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Use this handy list to reference keyboard shortcuts for After Effects and even print a PDF of the keyboard shortcuts. You can also use the visual keyboard shortcut editor to customize the shortcuts and assign multiple shortcuts to a command Adobe After Effects CS3 Keyboard Shortcuts Ctrl+Alt+Shift+N Split the frame containing the active viewerand create a new viewer with opposite locked/unlocked state ` (accent grave) Maximize or restore panel under pointer Ctrl+\ (backslash) Resize application window or floating windowto fit screen. (Press again to resize window so tha Open movie in an After Effects Footage Panel. Ctrl + / Add selected items to most recently activated Composition. Ctrl + Alt + / Replace selected source Footage for selected Layers with Footage item selected in Project Panel. Alt-Drag footage item from Project Panel onto selected layer. Replace source for a selected Layer. Ctrl + Backspac

Tagged adobe after effects shortcut keys After effects shortcut key all shortcut keys of adobe after effects shortcut keys of after effects. 4 thoughts on Adobe After Effects Shortcut Key With PDF Aksinh says: March 30, 2021 at 10:27 pm. Nice article sr. Reply. situs judi poker resmi says Opt + A, P, S, R, T Alt + Shift + A, P, S, R, T on Windows. As you probably know to set a keyframe all you have to do is hit the stopwatch icon next to the property you are trying to keyframe. However, if you are working with transform properties all you have to do is hold down option and hit the corresponding transform property 30+ After Effect shortcuts keys Download in PDF in Excel File so if you're ready to turbocharge your after effect skills here are our best favorite keyboard shortcuts in after effect, which have the power to save you a few seconds here or there and those seconds can add up to hours if not days saved on each one of your motion graphics projects DOWNLOAD THE ADOBE AFTER EFFECTS KEYBOARD SHORTCUTS HIGH-RES PDF HERE. GET THE FULL ADOBE CREATIVE SUITE FOR JUST $49.99 PER MONTH >> FIND OUT MORE. Share After Effects Keyboard Shortcuts Cheat Sheet On Your Sit

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The Ultimate Adobe CC Keyboard Shortcuts List. An absolutely amazing resource for CC users from Jamie Spencer. It covers shortcuts and quick keys for a bunch of Adobe applications. Here is the weblink for it - he updates this with each new version of the software so it's best to go straight to the source. But I've also included the downloaded. Shortcutlist Tips; Press Ctrl/Cmd + F to activate Search field: Press Ctrl/Cmd + (+) or (-) to maximize or minimize content: Symbol Command Windows Ma After Effects Keyboard Shortcuts Cheatsheet. Want to increase your speed in After Effects? We believe you can save so much time and even double the amount of work done using keyboard shortcuts. While we realize that After Effects is a complex program, we have also seen the benefits of knowing those key shortcuts

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Download Adobe After Effects Shortcuts in PDF format Download Adobe After Effects Shortcuts PDF. It is a fact that shortcuts can be a huge time saver. To help you make it easier to learn above is the list of Effects shortcuts. Remember, this list will turn out to be a blessing. READ NEXT Keyboard Shortcuts - After Effects. Layer Transformation Shortcuts A - Anchor Point T - Opacity U - All P - Position S - Scale R - Rotation Masks. MM - All Mask Settings M - Mask Path F - Mask Feather TT - Mask Opacity General Shortcuts. Cmnd + Z - Undo Cmnd + N - New Compositio To open this menu, go to the Edit > Keyboard Shortcuts menu to open it up. Adobe included a keyboard shortcut editor in After Effects so that you can set your shortcuts exactly how you like. In the lower left corner of this window, you'll see pretty much every imaginable task in the menu. You'll also see the default keyboard shortcut for each. We hope you enjoy these quick-and-easy references to the most important keyboard shortcuts and quick keys for 14 of the most popular tools in the Creative Cloud. They are available as JPG images as well as downloadable as hi-res PDF files: Other users who've downloaded these keyboard shortcut cheat sheets write: Thank you for sharing.

Add active composition or selected items to render queue (After Effects CS6, and earlier.) Ctrl+Shift+/ (on main keyboard) Ctrl+M. Command+Shift+/ (on main keyboard) Ctrl+Command+M. Add current frame to render queue. Ctrl+Alt+S. Command+Option+S. Duplicate render item with same output filename as original. Ctrl+Shift+D. Command+Shift+ Hi guys, I've been trying to find the folder where After Effects' keyboard shortcut files (the .txt ones) are kept. I managed to find them before but I can't seem to do so now. I've made a copy of an old preset that I would like to use on my MBA. When I create a new custom preset in After Effects.

