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During the course of WWII a wide range of half-track vehicles. were produced by White, Diamond T, Autocar and International. Harvester. Vehicles built by International were of a slightly. different design than the others, and were primarily used for. export purposes. This is a White-built M3 Personnel Carrier Contact Information. Founded in 1996, Uhrig Military Vehicle Sales & Appraisals is a MVPA member 120-C. P.O. Box 726, Chillicothe, Ohio 45601. PHONE: 740-703-3794. Message Uhrig Military. Please reference our UMV Stock number in your message. We look forward to hearing from you Military 6x6 M923 A2 Truck for Sale Only 520 Hours Cummins Engine 1991. Located in pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Up for sale is a 1991 6x6 M923A2 5-ton military truck for sale. It only has 520 hours which is extremely low. It..

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Classifieds - Armour and Tracked Military Vehicles For Sale . Visit the Dealers. €110,000 04 August '21. Restored Half Track M3 . 2020 restored Half Track M3, museum exhibit with an impressive certified history. SEE WEBVERT FOR FULL DETAILS 0032 478 138181 Jean-Louis Brancart Webvert The sale price is USD$24,000.00 Each. HALFTRACK NUMBER 1. HALFTRACK NUMBER 2. NOTE: An import permit is needed and we will arrange all the export documents in Argentina to ship to anywhere in the world. The titles are clear and ready to be sold. For more info, please email to info@bronzecannons.net. Back to: Bronze Cannons Main Page The Czech army needed a tracked personnel carrier, so they used captured and abandoned German SdKfz 251's for their post-war armed forces. The OT-810 was created as a replacement utilizing a similar design. Approximately 2,400 OT-810s were built and used by the Czech armed forces well into the 1980s We have 149 Military Trucks for sale or lease at Tradequip. Search 100's of listings for new & used Military Trucks for sale rent or auction updated daily from 100's of dealers & private sellers military vehicle sale, military truck for sale, Military Vehicles Super Site, 6x6, army military trucks, Buy humvees, surplus construction equipment, vehicles, trailers and more. See all rolling stock surplus for sale. Bid online, buy now or make an offer, equipped for bug out situations, natural disasters, civil unrest, enemy invaders, Survival and rescue operation

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For sale; Restorations. IHC half/tracks always had a very good reputation! Due to the Lend-Lease program the M5 was classified as limited standard by the US authorities. This resulting in that over half of M5 (4.625) and M5A1 production (2.959) and later also the M9A1 (3.433) was send to Britain where it was used by the Armoured. 1942 Whites Military Half Track M2A1 For Sale.....This half track runs and drives! Used in parades in the past...She is one of a few with the origina.. 2009 US military Growler. Manufacturer: US military This is a 09 Growler in great condition priced for quick sale.details as follows 4 cylinder turbo diesel with very low hours/miles 4 wheel steering for tight maneuvers On the fly air suspension control for ride.. The same rugged vehicles the U.S. military depends on has many uses in the private sector as well. When searching for military vehicles for sale, a few of the most common ones you will find include: M53A3 Deuce and a Half Army cargo truck. Five-ton military troop truck. M998 Humvee 4x4

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1943. Bussing-NAG sWS (Schwere Wehrmacht Schlepper) Heavy-class Prime Mover Halftrack Vehicle. 3. 1940. Half-Track Car M2 Half-Track Multi-Purpose Armored Personnel Carrier. 4. 1943. Half-Track Car M9 Multi-role Armored Personnel Carrier (APC) 5 The workhorse of the field artillery for the U.S. Army in WWII . Read More. Centurion Mk7 Bridge Layer. Very complete except for Bridge, currently not running due to faulty magneto. Read More 1943 Truck, 15-CWT, 4×4 G.S. -C8/GS (Morris Commercial) Converted as fuel supply unit! Read More Various GMC CCKW 353's for sale half track rear body voltage reducer nos all half tracks 12v to 6 v. $20.00. $14.45 shipping. half track top roller track support assembly wwii military vehicle. $175.00. $131.68 shipping. or best offer. 25 watching. half track bogie wheel horizontal connecting bracket with seal race inserts nos. $200.00. $45.43 shipping

