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5 out of 5 stars. (1) 1 product ratings - Freeman FS9G175 Pneumatic Barbed Fencing Staples 9 Gauge Corrosion & Rust Glue. $92.45. $5.00 shipping. Only 1 left! 187260 8-Gauge Fence Staples, 1.75-In., 50-Lb Sku #: 526869. Internet #: 100203842. These Grip-Rite 1-1/4 in. Hot-Dip Galvanized Staples (1 lb.-Pack) are galvanized for protection against corrosion. They are for attaching wire fence to wood posts. They can also be used for attaching suspended ceilings to wood rafters using galvanized tie wire or for installing insulation Angiemic 100 Pack 10 Inch 11 Gauge Galvanized Landscape Staples Garden Stakes Ground Staples Sturdy Rustproof Landscaping Staple Sod Pins for Anchoring Weed Barrier Landscape Fabric Ground Cover Fence. 4.9 out of 5 stars. 30. $19.99. $19

The length of these galvanized fence staples is measured from the underside of the crown center to the end of the point. Formed from heavy 9 gauge wire, these fence staples provide strong holding power. They are recommended for exterior use and with treated lumber. Size: 1-1/4 in. Gauge: 9 The DEWALT 9 GA Fencing Staples are designed for use with the DCFS950 cordless fencing stapler. Featuring divergent point tips, single barb legs paired with an adhesive coating, a galvanized zinc-aluminum coating and are available in 3 common sizes of 1-1/2 in., 1-3/4 in., 2 in. to handle a wide variety of rural applications

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Freeman PFS105 Pneumatic 10.5-Gauge 1-9/16 Fencing Stapler with Case Ergonomic and Lightweight Staple Gun with Tool-Free Depth Adjust and Quick Release Nose. 4.6 out of 5 stars. 115. $220.29. $220. . 29. $299.00. $299.00 Hillman 1-3/4 in. Galvanized Fence Staple, 1 lb. SKU: 109982599 Product Rating is 5 5 (3) See price at checkout Was Save Free In Store Pickup Standard Delivery Eligible Same Day Delivery Eligible Compare Add to Cart 88867 [ ] { } Surebonder Heavy Duty 1/2 in. L Staples, .417 in. Crown, 20G Staple, 1,250 Count, 55012. 6'' 11 Gauge 100 Pack Heavy Duty U-Shaped Securing Stakes Pins Spikes - Sod Fence Staples for Anchoring Weed Barrier and Landscape Fabric, Netting, Irrigation Hoses, Ground Mat, More Applications. 4.7 out of 5 stars. 1,373. $18.99. $18 1# 1 Brt Fence Staples. MODEL #: 1431101 $ 2.06. For those who maintain fence lines, coops and aviaries, Hardware World offers fence staples and poultry staples in bulk, in sizes up to two full inches. Those who work with chicken wire, hardware cloth, chain link and coated wire fences know that you can never have too many fence staples

Fence staples are used in agriculture and gardening, viticulture and fruit growing building animals coops and plants trellises Fixing wire, ropes, cables, field fence, barbed wire and rabbit netting to wooden posts or stakes Heavy steel staples can be used to install or repair wire fencin The length of these galvanized fence staples is measured from the underside of the crown center to the end of the point. Formed from heavy 9 gauge wire, these fence staples provide strong holding power. They are recommended for exterior use and with treated lumber. Size: 1-3/4 in. Gauge: 9 quick easy how to on fence staples best place to get staples and other farm supply's check here https://goo.gl/LbVTG fence staples cattle fence galvinized staples. Related Products. 12.5-Gauge Wire Link (3-Pack) Securely splices wire together with a smooth Securely splices wire together with a smooth safe connection. Quick and easy with no special tools needed. Strip approximately 1 in. of polymer coating and insert bare wire into wire link

Staples and wire clips also play an important role in the overall performance of a fence, so don't overlook this important element. High-quality staples will be coated for long-lasting wear and have barbs that grip the wooden post securely to prevent the fence from working loose Shop fence post staplers and wire fencing staple guns on Nail Gun Depot. Choose between 9 gauge and 10.5 gauge fence staplers from STOCKade, Fasco, Freeman Tools and other top brands. View as: Grid List FILTER PRODUCTS. Fasco F46A 45-315 Pneumatic Fence Stapler, 1-3/4 #11590F.