Keyboard shortcuts are essential to working efficiently in After Effects. Here's a collection of some of the most important shortcuts you should learn. Click here to see Adobe's master keyboard shortcut list. Zoom In/Out of Timeline Shift Keyframe(s) 1 Frame Shift Keyframe(s) 10 Frame View AE_Shortcuts_PC.pdf from AE 101 at Stony Brook University. Adobe After Effects Shortcuts [Windows OS] Tools Shortcuts Selection Tool: V Shape Tool: Q Type Tool: Hold Ctrl + T Pen Tool: G Anche

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  1. Download Free PDF. Download Free PDF. Adobe-after-effects CC 2015-keyboard-shortcuts-cheat-sheet. S. Sathienkijakar... Download PDF. Download Full PDF Package. This paper. A short summary of this paper. Adobe-after-effects CC 2015-keyboard-shortcuts-cheat-sheet. S. Sathienkijakar..
  2. Adobe After Effects Keyboard Shortcuts KillerKeys April 11th, 2019 - Adobe After Effects Keyboard Shortcuts Below is a list of Adobe After Effects keyboard shortcuts With KillerKeys you can always have the shortcuts you want for practically any application right in front of you Free After Effects Download Adobe After Effects full versio
  3. Adobe After Effects Cs6 Shortcut Keys while the shortcut keys also help you to change the cycle of new colors by using shift f1 or f2 the panel is also nicely formatted pdf should you wish to download them, the best resource for all of the adobe products vie
  4. Simply select Edit -> Keyboard Shortcuts from the main menu. Or, keeping with the spirit of this article, simply press CTRL + ALT + '. This will open the Keyboard Shortcuts map in Adobe After Effects. Note that this window might look different depending on the version of After Effects you are using
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It can get tedious, clicking on the diamond icon or stopwatch spacebar every time you want to add a keyframe. Thankfully, there's this easy add a keyframe shortcut After Effects ships with.. To add a keyframe at the current time, simply hit Option with the corresponding shortcut for Anchor Point, Position, Scale, Rotation and Opacity In Response To Todd_Kopriva. J and K keys, but the keyframes have to be visible. These keys also move to the next marker or the next in or out point for a layer. Escentially you are moving between events in the timeline, but only visible events. The rest of the shortcuts are in the links Todd posted

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The Best Keyboard Shortcuts for Adobe After Effects. Everyone has different favourites. That's alright, everyone also likes different foods and there's nothing wrong with that. Here are the ones that my fingers reach for the most and the ones that I feel save me the most time for my work with Adobe After Effects DOWNLOAD THE ADOBE AFTER EFFECTS KEYBOARD SHORTCUTS HIGH-RES PDF HERE. Design animated graphics and visual effects at professional level with Adobe's complete creative composition and animation software, Adobe After Effects. Ranging from beginner to advanced, these tutorials provide basics, new features, plus tips and techniques. , video.

(Mac OS) Applications/Adobe After Effects After Effects loads scripts from both the above locations. See the Scripts article for additional information. If you uninstall the After Effects application and choose to Remove Preferences during uninstallation, any installed scripts that are located in the user's Scripts folder will be deleted Activating tools (keyboard shortcuts) Note: You can activate some tools only under certain circumstances. For example, you can activate a camera tool only when the active composition contains a camera layer.To momentarily activate a tool with a single-letter keyboard shortcut, hold down the key; release the key to return to the previously active tool Part 2: The Main Default Premiere Pro Keyboard Shortcuts. In Adobe Premiere, there are two types of keyboard shortcuts: If you are looking for additional shortcuts, we have additional resources available for After Effects keyboard shortcuts, Final Cut Pro keyboard shortcuts and DaVinci Resolve keyboard shortcuts. Related articles. Premiere Pro