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Half Track Plastic Model Military Vehicles. Shop online for 116 half track plastic model military vehicles at discounts up to 28%. Tamiya is ranked #1 out of 19 half track plastic model military vehicles manufacturers, followed by Trumpeter, and Plastic Soldier Texas Military Trucks - Used Military Vehicles for Sale - Used Military Trucks for Sale - HMMWV parts, M35 Diesel flatbed trucks, lowbeds, tractors and dump trucks. M52A2, 6 X 6, 5 TON, 5th Wheel Tractor #1. M49, 6 X 6 2 1/2 TON, Tanker truck. M816, 6 X 6 5 TON, Hydraulic Wrecker The IH Half-Tracks were built with their heavy-duty-truck 143-hp Red Diamond 450 inline 6-cylinder engine instead of the 386-ci, 127-hp White 160AX engine that the three original builders installed. After all the back and forth between International Harvester and the Army Ordnance board over the design changes and supply spares contracts, the. We have 10 M998 HUMVEE Military Trucks for sale or lease at Tradequip. Search 100's of listings for new & used M998 HUMVEE Military Trucks for sale rent or auction updated daily from 100's of dealers & private sellers 2017 Mercedes-Benz Other AMG GT. $85,900.00. 1966 Ford Bronco. $2,600.00. M116 huskey. Tracked military vehicle. Unit runs and drives great. V/8 Chevrolet engine and trans as delivered from factory. Plywood floor panels

Featured Half-Track product: Sd.Kfz.8 FlaK 18 Diecast Model, German Army - $49.95. The Sonderkraftfahrzeug 8 ('special motorized vehicle 8') was a German half-track that saw widespread use in World War II. Its main roles were as a prime mover for heavy towed guns. Approximately 4,000 were produced between 1938 and 1945 White M3A1 Half-Track Personnel Carrier. As tanks became faster and more mobile, military leaders looked for ways for infantrymen to keep up and furnish constant support. An armored truck, mated with a rugged bogie and track suspension system in the rear, allowed foot soldiers to quickly move with modern, mechanized attack forces Once the Old Army adapted to them, half-tracks served well. As an improvised assault gun with a forward firing 75-mm howitzer, the half-track stood in until the fully tracked M7 arrived. Anti-aircraft/ground attack types used twin .50-caliber machine guns, two .50s and a 37-mm cannon, twin 20-mm cannon, field-fit single 40-mm cannon, and. Classifieds - Light Military Vehicles For Sale . Visit the Dealers. 30 July '21. Military Odyssey 28th - 30th August . Kent Show Ground, Detling, Maidstone. With over 4,000 re-enactors and living history enthusiasts in attendance as well as over 250 stalls and 200 vehicles, Military Odyssey is the world's largest multi-period re-enactment show The Army build thousands of so-called half tracks to transport infantrymen serving in armored divisions. The nickname came from the half track's unique running gear, which consisted of two front.

The World's Best Military Collection Is For Sale, Here's How To Buy It. Damon Lavrinc. 6/27/14 4:30PM. 108. 16. There are only two privately owned SCUD missile launchers in North America. Both of. The half-track military vehicle achieved considerable stardom during World War 2 (1939-1945) though the concept of combining a truck and tracked vehicle was born some decades before. For the United States, three major producers emerged during the wartime period led by the White Motor Company to be joined by Auto Car and Diamond T. In all, about. Cletrac owners rejoice! There will finally be a replacement option for the M2 High Speed Cletrac treads. A 74 pitch version of the half track tread will readily fit your machine and will be available the summer of 2015. Please review the half track construction method on the previous page for details. For those authentic [ US Army Half-Tracks of World War II. 30 x 18. $40.00. Eight of the most famous U.S. Army half-tracks of World War II are profiled with large, detailed hand-drawn illustrations. Includes the M2, M3A1 and M5 personnel carriers; the M15 and M16 multiple motor carriages; the M4A1 81mm mortar carrier; the T19 self-propelled gun; and the M3 75mm. This M3A1 was acquired by the current owner in 2019 and is now offered on their behalf by the seller in Los Angeles, California with removed windshield glass, rear top bows, and a bill of sale. The M3 half-track was based on the earlier M2, and the design was standardized for the US Military in 1940

