In order to control the rocket's trajectory, I decided to use 4 moveable fins that would allow me to control the rocket in its two horizontal axis. I decided to put the fins and the arduino at the front of the rocket because I could install the system inside the nose cone and the added weight would move the.

31. DIY physics guru David Prutchi coveted one of the expensive professional-grade gyroscopic camera stabilizers made by Kenyon Laboratories. These devices, he observes, don't seem to have changed much since Kenyon's founder filed the following two patents in the 50′s: US2811042, US2570130. Stabilizer for Jon Boats Model SF-JB-HD with hydrodynamic floats for Small Jon or Semi Vee Boats For Width up to - 50 Includes Gunwale Adapter Kit 389.00 + FREE Shipping in 48 USA . 55 Width is 399..00 60 Width is 419..00 * Many Jon Boats have Round Gunwales - usually the clamp will fit these - but if you are unsure - We include the Bolt-On. DIY Self Balancing Gyroscopic Camera Stabilizer. $15 DIY steadicam in 15 minutes! 5 WAYS TO STABILIZE YOUR FOOTAGE WITHOUT A STABILIZER! How to make camera stabilizer (DIY) How To Make Camera Gimbal For DSLR Camera And Mobile Phone . At Home 5$ Gimbal Action Camera stabilizer - homemade tutorial DIY

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DIY boat gyro. Seakeeper is a gyroscopic stabilizer designed to virtually eliminate boat roll on vessels 23' and up I'm going to show you how I build a 3 axis gyro stabilizer, in Trailmakers. Quite simple and easy to replicate and use:) Works really well, better if you sta. Seakeeper 5 gyro boat stabilisers. Evidence indeed of a revolution, Seakeeper's latest gyro is a tiny thing. Weighing 368kg, it takes up less space than a 70 gallon water tank. Or if you aren't fluent in tank, that's roughly six HP8600 desktop printers. Its anti-roll software is optimised for sub-50 foot vessels weighing up to 20 tonnes

VOLANTEXRC RC Glider Plane Remote Control Airplane Ranger600 Ready to Fly, 2.4GHz Radio Control Aircraft with 6-Axis Gyro Stabilizer, Excellent Glider Performance for Beginners (761-2 RTF) 4.0 out of 5 stars 123. $109.99 $ 109. 99. Get it as soon as Wed, Aug 4. FREE Shipping by Amazon Kenyon says theirs run at 22,000 RPM, while a hard drive 7400 or 10,000 RPM. Each gyro is mounted in a gimbal inside the stabilizer housing, and the coupling between the gimbal rings is damped, so it responds to panning in a fairly natural way (as long as you don't pan too fast. If you do, it hits the end of gimbal travel, and bucks) VOLANTEXRC RC Glider Plane Remote Control Airplane Ranger600 Ready to Fly, 2.4GHz Radio Control Aircraft with 6-Axis Gyro Stabilizer, Excellent Glider Performance for Beginners (761-2 RTF) 4.0 out of 5 stars 120. $109.99 $ 109. 99. Get it as soon as Wed, Jul 28. FREE Shipping by Amazon SYMA RC Helicopter, S39 Aircraft with 3.5 Channel,Bigger Size, Sturdy Alloy Material, Gyro Stabilizer and High &Low Speed, Multi-Protection Drone for Kids and Beginners to Play Indoor (Green) 4.2 out of 5 stars 1,039. $52.99 $ 52. 99. 10% coupon applied at checkout Save 10% with coupon The stabilizer is also part of the autopilot (SBAE, AFCE and C-1type auto pilot) and has a gyro that senses deviation about the yaw, or vertical axis of the airplane. The stabilizer is an essential part of the autopilot and will function without the sight head installed

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  1. It looks like the Commander two-place gyroplane has everything you need in a realistic training platform for new gyro pilots and a reasonable two-seat recreational vehicle: A sturdy airframe, a hefty power plant, an instructor-priority control system and a machine that is a virtual duplicate of the gyro you may fly as a solo pilot
  2. Motorcycle-Amputee is an informal website based organization created by Victor Walther. The website is intended to provide information, encouragement, and inspiration for amputee, injured, and physically challenged motorcyclists as well as provide an international venue for amputee motorcyclists to share and promote their accomplishments and motorcycle modifications
  3. g dual Scout Stepped Hull Technology, while simultaneously pairing it with the finest sophisticated blend of appointments and technologies
  4. Brushless Camera Gimbals. Apart from being the opposite of the above, you cannot deny the video quality offered from a brushless gimbal is better. The reaction is fast, and the movement is very smooth. However if you only mainly shoot photos then you can save some money and weight to use a servo gimbal