These Adobe After Effects keyboard shortcuts will save you precious time. As a new tutorial from School of Motion declares, Keyboard shortcuts aren't sexy, but they can shave literally days off of your motion graphic projects. Truer words were never spoken. Check out the video, and see below for a list of over 30 After Effects shortcuts. While the list may seem overwhelming, After Effects is. Guide to OpenType Fractions InDesign Keyboard Shortcuts Note: Some of the special characters shown in this guide are for features found only in InDesign CS3 and/or CS4. Which of the free OpenType fonts that are installed with Adobe InDesign have an intelligent fractions feature? See for yourself in this handy 4-page PDF. Cost: Fre After Effects Course Updates New Features 2021 49. Cheat sheet & shortcuts for After Effects Introduction. Click here to download our printable Adobe After Effects CC Cheatsheet! Comments. Video transcript. Hey, welcome to this Motion Graphics Cheat Sheet for After Effects. and there will be a downloadable PDF version

50 After Effects Tips and Expressions. A free PDF containing 50 of our most helpful tips, keyboard shortcuts and expressions for Adobe After Effects.A must have for motion graphics designers! Animating in After Effects is incredibly straightforward, but to make things even easier you'll want to keep these tips and shortcuts handy In a recent series of posts on SetUpABlogToday, a fellow named Jamie shared a handy infographic detailing all of the most helpful keyboard shortcuts for Adobe's Creative Cloud applications. Here's a piece of that graphic, which covers most everything you'd need to know for Premiere and After Effects After Effects Shortcut Icons. 19.99. Add To Cart. This collection of icons made specifically for After Effects gets you up and running right away with over 560 icons featuring almost every command, tool and function within the application. As a bonus, we've also included a Stream Deck XL starter profile a Stream Deck 15 Key starter profile as. Common After Effects CC Keyboard Shortcuts. Share Tweet Share Email. after effects shortcuts. Previous Reading. Make 3D Spheres in 5 Easy Steps on Illustrator . Next Reading. Concise CSS Box Model Guide . Leave a Reply Cancel reply. You must be logged in to post a comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam Last, but not least, are keyboard shortcuts. There are a vast amount of handy shortcuts for After Effects - there's a keystroke for practically every menu option - but only a handful you'll use regularly. For a more thorough reference to all the keyboard shortcuts After Effects has to offer, visit Adobe's own complete list of shortcuts

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Remove all effects: Ctrl+Shift+E. This is an immediate way to remove all the effects from the selected layer(s). To be honest, I'd prefer this to be a function that toggles all the effects on and off, but you can use Ctrl+Z / Ctrl+Shift+Z after this shortcut to achieve the same goal. Select layers above/below: Ctrl+Shift+Up Cursor or Down Curso How To Cut In After Effects Shortcut. Tutorial for How to Cut Video in After Effects and Its When start cutting the video in After Effects, you can simply move the pointer to the part you want to cut, and use the Edit > Split button to cut the video, or use the shortcut of Control Shift D. Look up and visualize default keyboard shortcuts for your favorite Mac applications, for US keyboards without numeric keypads. How to use: Click on a category on the left, then hover over a function on the right. The appropriate keyboard shortcut will light up. Commit to memory

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  1. 30+ Essential Keyboard Shortcuts in After Effects. May 10, 2021 by School of Motion 27 Comments These keyboard shortcuts will literally save you hundreds of hours in After Effects. How to Create a Multi-Page PDF in Photoshop - PHOTOSHOP TUTORIAL Allow scripts to write file and access network in preferences Adobe After effects CC 201
  2. Upgrade to our After Effects Complete Collection. Over 560 icons for After Effects. WHAT'S INCLUDED: 560+ Shortcut Icons on color background (350 pixels square) 560+ Shortcut Icons Black on transparent background (350 pixels square) 560+ Shortcut Icons White on transparent background (350 pixels square) 10 page Stream Deck XL Profile with 166.
  3. 24-abr-2015 - DOWNLOAD THE ADOBE AFTER EFFECTS KEYBOARD SHORTCUTS HIGH-RES PDF HERE. 24-abr-2015 - DOWNLOAD THE ADOBE AFTER EFFECTS KEYBOARD SHORTCUTS HIGH-RES PDF HERE. Pinterest. Today. Explore. When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. Touch device users, explore by touch or with swipe.
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  5. While using any software, shortcut keys help you in saving time thereby increasing the efficiency and speed. Many shortcut keys are provided by After Effects. Activate and cycle through mask and shape tools (Rectangle, Rounded Rectangle, Ellipse, Polygon, Star). 345 time-saving Hotkeys for Adobe After Effects CC
  6. This can be quite tedious as it requires moving back and forth between that reference frame and the area being edited. The Take Snapshot button allows for a capture of a particular frame to be taken. The Show Snapshot button displays that captured image at any point regardless of where you are working within the composition
  7. - Get access to a lot of tricks and keyboard shortcuts for a smooth experience - The course is available for free on Skillshare . Rating : 4.6 out of 5. You can Sign up Here . Review : This class was a great, in-depth intro to After Effects, Andrzej has a great teaching method which makes the lessons go by faster and easy to understand