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Hammer-In Staples for Wire Fencing . Along with fencing, these staples can also be used to install suspended ceilings and to secure insulation. The galvanized finish provides rust resistance. Wd. Leg Lg. Wire Gauge: For Wire OD: Pkg. Qty. Pkg. Galvanized Steel. 3/16 3/4 14: 3/16 500: 000000000: 00000: 1/4 1 1/4 9: 1/4 80: 000000000. Fence staples are used in agriculture and gardening, viticulture and fruit growing building animals coops and plants trellises Fixing wire, ropes, cables, field fence, barbed wire and rabbit netting to wooden posts or stakes Heavy steel staples can be used to install or repair wire fencin Fence staples, EG and HDG galvanized steel wire nails in U shape for fence fixing. Applying to galvanized wire mesh chicken wire, poultry netting, high tensile field fence, cattle fence, deer fence, barbed wire, etc. Known as sod staples when used for fixing landscape fabrics. Exports to Australia, Egypt, Dubai, Jordan, North America and other countries

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  1. g. Use with standard fence staples up to 8 gauge. Standard. $11.95. Wide
  2. This item: 20-Volt MAX 9-Gauge Cordless Fencing Stapler (Tool-Only) $599.00. DEWALT 1.5 in. x 9-Gauge Galvanized Barbed Paper Tape Fencing Staples (960 per Box) $75.90. DEWALT 20-Volt MAX XR Premium Lithium-Ion 5.0Ah Battery Pack (2-Pack), Charger & Kit Bag. $249.00
  3. STOCKade ST400i Cordless Fencing Stapler. The STOCKade ST400i is definitely one of the best fencing staple guns. This 9 gauge stapler is the best in its range and is suited for livestock fencing, the fastening of cables as well as utility ground wire. This fencing staple gun is generally easy to use and is also one of the fastest ones that you.
  4. Fence staples are a pain in the behind! After finishing one panel of hardware cloth with them, I gave up and went a different direction: screws backed by a 1 washer. Much faster, much less dangerous for my precious thumbs, and looks to be more secure of a fastening

Fence staples are available with several finish treatments including cement coating, electrogalvanization, bright-unfinished and hot dipped galvanization, which provides protection against rust and corrosive elements. Fencing staples are manufactured to ASTM F1667 specifications Fencing Staples, Fencing Tools & Supplies. Tornado 1 3/4″ Barbed Staples, 10lb. $18.00. Tornado 1 3/4 Barbed Staple, 10lb. Add to cart. Fencing Staples, Fencing Tools & Supplies. Tornado 1 3/4″ Barbed Staples, 50lb. $75.00 Fence Staples. Fasco 10.5 Gauge Fence Staples. Freeman 9 Gauge Fence Staples. Freeman 10.5 Gauge Fence Staples. Freeman 16 Gauge Fence Staples. Freeman 18 Gauge Fence Staples. STOCKade 9 Gauge Fence Staple & Fuel Packs. STOCKade 9 Gauge ST400 Fence Staples. STOCKade 10.5 Gauge Fence Staples

Hot-Dip Galvanized One-Legged Fence Staple. These ring shank staples have excellent holding power. The single leg makes it possible to start the staple in the post and then slip the wire into position with the other hand before driving the staple home. STORMGUARD® (double hot-dip galvanized zinc coating) for superior corrosion resistance Mesh fence can be attached to posts with a hand stapler; however, this method can cut through the mesh if too much force is used (particularly when stapling into softwood). These traditional 3/4 U-shaped galvanized staples are perfect for the job. They tap into place easily to hold mesh securely without cutting it

Product Overview. Strong and durable because they need to be. These 9-gauge fence staples have an electro galvanized finish and are used for attaching poultry netting/wire to wood framing. They measure 1-1/2 with an inside width of 1/4. Galvanized fence staples. Electro galvanized finish. Used for attaching poultry netting/wire to wood framing STOCKade Fencing Staplers - Stockade.com. ST400 Post Staplers. ST400 Post Staplers. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor. See more. ST315 Fence Staplers. ST315 Fence Staplers. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor. See more

Our Pet Fence Stable can be used;for any brand of underground pet fence. Using our Pet Fence Staples;you can Staple the wire to the ground. Within a matter of 7 - 14 days the root system of your lawn will grow over the wire and hide it completely from view, essentially Burying it into the lawn An ingenious little clip made by a family business in Victoria solves problems commonly associated with staples. Find out just how special this little clip i.. Fence Staple. Generally used for attaching woven wire fence, welded fence, or barbed wire to wooden fence posts. Made to conform to ASTM F1667. LITERATURE. Flooring Nail. Masonry Stub Nail Fence staple would help you with this problem. Fence staples are used for fixing wire, fence or barbed wire. It can also be used for fixing ropes, cables etc to wooden posts or stakes. If fence staple is installed properly it can increase durability of your fence against natural calamities or outdoor pressure