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M16A2 Half Track. SOLD ! 2011. Current owner restored the half track in fall of 2011. The M16A2 had the Quad-fifties installed back in it and currently resides in Colorado. I just lucked out and found this rare piece of history in a barn in southwest Texas. The owner had passed away and his estate was auctioned on May 29, 2010 Used, M2/M3: American Half-tracks of the Second Wo . M2/m3: american half-tracks of the second world. Box is missing one main flap but otherwise okay with normal wear( no sticky tape). ww2 german army panzer div half-track sdkfz towing hooka really nice display item and size at 4kg For Sale. (All links open a new window) (When responding via email, substitute the @ symbol for the word at and omit the spaces in front and behind the symbol.) Indiana MVPA Guidon w/Grommets- $40. Contact Dave Burton at 317 997-9870 or burton449 at yahoo.com. 1992 M101A2 Trailer. 1992 M101A2 3/4 Ton Trailer $1200.00 - located in Greenfield

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  1. US Army Collar Devices. About us. As a certified manufacturer of uniforms and insignia, The Salute Uniforms considers it a privilege to provide the members of our nation's military services with superior-quality apparel and accoutrements
  2. Trucks for Sale - Articulated Dump Trucks - Dump Trucks - Cargo Trucks - Recovery Trucks - Chassis Trucks 8x8, 6x6, 4x4 - Tractors 8x8, 6x6, 4x4 - Motor vans 8x8, 6x6, 4x4 - Refueling end Lube Oil Trucks - Loading platform trucks - Military Crane Trucks - Hagglunds BV206 - Military Ambulance ; Plant & Equipment - Graders - Bulldozers - Tracked.
  3. Eight of the most famous U.S. Army half-tracks of World War II are profiled with large, detailed hand-drawn illustrations. Includes the M2, M3A1 and M5 personnel carriers; the M15 and M16 multiple motor carriages; the M4A1 81mm mortar carrier; the T19 self-propelled gun; and the M3 75mm tan
  4. Roller model autocar M16A1 Half Track with quad mount and bat wing armor. Half Tracks and Half Track parts for sale

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  1. g up short on the mobility of purpose built half tracks they were much more economical to build and sufficiently effective from 1943 onwards. A version of the Maultier trucks was produced, the SdKfz 4, with an armored body. there is a wealth of obsolete ex-military items and clothing for sale in locations around the world
  2. The U.S. Army took an M2A1 Scout Car and added tracks to the rear, creating the T7. Almost an instant success, the T7 changed little before entering production as the M2 half-track. Autocar got the first contract to build the M2, but with more production capacity needed, White and Diamond T were brought in
  3. M16 Half-Track from AFV Club in 35th scale. M16 is a Multiple Gun Motor Carriage, or, also known simply as - M16 Half-Track. It was an anti-aircraft vehicle developed during WWII and used widely up until the Korean War, after which it was removed from active service. M16 was very popular among soldiers and extremely effective against low.
  4. Half-Track | Chaffee Associates Inc. 1/2 Track fuel tanks , French made post war. NOS. $450.00. armored door window louver. $50.00. Half-Track Canvas winch cover. $35.00. halftrack fuel cap NOS. $75.00
  5. We are licensed international dealers in military equipment, notably in armoured military vehicles, tanks and trucks for collectors and business purposes. Our company is a professional reconstructer, refurbisher and renovator of Army vehicles

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In 1931, the US Army purchased a French Citroen-Kegresse P17 halftrack for study at Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD. Good test results led to several prototype designs and test vehicles in the 1930s, intended for use as prime movers or personnel carriers. Halftrack Scout Car, T14, 1940 This is a real-deal WWII-era M2A1 Half Track truck, built by the White Motor Company, and several decades into retirement in the Oregon wilderness. It's done its duty both for the country and as an apparatus on a chicken farm before being driven to its current location and parked - sometime in the 1970s. Find it here on eBay with bidding up. Military half-track 1942 white motor company supposedly one motor runs the other is just parts. Both military half tracks $5,900. Will consider trades. The state will not issue titles. I can give you a bill of sale. I can transport for extra The earliest IDF half tracks were armed with Czechoslovakian ZB vz/53 (Besa) and MG34 (not MG42) machine guns that were later supplemented by 20mm guns mounted in either turrets or on pedestal mounts with shields. Even home-made flame throwers were used in half-tracks, but these were as dangerous to the IDF troops operating them as they were to.