Homemade RC Airplanes Free Template Plans (foam scratch built) Click the image ↓ Supermarine Spitfire Hawker Hurricane Curtiss P-40 Warhawk Piper J-3 Cub Cessna American Champion Decathlon/Citabria Extra 330SC Flying Wing 3 Axis Gyro Flight Stabilizer Titan Wild glue Mar 30, 2018 - Explore Thomas Henke's board Telescopes and Optics on Pinterest. See more ideas about telescopes, diy telescope, solar telescope The DJI Ronin is a handheld 3-axis camera gimbal developed for professional filmmakers. Ronin marks a generational leap in camera stabilization and is recommended for use with the RED EPIC, Sony A7s, Nikon D800, and Canon 5D Mark III Granted those essentially shot 3/4 iron spikes, but the hunting and sport crossbow bolts were made of wood with an iron tip. Friends and I routinely shoot long, recurve, and crossbows, so I have some idea what a wooden shaft can take. Some of the heavier long and recurve bows approach 100#, and crossbows regularly are above 100# draw I had an idea for a camera stabilizer back in 2013 as a Sophomore High-school project. So rather than shell out a lot of money for a commercial gimbal, Tadej decided to build one for his friend. Tool USA Made, and decided to be decent gyroscopic forces. Another solution is to add more gimbals to

The Wheel Stabilizer keeps the front wheel centered while loading or unloading racks or baskets. Also effectively assists in steering when you come into contact with potholes or road debris Constructed with a spring connecting the fork to the down tube, it adds a subtle self-centering action to the front wheel so fighting the bike while loading gear is unecessary Connects to fork via brake. But with their sweeteners and stabilizers, they aren't worthy of a well-made salad, whether your tastes run to iceberg and romaine or mizuna and mesclun. And — revolutionary notion ahead — they aren't really more convenient than a basic vinaigrette like this one, made in big batches from real ingredients, which can also live happily and. DIY Self Balancing Gyroscopic Camera Stabilizer. $15 DIY steadicam in 15 minutes! DSLR Camera Stabilizer for Under $5 (Part 1: PREP) - Homemade Film School. D.I.Y CAMERA STABILIZER / ROLLER RIG. DIY Camera Stabilizer. 自作カメラスタビライザ−(自作ステディカム)Camera Stabilizer DIY Steadicam

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  1. DIY Self Balancing Gyroscopic Camera Stabilizer. 5 WAYS TO STABILIZE YOUR FOOTAGE WITHOUT A STABILIZER! How to make camera stabilizer (DIY) DSLR Camera Stabilizer for Under $5 (Part 1: PREP) - Homemade Film School. How to make a Phone Gimbal Using PVC Pipe. Gimbal, How to Make a Gimbal For Smartphone - Homemade. 5$ Gimbal Action Camera.
  2. 3 Life Hack for Smartphone Music by NCS: Track: Unknown Brain - Why Do I? (ft. Bri Tolani) [NCS Release] Music provided by.
  3. If you are sorta serious about photography, you might want to consider making yourself one of these gyro image stabilizers that will allow you to take perfect photos. Learn how to make the gyro image stabilizer by following step-by-step instructions here. (via ohgizmo) This image stabilizer can be used with any len
  4. This gyro-stabilised idea might be useful if it could be made very light, which I imagine (i.e. I've not done the maths) is difficult for a gyro that's got to stabilise over a kilogram of stuff. (normal IS adjusts a lens or a prism; much less mass than an entire instrument.) I'd be delighted to be proved wrong
  5. New binocular stabilizer in lastest S&T - posted in Binoculars: Just got my October S&T. Alan MacRobert has an article in the ATM column about how to make a simple frame to stabilize your handheld binoculars. Looks easy to build and fairly clever.The basic idea is to build a long rectangular frame that rests on your shoulders with your head poking through; long axis running front to back

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Gyro Stabilized Platform. The Gyro Stabilized Platform is optimized for use in extreme mobile environments such as: vehicles, boats, and aircraft. The high speed gyros effectively mitigate recoil while also providing precise aiming regardless of erratic movement from the mobile mount. *DDTC ITAR Controlled. Download GSP Flyer Arduino rocket stabilization system [UD: 7/14/17] Arduino powered rocket stabilization system for mid to high power rockets that gets rid of the pitch over and subsequent downrange fligh

