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Where To Adjust Motorcycle Clutch Lever If you need to make an adjustment, there are two places to do it. You use the barrel at the lever to make minor day-to-day adjustments, or you can turn the.. With the bike in neutral, pull the clutch lever all the way toward the handlebar and let it go, pulling the clutch cable's housing away from the barrel adjuster with your right hand as you release the lever. This takes the tension off the barrel adjuster so you can easily turn it either way with your left hand Like the throttle cable, the clutch cable typically has two points of adjustments: One near the lever. One near the clutch cover. Use the clutch adjuster near the lever for smaller adjustments

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  1. Mastery of the clutch lever is crucial for motorcycle safety and enjoyment. An improperly adjusted clutch lever can lead to hand and wrist soreness and inconsistent application of the clutch lever. Often times riders just accept where the controls are located and end up adjusting their bodies to accommodate poor control positions
  2. The shifter and rear-brake lever height (and sometimes reach) is adjustable on nearly all motorcycles. As with the front brake lever, you want the rear brake pedal to be positioned just beneath..
  3. A motorcycle clutch cable might be adjustable, but only to a point. As shown in the photos above, the nuts on the locknut adjuster only have so much room to move. Ditto the fine adjuster by the lever. If they're at their limits and you still need more tension, you need a new clutch cable
  4. Lever adjustment is one of the easiest modifications you can do - all you have to do is loosen the clamp on the clip-on and rotate them to where it's more comfortable
  5. 1. Correct cable adjustment is very important. A slack cable (too much play in the lever) won't allow the clutch to fully disengage. Over-tightening will mean not enough tension on the clutch.

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Having adjusted my clutch to the way I wanted it, about the only way to move the friction zone closer in, is to increase the lever gap.My lever is a bit looser than the manual calls for. I did this to insure that the clutch is fully engaged when the lever is fully released, and it gave me a way to measure any wear in my clutch, by experiencing the looseness of the lever A proper motorcycle clutch cable adjustment gives your bike's clutch a little freeplay and ensures that you're not riding the clutch even when the lever is fully out. If your clutch is adjusted. How To Adjust The Clutch Leaver On A Motorcycle. A motorcycle's clutch cable will gradually loosen from the clutch lever's grip with regular riding over time. This increases what is called play, which is the amount by which the lever can be depressed before it begins to operate/engage the clutch Adjusting the shifter height only requires the most basic of tools. Often all you'll need is a pair of open end wrenches - one for the shift rod and the other for the lock nut. You need to be careful when preparing to adjust the rod length of the shifter. Look closely at the threads above the lock nut

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The hydraulic clutch is self adjusting. That is one of the benefits. You should have a friction zone that allows you to put just enough pressure in a forward motion to balance the bike without putting your feet on the ground. You might want to check the fluid level and it might be an adjustment of the clutch plates How to adjust a motorcycle clutch lever, shown on a Harley Davidson Softail Deluxe. The principle is the same on all bikes using cable actuated clutches, not..

Pull back the rubber cover from the clutch lever, and loosen the larger lock nut by unscrewing it with your fingers. Step 2 Screw the smaller adjusting nut outward to reduce free play and tighten the lever, or inward for the opposite effect. Use pliers if adjusting this with your fingers is too difficult Actually, the clutch levers on small-displacement bikes don't have a big throw, to begin with, and therefore adjustment is pretty significant. If your fingers are long enough, set your clutch lever on 1. This will maximize clutch lever travel giving you the best chance for full disengagement as you pull the lever to the grip To properly maintain and adjust the clutch lever on your Indian Roadmaster, follow these steps: 1. Park the motorcycle on a flat, level surface and allow the vehicle to cool completely. 2. Inspect the entire length of the clutch cable for any damage to the external casing. Also, inspect any exposed cable wire for fraying, kinks or corrosion Short of bending the slave mounting bracket there is NO adjustment. A thorough cleaning and lubing of the clutch lever pivot bolt and bushings could be of benefit. Be careful not to over tighten the pivot bolt. Like x Correctly Adjusting your clutch. You do not need any special equipment for clutch adjustment. You will only need a spanner, which is generally part of your bike tool kit. There are two ways to adjust your clutch, Clutch Lever Side and Engine Side. Engine side adjustment is generally under your fuel tank on the right side