Exarmyvehicles.com - sale of military vehicles for private collectors. Tanks, APC, BMP and more for sale HengLong 1/14 U.S M151 Military Jeep 2.4Ghz Radio Remote Control 4WD Off-Road Crawler Car RTR (Army Green) 2.4Ghz US M151 Jeep R/C 4 Wheel Drive 1:14 Scale off-road RC military truck 2.4GHz RC transmitter that gives it a controllable range of 50 meters. Also, multiple cars can be raced at the same time without any signal interference For Sale: SdKfz 251 D Replica - A Re-enactors Dream! The Museum of military vehicles Smrzovka offers 1 SdKfz 251 D replica (fully restored, running condition with Tatra engine) and 4 OT-810 vehicles. The Museum of military vehicles Smrzovka, is located in the northern part of the Czech republic. In its exhibition you may find many tanks and.

German 8-ton half-track tops $1 million at military vehicle sale. By Kurt Ernst on Jul 16th, 2014 at 8:59 am. 1942 8-ton half-track Sd. Kfz. 7, the Littlefield Collection's top seller. Photos courtesy Auctions America World War II U.S. M16 Half-Track Multiple Gun Mount Motor CarriageManufactured by the White Motor Company in 1943-44, the menacing M16 multiple gun motor carriage was based on the M3 half-track with a M45 quad mount featuring 4 M2 Browning .50 caliber machine guns. The M16 was intended for anti-aircraft use and had much success during WWII. As the Luftwaffe became less of the threat, the guns. They raced back to the liberated town in their half tracks, towing guns, their crew and almost crashed multiple times. Posted: 1/9/2021 2:09:16 PM EDT At one of the Soldier of Fortune 3 gun matches they had a half track where the shooter began seated in the half track, then exited the vehicle to continue shooting the course of fire

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For Sale: OT-810 Half-track Restored as German SdKfz 251, for just $32,000. This CZECH OT-810 is a meticulously restored sibling of the German WWII SdKfz 251 half-track. It was imported into the United States in the late 80's. A lot of work went into it with painting and all the drive train modifications to have it perform like a more modern. The famed American WW2 APC. The M2 Half Track Car was initially conceived as an artillery tractor, with enough space only for the gun crew. Thus, the M3 was created in late 1940, with a longer body, in order to accommodate a full platoon of thirteen riflemen and their equipment. The access was performed through the back door, and the galley.

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According to Auctions America, the NMHC sale will be the largest offering of full- and half-track military vehicles at auction at once, and while the selection of half-tracks includes examples from Ford, Opel, Borgward, Auto Union, Hanomag, and Daimler-Benz, the half-track that most Americans will recognize (and the one that wins the award for most descriptive name) is the 1944 White M16 MGMC. Home / / RC Military Trucks. Showing 1-24 of 50 results RC Military Trucks. Quick Buy. 8021 Stryker Cannon RC Army Tank. $57.00. Quick Buy. Fly MD500 RC Black Hawk Helicopter. Sold Out Quick Buy. Israel Main Tactical Army BattleTank. $192.00. Quick Buy. RC V22 U.S Airforce Military Transport Airplane.

The German military reinforced the chassis to handle wartime abuse, and different, simpler body panels were constructed for mass production. Finished Type 62s were ready for field tests in time for the Polish invasion in September of 1939, where it was found to be quite capable off-road despite lacking four-wheel drive. In fact, the independent. Wargames Delivered - 28mm Tabletop Miniature Wargames - Military Strategy Board Game with 30 Blitzkrieg German Infantry and 3 Half-tracks - Warlord Games Blitzkrieg Panzergrenadiers - 28mm. £99.99. £99. . 99. £5.00 voucher applied at checkout. Save £5.00 with voucher US Army Half-Tracks of World War II M47, M48, M60 Patton Tanks B-17 Flying Fortress 88th Infantry Division Campaign Map 3rd Infantry Division Campaign Map 7th Infantry Division Campaign Map 2nd Infantry Division Campaign Map 6th Armored Division Campaign Map.

Military Vehicles For Sale EBay. 8 days ago . 32 people watched. The same rugged vehicles the U.S. military depends on has many uses in the private sector as well. When searching for military vehicles for sale, a few of the most common ones you will find include: M53A3 Deuce and a Half Army cargo truck. Five-ton military troop truck. M998 Humvee 4x4. Ebay View All ›› See more.. M2 Half Track Car. Few vehicles have made as much of a difference in impacting world history like the M2 Half Track Car. The M2 halftrack vehicle was originally intended to be used for hauling artillery, but it was applied to a number of other uses by the U.S. armed forces Autocar World War Two Production Statistics: (12,168) Halftracks of various models, (14,842) trucks of various sizes and types. Autocar also converted (1,360) previously built M3 75mm half-tracks to the M3A1 configuration. This was done in 1944 and 1945. Autocar won the Army-Navy E Award five times during WWII Diamond T World War Two Production Numbers: (35,245) trucks of various size, (12,421) half-tracks, and (12) buses. The following two tables were added 8-11-2018. Diamond T World War Two Trucks Accepted by Detroit Ordnance, US Army