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  1. With After Effects keyboard Shortcuts speed up your motion graphic workflow. There's nothing that will speed up your motion graphic workflow better than learning keyboard shortcuts. The more After Effect keyboard shortcuts, you know, the better. Here are few great After effects keyboard shortcuts for Motion Graphic Designer 5
  2. After Effects is one of the many tools provided by Adobe to help you creatively express your vision. With this particular program, you can create digital visual effects, motion graphics, animation, and compositions. It is used in the post-production process for a variety of mediums including videos, video games, and many different types of film.
  3. Illustrator CS6 Shortcuts: PC. Hold Control, then Space. (This will show the Zoom tool). Let go of Control so you see the Hand tool and immediately start dragging the mouse so you don't end up typing spaces. Be sure to let go of the Spacebar while dragging so you again don't type more spaces. Double-click tools to bring up options
  4. All the best Photoshop CS6 keyboard shortcuts for PC on a 1-page, downloadable, printable PDF
  5. How to Cut Video in After Effects Filmora Recommended: FilmoraPro to cut video This is a basic tutorial about Adobe After Effects, professional video editing software. However, if you think After Effects is too difficult, consider Wondershare FilmoraPro.This is a professional video editor, but easy to use tool for users who want to enter a new editing level.
  6. Adobe After Effects CC 2018 Lifetime Key, Adobe Photoshop Elements 6 Guide Pdf, Photoshop Cs Classroom In A Book Pdf, Cheapest Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2014. Show Coupon Code. WinZi
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0:00 / 4:35. Live. •. The Collapse Transformations switch has two functions. One of those functions is around vector artwork and is not explored in this video. The second of those functions involves nested compositions. By default, After Effects looks at a nested composition as a single, effectively pre-rendered, element I'll also go over some helpful tips on preparing your script writing setup, like setting up shortcut keys for your scripts as well as creating a temp file to do your script developing in. This episode will also start getting you familiar with the After Effects CS6 Scripting Guide PDF (green button to the right) Apr 7, 2017 - Explore Cisco's board After Effects on Pinterest. See more ideas about after effects, after effect tutorial, adobe after effects tutorials

Ask about a full scale data migration and deployment. We've got you covered. Plan your project after normal hours of operation. Work with Mastercam 2018 Shortcut Keys Pdf industry-leading licensing experts make the process seamless. Our goal is to ensure minimal downtime. Get up Mastercam 2018 Shortcut Keys Pdf and running in a matter of days How To Find Keyboard Shortcuts' Editor | Adobe After Effects English Tutorial | 1 the top. if you really want to memorize the shortcuts draw a keyboard diagram by hand. May 22, 2016 download the adobe after effects keyboard shortcuts high res pdf here. 2018 adobe after effects keyboard shortcuts cheat sheet make a website hub. 2018 Adobe After Effects Keyboard Shortcuts Cheat Sheet Atajo After Effects Keyboard Shortcuts - Free download as Word Doc (.doc), PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read online for free