For starters, you have to adjust the cable tension regularly to account for clutch wear and cable stretch. Too loose and you won't get complete clutch engagement when you pull on the lever, too little slack and you're going to get a clutch slip which is going to fry your clutch plates This is the primary reason why my 2000 R1 Service Manual says there should be 10 to 15 millimeters of free play at the end of the clutch lever. You want to make sure that when the clutch is fully engaged - as in when you're no longer pulling on the lever at all - that there's enough slack in the line to allow the plates to be fully engaged Now turn out the adjusting screw 1/4 rotation, and tighten lock nut. Now at the lower cable adjuster (just above the clutch release cover) loosen the 2 lock nuts, & turn the cable adjuster to obtain .4-.6 in of play at the clutch lever end, & tighten lock nut. Now tighten lock nut on clutch lever

AZ Rider said: For most of the other bikes Ive owned, the free play spec is measured at the end of the clutch lever and in the 5-10mm range for a spec. A Challenger is measured at the other end of the lever (forgot the name of such but the junction of the lever and the housing) and therefore the spec of .5-1.5mm is much smaller. Hope that helps Dragging Clutch. A dragging clutch is one where the engine and rear wheel are not completely disengaged when the clutch lever is pulled in. The most common cause of this problem is a badly adjusted clutch. However, modern oils can sometimes cause this problem Clutch Lever Adjustment. « on: December 27, 2016, 06:52:22 pm ». Well after a rear tire blow out on my inaugural ride I finally have the bike back. Installed a new 600 watt Shark amp and Infinity Speakers. Runs great and sounds good. See pics So, why is a motorcycle clutch lever so stiff? There are several factors that can contribute to a stiff clutch. An old, worn or dirty clutch cable is one reason. Other factors include dirty lever, stiff clutch springs, dirty or worn actuator arm or push rod. Clutch position and hand strength can also be a factor I re adjusted clutch using a dime as spacer. Now when i ride, after say 5 to 6 miles in 6th gear, when you pull in on clutch it seems to have no free play at all. It's like it tightens up on it's on. You can pull in on clutch lever several times, and you have free play once again and no clutch slippage

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Ideally you should be able to slip the balls of your fingers over the levers while riding without dragging the brake. If not, adjust the levers or see what the aftermarket offers. Some companies, like Motion Pro (650/594-9600 ), offer different levers for the stock perches. The clutch should engage in the area where you have the most control Always adjust the clutch on a cold bike for best results. It's better to adjust the clutch so that it starts to grab at least an inch or more from the bar for complete disc separation, which translates into better/quieter shifting. Using this method, you can feel where the lever is going to grab with a little practice Just recently got a 2010 Electra Glide Limited. When I first got it, I noticed how the clutch starts engaging as soon as I start releasing the lever. Just figured it needed an adjustment. So watched a few YouTube videos. Seemed simple enough, so I let it set overnight, loosened the cable..

The clutch actuator has three little balls that ride on a ramp. As you pull the clutch lever, the lever in the case rotates and the balls move up the ramp. This pushes the clutch rod into the case, disengaging the clutch. If you over adjust the clutch, the 3 little balls travel to far, past the end of the internal ramp. That is the pop you hear The clutch lever is located on the left side of the handlebar. It disengages and engages the power from the engine to the rear wheel. Its just lever adjustments for more or less reach. Turn the adjuster and notice how much closer or further from the grip that the lever gets