Also, the 18A is about 400 pounds heavier than the J-2. My first design criteria, therefore, would be to create a craft with J-2 looks, side-by-side seating with plenty of room, and 180 HP. My empty weight goal will be under 750 lbs. For comparison, the J-2 weighs 1,000 lbs. empty and the 18A 1400 lbs. empty. Attached to the airframe a 30-foot. The Super Precision Gyroscope is a completely new gyroscope, designed from scratch and precision-built to extremely high standards. Made from solid brass and aluminium, it runs on miniature high-grade ball bearings. A free electric motor starter spins it up to 12,000rpm. There is an optional gimbal kit and rate kit In prior U.S. Pat. No. 5,509,400 to Manuel L. Chalin, there is disclosed a bow arm support stabilizer system in which a telescopic support rod assembly is pivotally mounted to the front end of a horizontal shaft projecting forwardly and connected to the riser section of an archer's bow. The lower end of the support rod assembly is provided with.

AIR COMMAND SIDE BY SIDE GYRO • $23,000 • AVAILABLE • Gyrocopter Excellent condition, 40 hours on engine and airframe. Fuel injected Subaru EJ 22/140 hp. All dual controls, 3 blade 68 warp drive props with tapered tips. 30 foot dragon wings aluminum rotor blades with pre-rotator, rotator break, tail with rear stabilizer, dual foot hydraulic braking system, nose wheel steering. According to Merriam-Webster, a gyro is both a shortened form of the words gyrocompass or gyroscope as well as a noun for a Greek sandwich of lamb, veggies, and tzatziki sauce Cooked Gyro Meat (Gyro Meat [Beef, Water, Cereal Binder (Corn, Wheat, Rye, Oat and Rice Flours), Bread Crumbs (Bleached Wheat Flour, Water, Dextrose, Salt & Yeast, May Contain Soybean Oil, Calcium Propionate), Contains Less than 2% of: Salt (Sodium Chloride, Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil), Spices, Dehydrated Onions and Garlic, Spearmint, Soy. Can't afford an expensive lens with Image Stabilizer (IS) or Vibration Reduction (VR)? This instructional video shows you how to build your own stabilizer in 5 minutes for less than $1. It is super light weight and folds up small enough to fit in your pocket

A SAND OR BEAN BAGS Advantages: Cheap! Can be homemade. Fast to set up. Great way to level and support camera on the ground or against a wall. Disadvantages: Horizon must be leveled. Smooth pans and especially tilts are very difficult. INTERNAL LENS STABILIZERS (Steady-shot, etc.) They are an aid but, not a substitute for a tripod, crane or dolly Share - HobbyEagle A3 Pro 3 Axis Gyro Flight Controller Stabilizer For RC Airplane. CURRENTLY SOLD OUT. HobbyEagle A3 Pro 3 Axis Gyro Flight Controller Stabilizer For RC Airplane. About this product. About this product. Product Identifiers. GTIN. 7436824298225. BRAND. Homemade Brand. eBay Product ID (ePID) 16011113955. Additional Product. Homemade tzatziki sauce can last up to 3 days in the fridge or up to a week, depending on how well you've stored them. If stored in the freezer, homemade tzatziki can also last up to 2 months at its best quality. Store-bought tzatziki can last up to a week in the fridge or up to 2 weeks if it is unopened and stored correctly

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Learn more about Imtra's marine products and accessories in our Learning Center. Discover how to use our most popular products, troubleshooting tips, ways to install, and more The Shoulderpod is an amazing accessory for shooting iPhone video — and you can pick up this little rig for just $33! It works in three different ways: as a mount that can secure to most tripods, as a hand-held grip, and as a smaller stand. Because of the Shoulderpod's versatility, you can do almost anything with this stabilizer, including. Super Gyroscope Gimbals (add-on kit) - From Gyroscope . Gyro Stabilizer W/ Arduino and Servo: Pitch:This is how I managed to use a MPU6050, an Arduino Nano, and two Servos to perform basic planar stabilization, as would be found on camera gimbals and so on. This is a work in progress but the guide provide hardware connections and basic co Air and Space 18A Air Command Autogiro Autogyro autorotation Bendix Bensen Bensen gyro-glider Bensen Gyrocopter Bensen Gyrocopters Bill Parsons Curtiss-Wright Dennis Fetters Don Farrington Dr Igor Bensen Finland Gyrocopter Gyrocopter kit Gyrocopter Rotor Blades gyroglider Gyroplane gyroplanes helicopter horizontal stabilizer Igor Bensen Juan de. Share - Hobby Eagle A3 3 Axis Gyro Airplane Flight Controller Stabilizer. CURRENTLY SOLD OUT. Hobby Eagle A3 3 Axis Gyro Airplane Flight Controller Stabilizer. About this product. About this product. Product Identifiers. GTIN. 0744478301374. BRAND. Homemade Brand. UPC. 0744478301374. eBay Product ID (ePID) 2218177103. Additional Product.