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ADOBE PREMIERE PRO CC KEYBOARD SHORTCUTS FILE COMMANDS New Bin Cmd + B New Sequence Cmd + N Import Files Cmd + I Export Media Cmd + M TRANSPORT Play forwards L / Spacebar Stop K / Spacebar Play backwards J Forward 1 frame K tap L Backward 1 frame K tap J EDITIN Adobe Premiere Pro- Essential Keyboard Shortcuts Basic/Universal Shortcuts Ctrl + C Copy Ctrl + X Cut Ctrl + V Paste Ctrl + Z Undo Ctrl + Shift + Z Redo Ctrl + A Select All Ctrl + Shift + A Unselect All Playback and Navigation Spacebar Play/Stop Enter Render J, K, L Rev, Play, Fwd L/R Arrows Move one frame -/+ = Zoom In - Zoom Ou Adobe InDesign CC Keyboard Shortcuts Windows The essential resource for all things InDesign ting n 19 New Document Ctrl+N New default document Ctrl+Alt+N Open Ctrl+O Close Ctrl+W Close all open documents Ctrl+Shift+Alt+W Save Ctrl+S Save all open documents Ctrl+Shift+Alt+S Save As Ctrl+Shift+S Save a Copy Ctrl+Alt+S Document Setup Ctrl+Alt+P Export Ctrl+E File Info Ctrl+Shift+Alt+ AFTER EFFECTS KEYBOARD SHORTCUTS. For the complete list of Adobe After Effects CS5 Week01_AfterEffectsHandout.pdf. Read/Download File Report Abuse. Adobe After Effects CC 2015 Tutorial 9-after-effects-intro.pdf. Read/Download File Report Abuse. Course outline: Adobe After Effects introduction - MikeAbbott.info. Filed Under: Inspiration Tagged With: adobe bridge, Adobe CC, after effects, Cheat Sheets, keyboard shortcuts, Lightroom CC, photoshop cc, premiere pro cc About Udi Tirosh Udi Tirosh is the Founder and Editor in Chief of DIYPhotography, he is also a photographer, a relentless entrepreneur, a prolific inventor and a dad, not necessarily in that.

After Effects Academy Member Extra. Access your 'After Effects Shortcuts ' Course in the After Effects Academy. Jeff Sengstack will introduce some of the most popular shortcuts in After Effects. Click here to access this After Effects Shortcuts Course now. Not an AE Academy member? Click here to learn more about the After Effects Academ About the Adobe After Effects CS6. View the manual for the Adobe After Effects CS6 here, for free. This manual comes under the category Photo/video software and has been rated by 1 people with an average of a 7.5. This manual is available in the following languages: English. Do you have a question about the Adobe After Effects CS6 or do you. Keyboard shortcuts for Microsoft Word 2016 for Windows This article shows all keyboard shortcuts for Microsoft Word 2016. Notes: • If a shortcut requires two or more keys at the same time, the keys are separated by a plus sign (+). If you have to press one key immediately after another, the keys are separated by a comma (,) THE MOST PRACTICAL PROFESSIONAL TRAINING IN NEW YORK One Union Square West, Suite 805 Phone 718 795-3608 New York, NY 10003 http//training-nyc.co Keyboard shortcuts aren't sexy, but they can shave literally days off of your motion graphic projects. In this video masterpiece we take a look at a few of our favorite keyboard shortcuts in After Effects. We've also created a PDF download with all of the shortcuts mentioned in this video

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Attached is a PDF document that outlines details of the lesson plan. It includes objectives, learning skills, a rubric for assessment, list of activities, integration of lesson based on this course and a tutorial that guides you through the process of creating an animation using After Affects. A student sample is provided in a link at the end of the tutorial effects and compositing, help and tutorials adobe, top 10 adobe after effects keyboard shortcuts surfaced, adobe after effects cs6 keyboard shortcuts cgi tutsplus com, adobe photoshop cs6 free download offline installer, the 14 must have adobe cc keyboard shortcut cheat sheetsa free tool to visually learn all default keyboard shortcuts for. Get started with adobe after effects. Apr 26, 2021 · use this handy list to reference keyboard shortcuts for after effects and even print a pdf of the keyboard shortcuts. After effects packs some of the most powerful editing tools available for video, such as the rotobrush which lets you automatically paint a character Keyboard shortcuts in Final Cut Pro. You can use keyboard shortcuts to quickly accomplish many tasks in Final Cut Pro. To use a keyboard shortcut, press all the keys in the shortcut at the same time. Shortcuts for common commands are listed in the table below Different videos and still images can be edited together when creating videos with Premiere Pro. Videos can add titles, filters, and other effects can be applied. Recommended Articles. This has been a guide to Keyboard Shortcuts for Premiere Pro. Here we discuss the topmost Shortcut Keys for Premiere Pro and that we can use with the help of a.