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  1. - With the clutch lever pulled in while in gear, the bike may try to creep forward or even lurch forward and suddenly stall - Spongy clutch lever as if there is suddenly air in the system - Low fluid level in clutch master cylinder reservoi
  2. Cable adjustment on a Moto Guzzi 850 GT. Photo courtesy of Moto Guzzi. Finally, use the adjuster at the handlebar lever to fine-tune the last little bit of adjustment. When the handlebar lever pivots, there should be 4 mm (~ 1⁄8 inch) of cable free play (measured as shown below) before the cable begins disengaging the clutch
  3. (Above, a preinstall pose with the slick-looking Vario Levers still packaged - Below, the clutch lever installed shows the simple slide-adjustment for length in the foreground and toward the top right, the 3-position cam switch that allows riders to quickly adjust how far the reach is to each lever.
  4. Step 7: Adjust the clutch cable (Part 2) For this step in adjusting your motorcycle clutch, you will simply need to repeat Step 2 in reverse. If you squeezed your clutch lever to test the reduction of tension in Step 2, you will begin to see it creep back to its original position now
  5. The clutch is the part of an engine that controls the power transition. A common, uncomplicated type of clutch is a clutch that works with either the drive shaft or the line shaft. A motorcycle clutch typically uses what is known as a wet clutch system. In such a system, plain steel and friction plates work in tandem to control the transmission.
  6. To adjust, simply pull up on the clutch cable and loosen the locknut and the adjuster nut slightly. Next, slowly pull up on the clutch cable again. You will feel a point where the clutch fork engages. This is where the clutch cable should be adjusted to

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Replacing your non adjustable levers, for the adjustable set that are stock on the B & Goldwing models. You'll have to decide if you want stock narrow or the chrome Wide levers. (Both with the adjustment dials). I Like The wide levers with my big hands (personal choice) Then you will be able to adjust the lever for what you were asking about Kawasaki Motorcycle Forums. Kawasaki Cruisers. Clutch adjustment on 1600 Classic. Jump to Latest Follow no adjustment needed as it's a hydralic clutch. try and adjust the clutch lever, look for the dial on the lever and turn the knob to where you like the feel and release of the clutch The levers come in chrome or black finish with your choice of colors for the adjustment knob. The fit and finish of the Hog Leverage levers, manufactured by Oberon Performance in England, is very high quality. The Hog Leverage lever in chrome finish retails for $152.58. Each black-finish lever currently retails for $134.63 M695 - Clutch Lever Adjustment When i first got my bike, I had the same issue. I could barely get going the engagment point was so far out. The flat head screw adjuster on the stock levers had some kind of junk in it from the factory to prevent adjustment. I used a hot soldering iron to melt/chip out what ever was in there With a short lever this is not a problem. Finer Adjustment. The extra adjustment range available is going to make it easier for the rider to set the levers up and get a better position for them. As you'll see below some aftermarket motorcycle levers offer greater adjustment than others, but generally they all offer more than what stock levers do

From my experience (Honda VFR800) there isn't an adjustment to make, if you are having clutch problems check these things. If the clutch is heavy and it has a push rod to operate the clutch (VFR800) remove the slave cylinder (put a cable tie aroun.. This involves disconnecting the clutch cable at the lever end and the clutch end, then removing the cable and installing a new one. In many cases, you can use electrical tape to attach the new cable to the old cable at the clutch end and then pull the old cable out, dragging the new cable into the correct route through the frame Unlike the cable clutch, the hydraulic clutch is self-adjusting. This means frequent adjustments are not necessary to maintain the correct point of your motorcycle clutch. The clutch discs wear out over time and the hydraulic clutch automatically adjusts to compensate for the loss. In the traditional cable clutch, the lever force is. Harley Clutch Adjustment on a Softail or Dyna. Bob teaches you how to adjust the clutch and primary chain on your Harley Softail or Dyna model. Be sure to achieve free play on the clutch cable to verify that you have proper adjustment on the clutch cable pack, and check for the proper specs in your service manual for adjusting the primary chain (if your model has the adjustment window) Discussion Starter · #14 · Apr 14, 2009. I am referring to the shift lever not the clutch handle on the handle bars. The smallest adjustment, one notch on the splines, moves the shiftlever too much. I need about 1/4 - 1/2 inch lower. One notch on the splines moves it about 1-1/4 inch