Buy RC Helicopter Spare Parts online at the Lowest Price. HeliPal is the largest rc helicopter online store. HeliPal is famous for their Fast Shipping, Low Price and Good Service. We have full range of Walkera rc helicopters, walkera parts and accessories, align rc helicopter, part and accessory, nine eagles helicopter, nineeagles parts and accessories, HSP rc cars and HSP parts Colin Furze Flies The Dangerous Skies. To quote our tipster: Furze is my hero . You just need to know how to weld and have zero consideration for your personal well-being.. We're not. stabilizer bar and ball and rod joint. 12 2.4 Stabilizer bar system 13 2.5 A 2x stabilizer balance bar with the ball and rod joints separated from it. 13 2.6 A screenshot of the isometric view of CATIA design of rotor blade 15 2.7 Top view along with the dimensions of the upper as well as the lower rotor blade. 1 A gyroscope linked to sensors keeps the craft level and traveling in a straight line without aid from the human pilot. Two years later Sperry and his inventor father, Elmer, add a steering gyroscope to the stabilizer gyro and demonstrate the first automatic pilot

Humor: The Ultimate Slingshot - posted in Homemade Slingshots: Ok, we're going nowhere fast with these paltry arm-powered slings, that can only shoot 140-200 fps. We're never going to be able to defend against alien invasions, extort billions of dollars from knock-kneed nations of overfed couch potatoes, or make disaffected ex-postal workers think twice before climbing up onto the roof of the. Beechcraft 17R Staggerwing RC biplane. Homemade RC airplane model. Material: XPS foam 5mm (or Depron) + balsa 2.5mm Wingspan: 1180mm (46.5) Flying Weight: 452g (16 oz Some builders use a pushrod between the rudder bar and stabilizer. Others use cables. Some simple autogyros, including Bensen's G-6, do not use controllable-vertical stabilizers at all. They are fixed - this works for towed gyro gliders, but not for powered gyros

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In the mortar, combine garlic and salt and grind until it becomes a smooth paste. Work oil into paste 1 teaspoon at a time. After adding 1 tablespoon oil, work in a few drops of lemon juice. Repeat until all the oil, lemon juice, and water have been incorporated Homemade autopilot in my SSSC many years ago. Giant scale RC servos ( now much larger RC servos on the market). Wing leveler and pitch with electric trim on each. Auto pilot worked the yellow and black trim tabs on the elevator and aileron. Flew it for a couple years before removing. Worked great. Might install in the JMR in the future A helicopter main rotor or rotor system is the combination of several rotary wings (rotor blades) and a control system that generates the aerodynamic lift force that supports the weight of the helicopter, and the thrust that counteracts aerodynamic drag in forward flight. Each main rotor is mounted on a vertical mast over the top of the helicopter, as opposed to a helicopter tail rotor, which. Admiral RX600SP Panic Recovery setup on a switch. Sorry guys if I missed this somewhere but here goes. I installed the RX600SP in a 6 channel aircraft (4 + Flaps and Retracts) using a DX8 gen2 transmitter and I couldn't get the switch to activate Panic Recovery, gyro worked fine MiG-29. Homemade MiG-29 Fulcrum fighter RC Plane. Material: 5mm XPS foam or Depron Wingspan: 0,5m (20) Length: 890 mm (35) Flying Weight: 88g (3,1 oz

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Homemade Space Shuttle RC airplane flying easy model. Materials: XPS foam 3 and 5 mm / Depron. Wingspan: 0,52m (20,5) Flying Weight: 113g (4 oz) Electric brushless motor: MF1306-2700KV (10g) Propeller: 5030. Receiver mini : FlySky FS2A 4CH (2g Transmission Type: Gear Drive. Rear Remote Hydraulics: 2. Drive: 2 WD. For Sale- Ford 3930 tractor with 1044 hours showing. Tractor has dual rear remotes, factory tops canopy, 3pt and 540 PTO. We have a video of it running and operating we can text or message. Located in Keymar, Maryland 21757

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DIY Camera Stabilizer - YouTubeDigital Days Photo Contest WinnersBrushless gimbal gyro-stabilized DSLR cameras | mobiProBuilding a DIY Spinning Gyro Stabilizer for Aerial VideoTop 10 Best GoPro Stabilizers in 2020Resultado de imagen para camera stabilizer diy steadicamVideo Stabilizer - Zeek'z Gizmoz and Gadgetz