Fence staples are defined by three main characteristics—crown size, leg length, and wire gauge. Crown size is the width of the bar across the top, and leg length is distance from the underside of the crown to the staple tip. Staple gauge refers to the thickness of the wire. as with nails, the larger the wire diameter, the smaller the gauge. The fence stapler is compatible with 9 gauge collated fence staples, from 1-1/2 to 2 in length. This air-powered PFS9 fencing stapler features a magnesium housing, one-piece drive blade, adjustable depth of drive, 360 adjustable exhaust, air filter, quick-jam release, T-handle (for added control), and belt hook Product Details. These Hillman 461296 3/4 in. Barbed Electro-Galvanized Poultry Fence Staples are used to attach poultry netting (chicken wire) to wooden fence posts. These poultry fencing staples have an electro-galvanized finish, which offers an elegant appearance. The length of these poultry staples is measured from the underside of the. To what extent can you use fence staples for trapping? I have a pound of galvanized fence staples that are 1 and 1/2 inches long. If I got bigger ones that were barbed with say 2 inches or 2 and 1/2, would they hold an animal up to the size of a coyote? If so they it would become a great a.. Staples Due to extremely high demand, supply shortages, and rapidly rising raw material costs, some products may be out of stock or have extended lead times. We will confirm current pricing, lead times, and shipping estimates with you before processing your order

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Description. These 1-3/4 Double Barbed Fence Staples are manufactured from 8-gauge Bekaert ZA coated wire. They feature double barbs to hold securely in the post and have sharp right hand cut tips for easy driving. The shorter length is suited for hardwood posts Wire Fence Staples. U shaped galvanised fence staples used to fix wire mesh fencing, chicken wire, straining wire, netting and stock fencing to wooden posts. The larger the wire staple the greater the hold will be. Suggested applications. 15mm - 20mm for lightweight mesh and chicken wire. 25mm - 30mm for medium to heavy mesh and stock fencing

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  1. High Quality Fence Products - Made in America. From humble beginnings in 1880 manufacturing barbed wire to today's corrosion-resistant, high strength high tensile woven wire, Bekaert has grown to be the agricultural industry's premier fencing supplier. Made in America Bekaert fence products set the bar for quality and durability, offering an.
  2. Galvanised Staples (CHOOSE YOUR NAIL SIZE) (CHOOSE YOUR PACK SIZE) Fencing Netting U Staple Nails (100, 15mm) 4.4 out of 5 stars. 502. £2.80. £2. . 80. FREE Delivery. Usually dispatched within 4 to 5 days
  3. The ST400 barbed staples are 4mm in diameter and are recommended to be used for rural livestock fencing, medium mesh, heavy mesh and heavy woven fencing. It is also great for highway boundary fencing. The staples have also been used in Rural utilities applications for attaching the earth wire to power poles
  4. National Nail 0050075 Fence Staples, 1-1/4, Hot Galvanized. $26.74. Free shipping. 18-Gauge 3/8 In. Glue Collated Fencing Staples (5000-Count) $22.88. Free shipping
  5. A. Fence staples, or u-nails as they are also called, are used to attach the wire fence to wooden posts. Bekaert offers knurled staples , single or double barbed fence staples, and panel staples for your fencing project. Methods vary a little by wire types, so below are general guidelines to driving fence staples by fence type
  6. Old rusted and bent fence staples from the early 1900s Thirty three metal staples are aprox. 2 long by 5/8 on the narrow end and varying widths on the pointed end. All are very rusty, bent and used. The loose dusty surface rust has been removed in a tumble machine

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Fence staple gun being used for creating an apple orchard. More info on the Stock-ade ST400i fence staple gun visit: https://goo.gl/ZOxWZ Hammer in the staples. Each line post will need to be connected to the wires strung up by staples. This is important because livestock will find a hole in the fence, and a hole can be a wire that is not connected to a post with a fence staple, or a wire that has been broken from too much pressure exerted on it Shop Our Products. Cat's Claw Fasteners Fence Fastening System. $ 54.40. The Cat's Claw Fastener fence fastening system was designed to give ranchers, farmers, contractors, and other landowners a reliable improvement upon traditional fence staples. A Cat's Claw Fastener serves as an exceptional replacement for your standard barbed wire.