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Adjusting the clutch lever 2018 09-30-2020, 03:57 PM I understand the intention of the 1-5 dial on the clutch lever, but it doesn't seem to do anything pertaining to adjusting when the clutch fully engages I just took delivery of a new to me 16 High Ball. The clutch engagement is almost immediately off the handlebar when letting the clutch out. I'd like to adjust it so the friction point/engagement is closer to about half way out on the lever. How do I adjust the friction point? I have about an 1/8 free play when the clutch is out now if that helps

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Take the motorcycle for a 10- or 20-minute test ride. Use this ride to determine if the clutch is actuating against the transmission too much or too little. For example, if you release the clutch lever and the motorcycle is low on power, the clutch is not actuating enough CRG Carbon Brake Lever. $139. . 95. 13. Bike Specific. Exact Fit parts are designed specifically for your bike. LighTech Magnesium Folding Brake & Clutch Lever Kits. $208 Anodized Aluminum Motorcycle Clutch Lever With Six Adjustment, find complete details about Anodized Aluminum Motorcycle Clutch Lever With Six Adjustment, motorcycle clutch lever, motorcycle clutch lever adjustment, Aluminum Motorcycle Clutch Lever - Wuxi Thai-Racing Trade Co., Lt Buell Blast Motorcycle Discussion Forum. Dear Blastlings, I have a bit of a problem, I think. It's about 40 degrees and I've been riding around town doing my job and my clutch lever is getting stiffer and harder to pull

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A clutch disconnects the engine from the transmission and drivetrain system used to rotate the wheel. The clutch lever is typically situated on the left side handlebar. You can operate a clutch by grabbing it repeatedly while shifting gears. Shifting gears without clutching is also possible but damages the gearbox a great deal Harley-Davidson will notify owners, and dealers will inspect the clutch master cylinder for the presence of gas in the fluid, if so, the dealer will flush the clutch system and rebuild the clutch master cylinder, free of charge. The recall began July 25, 2016. Owners may contact Harley-Davidson customer service at 800/258-2464

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On my cable clutch I had it set to release at about half way and that's were I feel most comfortable. That way you never have too much or too little clutch so it's never slipping. So what I wanted to do was to set the lever adjustment on 3 and have the clutch release point at about half way out 16 Posts. Discussion Starter · #3 · 2 mo ago (Edited) Beairsto Racing said: There is no adjustment...it's hydraulic. Click to expand... That's why I'm hoping bleeding the system will fix the problem. In 35+ years of riding I've never owned a motorcycle where the clutch zone was at the very end of the lever and not adjustable in some way

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How To Adjust Clutch Engagement Point On A Motorcycle Setting the clutch cable slack is not only easy to do, it's necessary if you want your clutch to work properly and last a long time. For your clutch to work correctly there has to be the proper amount of slack in the cable, if there's too little slack the clutch plates won't be fully. Motorcycle Clutch Brake Master Cylinder Hydraulic Adjustable Lever (Left+Righ) (Fits: Kawasaki KX65) $38.60. Was: $42.89. Free shipping. or Best Offer Replacement for Kawasaki, Suzuki and Yamaha clutch lever assembly on MX bikes Meets or exceeds OEM quality. $17.55. Motion Pro® Custom Polished Brake Lever Assembly (14-0103) 0. # mpn4551433211. Universal Custom Polished Brake Lever Assembly by Motion Pro®. Inexpensive replacement for Japanese motocross bikes China Brake Levers Adjust Motorcycle, China Brake Levers Adjust Motorcycle Suppliers and Manufacturers Directory - Source a Large Selection of Brake Levers Adjust Motorcycle Products at brake lever,brake pad motorcycle,hand brake lever from China Alibaba.co