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  1. German Softskin Half-Tracks: A Visual History of t . German softskin half-tracks: a visual history of. Ww2 german army sdkfz 3 opel maultier half track wheel please read the following. ww2 german half track rubber track insert . Price includes secure recorded postage see our feedback then buy with confidenc
  2. Half-tracks were in use by the Israeli Army until recently, where they were deemed to outperform fully-tracked and fully-wheeled vehicles for non-combat payload tasks such as carrying telecommunication equipment. As of March 2008, 600 halftracks were still officially listed in active duty, although they may have been phased out
  3. Retail: $57.95. Sale Price: $37.95. Herpa HO Scale Models Assembly Kit Tents (7 Pieces) (1:87) Item #: HE745826 - Assembly Kit Tents (7 Pieces) (1:87) Herpa Models Item Number: HE745826 From the time before 1945 until today, the Herpa military series embodies the history of military vehicles and aircraft
  4. The M3 Half-track was designed to transport soldiers as part of an armored advance. Its sides were lightly armored for protection against shell fragments. A back door provided easy entry and exit. Half-tracks were armed with .30 or .50-caliber machine guns, which could provide fire support during an assault
  5. The Kettenkrad is powered by a 1478cc inline-4 water-cooled engine, the same one used in the Opel Olympia car featured throughout the German military. This made repairs an easier task since German.
  6. The Panzer being offered for sale was bought by Syria in the 1950s and captured by the Israelis during the Six Day War in 1967. The pre-auction price was estimated at $2.4 million to $2.6 million
  7. 1/16 Scale Plastic Model Military Vehicles. Shop online for 38 1/16 scale plastic model military vehicles at discounts up to 21%. Trumpeter is ranked #1 out of 6 1/16 scale plastic model military vehicles manufacturers, followed by Tamiya, and Classy Hobby