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  1. This air-powered fencing stapler drives 10 ½ gauge wire staples and works flawlessly for jobs such as securing cattle fencing, snow control fencing, vineyard trellising, pet enclosures, and other fencing applications. It pounds staples impressively, is very well balanced, and doesn't need an overly big air compressor to work. Key specification
  2. um coating, and are available in three common sizes of 1-1/2, 1-3/4, 2 to handle a wide variety of rural applications. With these staples you can get the job done quickly and be confident.
  3. 2.99$2.99 LB. No reviews yet. FENCE STAPLE 1-3/4 X 9GA. Quantity. Add to Cart. Availability: In stock - Check Store Inventories. # 11230. Product Overview
  4. g industry and start using Cat's Claw Fasteners for all your fencing. These claw-shaped fasteners fit any sized panel, won't rust, and can be removed and reused
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Features. Pack of 100 Landscape Staples. Made by Extreme Dog Fence® Brand. Size- 6 x 1 x 6. Perfect to help secure landscape fabric, weed barrier fabric, landscape cloth, fence dog fences, landscaping, turf, electric fences and many more. Commercial Grade - heavy duty. Sharp chisel point- effortless application. 11 Gauge Product Features:For attaching wire, poultry netting, and fencing to wood posts.Galvanized to resist rust and weathering.Hot Galvanized Fence Staple. Grip-Rite 1-1/4 HG Fence Staple 1 Pound - 114HGFS Barbed fence staples are made from premium 8 g bezinal (r) coated wire. these barbed fence staples feature single or double barbs to maintain fastening and provide easy driving. shorter staple lengths are suitable for hardwood posts, while longer staple lengths are suitable for softwood posts Super silt fence kit. Includes consists of chain link (6 ga, 9 ga, or 11-1/2 ga) Also includes roll of 901 fabric, posts (SS20, or SS40 post), aluminum pre ties, and hog rings. Everything you need for a 300ft fence. Includes 6 rolls (300') chain link mesh fabric, 31 posts, 100 aluminum fence ties, 2 lbs. hog rings and 300 linear feet silt fence.

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  1. Add To Cart. Add to Favorite List. Add this item to a Favorites List below, or create a new one. Create New. Compare. DeWALT. DeWALT DFS9175B1G Barbed Fencing Staple, 9 ga Gauge, Galvanized Steel. Model Number: DFS9175B1G. Store SKU
  2. Fence Staples. Fencing staples 10 1/2 GA for Fasco fence staplers. The two divergent points and the patent pending Diamond Coating ensure an excellent holding power compared to manual installation. Applications: Fencing. Erosion Control & Agriculture. See Also: Staples / Staples (by Type) Fencing Staplers
  3. All of our galvanized fence staples for dog fencing, bison fencing, sheep fencing, and cattle fencing are designed to stand up to harsh weather conditions and everyday wear and tear. If you are looking to buy fence staples or need help removing fence staples, our team of experts would be more than happy to help
  4. Strictly Ceilings 1-1/4 fence staples are a great fastener to have when installing wall angle or to tie back main runners or cross tees for support. Simply pound the staple into the wall, tie a piece of tie-wire to the staple and then wrap the tie wire around the cross tee or main. Perfect for situations when you can't use a pop-rivet. Steel.
  5. These fence bottom ground stakes and staples are used to fasten the bottom of a fence, or pin the bottom of a fence to the ground. There are a few types of ground stakes: 12 kinked galvanized ground stakes - electro-galvanized kinked shaft stakes (most popular) - designed to be driven through most soil types.div>
  6. - Cheaper than wooden post and staple fencing - Makes the wire adjustable/movable - Reduces rusting of wire at the clip contact point. Learn More. Click on photo below to order: 100 count bag $0.00 $0.00 Steel Post Staple - 1000 Count $0.00 $0.00 Steel Post Staple - 100 Count.

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Shop Grip-Rite 1-1/4-in Leg x 1/4-in Round Crown Standard Staples (5-lb) in the Staples department at Lowe's.com. For the most comprehensive selection of nails and screws, look for Grip-Rite Fasteners, the most popular brand of fasteners in America. No matter what th New Cedar fence (staples?) Greetings all from Oregon, the shower me state (well, normally) Being new homeowners my wife and I hired a contractor to build a cedar fence through Home Depot around our back and side yard. The project went quickly and seemed okay after completion a couple of months ago. Mind you, working a 7 day work week I couldn't.