Download These Adobe CC Keyboard Shortcuts Cheat Sheets. By Bryant Frazer / June 24, 2015. We're not sure why it took a site called setupablogtoday.com to make this awesomely useful set of infographics outlining and organizing keyboard shortcuts for various Adobe Creative Cloud apps, including Premiere Pro, After Effects and Photoshop Alberto Jose Berardinelli Carrillo. Download Curso-AfterEffects-BAQ.pdf. Save Curso-AfterEffects-BAQ.pdf For Later. Learn Adobe After Effects CC for Visual Effects and Motion Graphics by Joe Dockery Conrad Chavez (z-lib.org).epub. Uploaded by. jessiesoares If you are an After Effects artist and you use a device such as Stream Deck, X-Keys or an app such as Touch Portal, then you know how quickly they can speed up your workflow. This collection of shortcut icons made specifically for After Effects gets you up and running right away with over 560 icons representing almost every command, tool and. The BGSU Library has a 16-page guide on the basics of Adobe Premiere. This is absolutely perfect (and more digestible than the official user guide) for a brand new user. If you're looking to set up and edit your first clip in Premiere Pro, this is an excellent short tutorial to keep around, but it won't offer anything for experienced users Visual Effects & Motion Graphics Using Adobe After Effects CC 2020 Adobe conducted research to identify the foundational skills students need to effectively communicate using digital media tools. Based on feedback from educators, design professionals, businesses, and educational institutions around the world, the objectives cover entry-level skil

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Welcome to the wonderful world of Adobe After Effects! looking to create high-quality motion graphics or develop amazing visual effects — you'll get there sooner than you think. Here are the 10 keyboard shortcuts you should learn first. Royalty Free Music for Projects · Music Collections · Free Music. You will learn After Effects keyboard shortcuts You will learn professional workflow tips and tricks You will learn After Effects best practices. Other than all of these, there will be 4 real projects that I will be demonstrating from scratch all with original working files. You will learn step by step how to animate illustration in After Effects

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Save yourself some time and energy by printing out your own custom Premiere Pro keyboard shortcuts. If you're serious about getting fast at video editing and becoming a Premiere Pro master, then learning as many Premiere Pro keyboard shortcuts as you can is an essential task.Some shortcuts are easy to learn as you end up using them all the time, but extending your knowledge a little further. With After Effects, the industry-standard motion graphics and visual effects software, you can take any idea and make it move. Roll credits. Spin words. Twirl titles. Animate titles, credits, and lower thirds. Start from scratch or with presets available right from the app. From spin to swipe to slide — your text is on the move Select the product area containing the command you want to create the shortcut for. Select the command that you want to define (or redefine). Click on the New Shortcut box, and press the keys for your new keyboard shortcut. Do not assign single-key shortcuts to menu commands, because they interfere with the typing of text

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After Effects CC: The Complete After Effects CC Course from Beginner to Advanced. Adama Sy: This is the most satisfying video course I ever purchased. It's not only about After Effects, it's the knowledge and the will to share the knowledge and everything he knows that makes this course so interesting and important to anyone willing to. This series of After Effects tutorials will teach you the fundamentals required to create and animate text layers. Here you'll learn to add text to a composition, apply and edit prebuilt text animations and create per-character animation. 13. Learn the text write-on technique in After Effects Text animation puts your words into action, and Adobe After Effects has all you need to make great use of kinetic typography. Animate logos, add motion to 3D text, and get efficient with pro presets and templates. Try for free

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The keyboard shortcut is Y. Drag and move the anchor point as you wish to reposition it. As long as the Pan-Behind tool is selected, it won't move the layer with it. Deselect the Pan-Behind tool. That's all you need to do to set the anchor point in a new location without worrying about moving the layer February 19, 2013 at 4:18 pm. If the script isn't working for you, you can change the shortcuts directly by modifying the text file that defines them. It's in the same folder as the preferences file. You can open that folder by clicking Reveal Preferences In Finder button in the General pane of the Preferences dialog box What is motion tracking in After Effects? After Effects is a powerful tool for creating animated graphics, effects, and presentations. For interface designers, it is useful for three reasons: the effectiveness of layout submissions, a simple explanation of complex interactions, and the ability to animate a static layout After Effects basic training. After Effects is a fantastic piece of software, but unfortunately it's got quite a steep learning curve. Many give up when they're trying to learn the basics. That's sad, because you can get so much pleasure out of knowing After Effects when you're making film and video Adobe After Effects CC (2021) Class Reviews. Here are a sample of Adobe After Effects class reviews from past students that have attended our Adobe After Effects training courses. This 3-day course teaches students step-by-step key techniques for working efficiently in After Effects and delivering in the widest possible range of media types. In.