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  1. Sale price: $282.60. HENG-LONG 3819 2.4GHz Radio Remote Control 1/16 Scale Model Tank, WWII Germany Panther RC Tank. Regular price: $367.00. Sale price: $174.30. HENG-LONG 3848 2.4GHz Radio Remote Control 1/16 Scale Model Tank, WWII German Panzer III (Panzerkampfwagen III) RC Tank. Regular price: $367.00
  2. The start of production was planned for 1939, with the first 20 half-tracks built by the end of the year and another eight in January 1940. However, the army was pleased with the new Sd.Kfz.251 half-track and the production of the Sd.Kfz.253 was postponed with just the first 25 units produced in March 1940. After the confirmation that these new.
  3. Product Title JJRC Military Tank Battle Truck Toy Remote Control Average rating: 5 out of 5 stars, based on 1 reviews 1 ratings Current Price $31.65 $ 31 . 65 List List Price $52.61 $ 52 . 6
  4. Trumpeter 1/35 German Sd.Kfz. 7/3 Half-Track Artillery Tractor Plastic Model Kit 09537. Sale price. $8499. $84.99 Regular price. $9699. $96.99. Zvezda 1/35 German Sd.Kfz. 251/1 Ausf. B Stuka zu Fuss Plastic Model Kit 3625. Sale price
  5. Quite the description addition... On Feb-10-18 at 12:02:40 PST, seller added the following information: I talked with my son. The Halftrack was stored at my house
  6. 283400. Estimate: $120,000 - $130,000 US. Half-tracks were produced extensively by the United States during World War II. The initial production model, the M2, which entered service in 1940, was developed in direct response to the development and deployment of the German SdKfz 251-series half-tracks. The M3 half-track first entered service in.
  7. Kettenkrad For Sale - Own a Motorcycle Half Track. By Paul Crowe. Here's something you will rarely see, a genuine WWII Kettenkrad up for sale! These motorcycle half tracks were produced by NSU in the second world war and could be carried in Ju-52 aircraft and were used for such things as pulling small artillery pieces in the field
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  1. ating military modeller. 22 Items Armored Fighting Vehicle/APC/IFV/LRV 8 Items Artillery/AA/AT 2 Items Half-Tracks 130 Items Figures 11 Items Light Vehicles 221 Items Shop by Brand 62 Items Tanks/Tracked Vehicle
  2. Vehicles & Parts Shipping Worldwide. This website has been created not only to help as a way to source military vehicles & parts for sale worldwide, but we also have many years experience of importing & exporting all vehicles & auto parts to and from all parts of USA, Europe, Canada & Australia. If you have bought, or are planning to buy a military vehicle or parts, we can help you with.
  3. Pict Francis Pierre, Pioneer Village Museum, Minden, Nebraska in 2000. Waldschlepper forestry semi-tracked built just after WWII with parts of RSO tracked vehicle. Pict Francis Pierre, Speyer Museum, Germany, late 90s. Ikegai Type-98 Ko-Hi semi-tracked, 1938. 5 t capacity, 110 hp, 5,7 t, 45 km/h. From 1952
  4. 1943 Studebaker US6 6x6 Cargo Truck. 1969 20 Ton Military 4x4 Crane. M274 Mechanical 4x4 Mule. M561 Gama Goat. WEAVER Auto Crane. John Colwell Member # 9884. Call or text 469-337-4335. jepcolwell@aol.com. Waxahachie, Texas
  5. Military M116 Huskies for sale. These units are not owned by Midwest Military. Please make your inquiries to the owner noted below!! Asking $75,000 for both plus all of the extra tracks and parts, including a complete extra set of side skirts. If interested email Mike Howard, mhowardems@gmail.com SN 56 Husky for Sale, camo unit
  6. Band Tracks: Already Proven In Combat with 6 decades of Half-Tracks M3 Half-Track Its been staring at us in the face for years. Band Tracks have already been in U.S. Army/marine use for DECADES as the maintenance free tracks on HALF-TRACKs
  7. For Sale Price: USD $25,000.00. Get Financing*. Category: Rubber Tracks. Quantity: 1. Condition: Used. Year: 2013. REBUILT 100 Series 3602. 324X36 Tracks New pins and bushings and reinforcements New mid-roll bearing small and seals New alignment blocks on one track

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Dragon Wagon, DUKW, half tracks head to auction to save military 24 Oct 2012 Dragon Wagon, DUKW, half tracks head to auction to save military museum NMHC sale will be the largest offering of full- and half-track military vehicles According to the auction description, the White M16 in the collection »More detaile Half-tracks This is a collection military models including half-track support vehicles from WWII to the current era. Sort by Featured Best selling Alphabetically, A-Z Alphabetically, Z-A Price, low to high Price, high to low Date, old to new Date, new to ol 2 Stall Repair Facility (1:87) Retail: $72.95. Sale Price: $56.95. View. Availability: Normally Stocked. Herpa HO Scale Models Item #: HE745857 -. 2 Stall Repair Facility (1:87) Herpa Models Item Number: HE745857 From the time before 1945 until today, the Herpa military series embodies the history of military vehicles and aircraft 2 Stall Repair Facility (1:87) Herpa Models Item Number: HE745857 From the time before 1945 until today, the Herpa military series embodies the history of military vehicles and aircraft. It contains collectors' topics such as the Wehrmacht of WW2, the Soviet Army, the National People's Army (NVA) of East Germany and the US Armed Forces. Surviving OT-810 Half-Tracks Last update: March 24, 2016 Listed here are the Czechoslovakian OT-810 half-tracks that still exist today. Photo provided by ''bobr1973'

Military - Former German Army WWII - SdKfz 250 Series Half-Tracks-252 Ammunition Carrier - Trident - 729-8101 The Czech army, desiring an army personnel carrier (the Soviets had none) utilized captured and abandoned German SdKfz 251s for their post-war armed forces. Eventually these left over vehicles wore out and a replacement vehicle, the OT-810 was created to replace it, utilizing a similar design and constructed by Tatra and Skoda, both o Chevrolet 2 1/2 Ton Truck w/ 1 Ton Trailer on US Army Transportation Corp Flat Car. $32.50. (2) USMC M5 Stuart Light Tanks on a US Navy Flat Car. $32.50. (2) USMC 1 1/2 Ton Cargo Trucks on US Navy Flat Car. $32.50. (2) USMC Chevrolet 2 1/2 Ton Cargo Trucks on US Navy Flat Car. $32.50. USMC LVT (A)-4 Amtank on 40' US Navy Flatcar RC Tanks & Ready to Run - Huge Range. At Wonderland Models we stock a wide range of radio controlled and remote control rc tanks and package deals including the Tamiya range as well as items from Hobby Engine and Forces of Valor.Our mailorder department delivers r/c tanks worldwide with many orders coming from Europe and beyond Tamiya 1/16 Modern U.S. Army Infantry (Desert Uniform) Scaled Plastic Model Kit Paints Recommended by Tamiya XF-2 Flat White XF-15 Flat Flesh XF-1 Flat Black XF-16 Flat AluminiumXF-18 Flat Medium Blue XF-60 Flat Dark Yellow X-3 Royal Blue X-21 Flat BaseXF-50 Fla.