Item Description Specifications Manuals Video Reviews. Our extra-wide 2 barbed staples are m ade from galvanized steel, so it will not rust or corrode. They come with very sharp ends for easy penetration into wooden posts. The extra width on the staples accommodates for our Shockline Flex Fence® electric coated wire insulator tubing - used for corner posts Our fence staples are perfect for your next fencing project. We provide you with only top quality products. (price per LBS.

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Once you have had to repair a fence with hammered down staples, you will never do it again. In the case of 100 year old, petrified cedar posts - you just about have to use the same holes the last staple came out of - otherwise, you will bend any type of staple, smash your fingers and go crazy Shop Fas-n-Tite 1-1/4-in Leg x 1/4-in Round Crown 9-Gauge Fence Staples (5-lb) in the Staples department at Lowe's.com. Durable construction made to stand up to the rigors of environmental changes without breaking or bending. These heavy-duty fence staples are designed to attac Staples driven in all the way. When using plastic tubing as an insulator, don't staple it too tight. I once spent several hours trying to find a short in a gate. Finally, I discovered a staple had damaged the tubing next to a ground wire, causing a hidden short. Solar panels not directly facing the sun. This seems almost too obvious to be a.

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  2. Chicago, Illinois 60624. Phone: (773) 533-1600. Fax: (773) 533-9490. Toll Free: (800) 525-4023. Mazel & Company is a distributor of fasteners, wire products, and building materials. Since 1919 we have been serving the wholesale and retail markets from our headquarters located in Chicago, Illinois. Our broad product selection and vast inventory.
  3. The ST400i is the world's first 4mm diameter / 9 Gauge cordless fencing stapler that makes fencing faster, easier and safer for farmers and fencing contractors. This fencing stapler is revolutionizing stapling in the fencing industry. It is safe and allows you to fire staples with one hand, allowing you to keep your second hand out of harms way.

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New EF458HD-DCX heavy wire Fence staples 10 1/2 GA, 1 3/4-inch (45mm) leg length. Barbed - excellent holding strength. 1,500 staples per pack. Fasco brand, made in Europe. Superior corrosion resistance - Hot dipped galvanized wire with minimum 350 g/m2 zinc layer (class 4) for maximum staple life Kencove Fence Staple Gun. This powerful, cordless gun drives 1¾ staples in treated posts and lumber. It is lightweight, easy to operate, and has a notched nose that is designed for fence wire applications. Rubber, non-slip grip ensures comfortable handling. Depth of drive easily adjusts without tools

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Features. Pack of 100 Landscape Staples. Made by Extreme Dog Fence® Brand. Size- 6 x 1 x 6. Perfect to help secure landscape fabric, weed barrier fabric, landscape cloth, fence dog fences, landscaping, turf, electric fences and many more. Commercial Grade - heavy duty. Sharp chisel point- effortless application. 11 Gauge Uses EF458HD-DCX fence staples. Fasco F70G 40-315 powerful cordless fence stapler. The stapler uses 10 1/2 GA fence staples, from 1 inch up to 1 3/4 inch staple length. Not only does it work with the FASCO ® fuel cells, it also includes a powerful NiMh battery with lights to indicate level of battery charge. Charger, two batteries and two fuel. Paulin Galvanized Fencing Staples are used for fastening steel wire to wood posts. This application is popular in rural or farming areas where property fencing is required for livestock. Line up the wires against the wood posts and hammer the staples at the bottom two wires and every other wire going up until finished with the top wire. Do not fasten too tightly as the fence needs room to move. Product Description. Stock-ade 1 3/4, 9 Gauge Pneumatic Fence Staples $ 115.00. Nicopress FW-4-5 crimp sleeves $ 29.89. Tornado 1 3/4″ Barbed Staples, 50lb. $75.00. Email to a friend. SKU: e8639ee22c8a Categories: Fencing Staples, Fencing Tools & Supplies Tags: Fencing Staples, Fencing tools, Woven Wire Fence Freeman 1-9/16 inch 10.5 Galvanized Fencing Stapler Staple Gun 1500 Pack Staples. 5 out of 5 stars. (1) 1 product ratings - Freeman 1-9/16 inch 10.5 Galvanized Fencing Stapler Staple Gun 1500 Pack Staples. $78.54

Tornado Barbed Fencing Staples 40 x 4mm 5kg (3566F) 4 of 4 ( 100%) reviewers would recommend this product. Barbed fencing staples, used to secure wire fencing to timber posts. Specially developed for use in softwood posts, so the barb resists being pulled out even if the post dries out and splits. Supplied in a convenient, resealable plastic. The worlds first fence stapler was a pneumatic 3.15mm diameter stapler this was designed for batten stapling primarily in New Zealand. With demand for a large post stapler a pneumatic 4.0mm stapler was developed Fencing Staples. Impi wire stocks a large variety of fencing products and materials, this includes barbed and fencing staples. For more information on our fence staples for sale, you can enquire below and one of our sales staff will get back to you 2-inch barbed staples. Barbs increase grip on post. No more loose line wires. 400 staples. 8 lb bucket. Zareba® is the largest manufacturer of electric fence systems offering durable, reliable electric fence products for all of your animal fencing needs. WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead and lead compounds, which.

This air powered staple gun is compatible with 9 gauge glue or paper collated fencing staples from 1-1/2″ to 2″ (excluding DeWalt). The convenient top load magazine is easy to reload, avoiding delays at the job site. Another great time saving feature is the quick release nose for easy clearing of jams in the event of jammed staples Fence staples used in agriculture and gardening, for fixing wire, cables, barbed wire, field fence to wooden posts. Single and double barbed staples are also offered. Hog Ring Staples Hog ring staples made from hot galvanized steel wire diameter from 1.3mm to 3.8mm, for assembling car seat, wiring, fencing, golf net, insulation, animal cage Wood staples from a staple gun work well with lightweight wire fences such as chicken wire and utility fencing. Position the staple gun so the staple will straddle the fence wire at a point of. The ST400i barbed staples are the World's only power-driven barbed staples and are 4mm/9ga in diameter and are recommended to be used for rural livestock fencing, medium mesh, heavy mesh and heavy woven fencing. It is also great for highway boundary fencing and is also recommended to be used with hardwood posts

The Delfast staples are Knurled (or ribbed) Class 4 galvanized and fit most 9 gauge power staplers. Independent lab tests show these staples have a holding power 30% better than other collated staples. See the video below to see the Delfast Fence Post Staple Gun in action. The Delfast Staple Gun gun kit (666141) includes Kencove Farm Fence product specialists guide you to the best supplies for your situation. Top Quality, Reasonable Prices, Fast Delivery - we want to make your fence project a fulfilling success. Kencove ships supplies and tools for electric fence, portable fence, plastic tensile rail fence, and non-electric High Tensile wire to hold and protect cattle, horses, sheep, goats, deer, elk, poultry. Barbed fence staples, also known as 'U nails' are used to secure metal deer fence to wooden fence posts, trees and plant root systems. For properties with a lot of trees, fence installers can use U-nails to staple the fence mesh to tree bark easily and use the tree instead of a fence post Antique Fasteners, Fence Staples, Rusted Farm Relics, Vintage Metal Steampunk, #600 Vintagetimepast 5 out of 5 stars (56) $ 23.00. Add to Favorites Quick view New old stock RUSTY finishing nails 2.5 8D craft project farmhouse MottleyEmporium $ 5.50. Add to Favorites.

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STAPLE FNCE HDG 1-3/41#9 Gauge 1/4 Head. Use to fasten wire and fencing to wood posts.nullnullPRO-FIT HOT GALVANIZED Lgth In=1-3/4 Pkg. Size=1-lb View on Vehicle. From $8.19. Hillman Fence Staple Nails are great to secure fencing wire to posts. Used for exterior applications only. Safe to use on ACQ type woods. Electro-galvanized finish adds greater corrosion resistance. Available in a variety of sizes. From $8.19. Please select a size to view inventory Instead of digging deep trenches to bury your dog fence boundary wire, try using dog fence staples! Avoid the work and extra effort needed to install your dog fence system. These 6-inch steel staples are semi-flexible for easy placement. Each eXtreme Dog Fence Staple pack comes with 100 staples, enough to set boundary wire every 2 to 5 feet on. Deacero 7468 Range Master Heavy Duty Fence Staple 1-3/4 in Leg. Vintage PD687421 and other Pendants at. This item is made out of high quality vinyl. Durable and serrated rubber outsole, Free Cut Cuffs - Feel super smooth and light, 8 M US fit for foot length is 5, Deacero 7468 Range Master Heavy Duty Fence Staple 1-3/4 in Leg. They assure. Staples and nails for farm fencing from Farm Source for all your fencing projects on the farm. Shop online for galvanized nails, barbed staples and clouts for fencing