WWI, WWII Military Uniforms, Military Vehicles, war relics & more for sale at The War Front Militaria. . The War Front is a militaria, antiques and war collectibles dealer with two locations in Portland, Oregon & in Seattle Washington. Our stores specializes in the consignment and sales of all form including uniforms, field gear, books, photos. Tamiya 1/35 WWII Military Plastic Model Kits. Wonderland Models stock the full range of Tamiya 1/35 WWII Military plastic model kits including the Panzer IV Ausf D, King Tiger and the Matilda Tank.We also stock a large range of Tamiya model paints, Spray Paints, Modelling Tools, and Modelling accessories. To be notified of any new products or offers in this category, please sign up to the. One of the most iconic pieces of hardware in US Military history, over 40,000 M3 half-tracks were produced during World War II with many thousands of similar models also being supplied to their allies. The M3A1 was ideally suited to rushing troops to the front and through gaps in the enemy lines. With a top speed of 45 mph, and armored enough.

sale. U.S. Half-tracks Part 1. Sale Price: 44.95 Original Price: 49.95. The development and deployment of the U.S. Army's half-track vehicles. The first title in the Military Machine series is U.S. Half-tracks. Written by noted vehicle historian David Doyle, This massive 456-page book covers all aspects of the half-track's development and. For Sale Price: USD $1,650. Get Financing*. Drive: 2 WD. Engine Horsepower: 22 HP. Serial Number: W17298. Condition: Used. This used Ford 9N tractor with 22 hp engine is for sale at Baker & Sons Equipment in Lewisville, Ohio. Visit our website for photos and details of our complete used equipment inventory Bedford J1 Lomas Ambulance, Army Medical Services (1:148 N Scale) By Oxford Diecast Military Vehicles Item Number: NBED006 About Bedford J1 Lomas Ambulance, Army Medical Services (1:148 N Scale)About Oxford Diecast Military VehiclesProviding high quality, die cast models to the collector, gift, and promotional markets for more than twenty years, UK based Oxford Diecast has come to North America

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Browse our inventory of new and used AUTOCAR Trucks For Sale near you at TruckPaper.com. Models include XSPOTTER ACTT, XPEDITOR, ACL64, ACX64, XSPOTTER, WX64, KM64, CONSTRUCKTOR, A7564T, and DK64. Page 1 of 6 May 9, 2019 - Explore Carl Rainford's board Armoured vehicles half-tracks & motorcycles on Pinterest. See more ideas about armored vehicles, military vehicles, vehicles The Army still owns them more or less, so if the place they are in happens to close down or change, the town or VFW can't sell the tank. The Army will come and get it, and they are supposedly responsible for keeping them up, but in reality, they are usually pretty rusty on the inside, and often have the floors starting to rust through. Source For Sale: German NSU Kettenkrad 1943 $135,000. This 1943 Kettenkrad has a 4 cylinder Opel motor that runs great and cool, the transmission has been rebuilt, the Transaxle has been gone through with all. War History Online. 73k followers. Armoured Personnel Carrier General Chaffee M24 Light Tank. 39,550. Front numbered '330690'. This tank has no engine. The markings on this tank indicate that it was used for trials in New Guinea circa 1944. The Chaffee M24 was arguably the best light tank used in WW2. 44. Buffalo Mk.4 (LVT4) Tracked Landing Vehicle. 36,160 Amazon.com: German Military Vehicles of World War II: An Illustrated Guide to Cars, Trucks, Half-Tracks, Motorcycles, Amphibious Vehicles and Others (9780786428984): Jean-Denis G.G. Lepage: Book