MZS Motorcycle Brake Clutch Adjustable Shorty Lever Compatible Honda CBR1000RR SP 2008-2019 Without the ABE and TUV, please careful check before ordering High technology CNC levers made of 6061-T6 aluminum Adjustable in 6 positions (even while driving) Weight without adapter: 81g, Length: 14.5 cm Ergonomic shape, extremely light and resistan Alibaba.com offers 4,452 brake levers adjust motorcycle products. A wide variety of brake levers adjust motorcycle options are available to you, such as type Universal Lever Assembly by BikeMaster®. Replacements for Japanese motocross bikes, comes in either black or polished. Features a quick adjust clutch perch and hot start lever. This top-grade product is expertly made in compliance with..

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Suzicca Adjustable CNC motorcycle Clutch Brake Levers Replacement For Kawasaki NINJA 400 Z400 2017-2019. Features:Exquisite workmanship:CNC machined from top grade alloy for enhancing its stable performance and durability.Six degrees adjustable:Design six gears, choose the right angle, adjust the gear, and adjust the angle to the right position. Clutch Cable Free Play Adjustment. Properly adjusting your clutch cable's free play is essential to getting the maximum life out of your clutch components, clutch cable as well as providing a good feel at the lever. The ability to properly make this adjustment should be in every rider's toolbox I'm wondering if there is an easy way to adjust the clutch lever to reduce the amount of play? Right now it seems loose (moves about 1/2 inch front to back) the other bikes at my local dealer all have much less play in their levers. I've also noticed that the bike has a tendency to stall when I'm coming to a stop with the clutch held in

The clutch never slips, and ive adjusted is as per the service manual.. *wind back clutch adj on lever all the way down. *undo lock nut on clutch adjuster at engine, wind out clutch, then wind in clutch adj via screwdriver until 'sweet spot', tighten lock nut. *loosen clutch cable at motor, adjust it to give lever play as per manual.tighten the. Typically one of the first things I do when I get a new motorcycle or bicycle is to adjust the positions of the brake and clutch levers to my liking. Normally looking for a fairly straight line through my wrist and fingers to have them comfortably resting on the levers. On the 2016 Ducati Multistrad

120 in-lbs (8.1-13.6 Nm), while holding adjusting screw with an Allen wrench. 7. Squeeze clutch lever to maximum limit three times to set ball and ramp release mechanism. 8. Check freeplay. a. Turn cable adjuster away from jam nut until slack is eliminated at hand lever. b. Pull clutch cable ferrule away from clutch lever bracket to check free. 7). Pull the clutch lever all the way to the hand grip. remove the slack from the cable adjuster, watching the clutch lever move as you do this. As you get close to the lever being in its fully extended position, continue removeing slack from the cable adjuster, use a dime as a gauge between the clutch lever and the clutch perch t Tighten the locknut when finished. Start the engine, pull lever, and shift into 1st. If shifting is difficult or the bike creeps, you will have to adjust it at the clutch housing. Turn bike off. Go back to the hand lever, loosen locknut, and turn the adjuster wheel all the way toward the hand grip I believe the clutch adjustment procedure as in the owner's manual is a good one. It includes three points of adjustment, the handlebar adjuster, the cable adjuster above the engine side cover, AND the pushrod adjuster screw under the engine sidecover. With slack in the first two, one can adjust the pushrod screw after loosening the lock nut Oberon levers for the Harley Davidson model has adjustment that is achieved by a fingertip controlled knob offering eight positions which allows more than 1 inch of adjustment. This is extremely useful with bikes equipped with a hydraulically actuated clutch and for people with smaller hands or limited mobility

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Having the ability to adjust clutch and brake lever locations to suit the size of your hands is extremely important for riding comfort and safety. With Oberon levers, designed to fit the Harley Davidson model line, this adjustment is achieved by a fingertip controlled knob offering eight positions which allows more than 1 inch of adjustment Clutch lever (1) Long • Short Black • Silver Reach Adjust - grip width adjustment (2) tools not required clamp (3) Ø, mm 22.2 Standard clamp • mirror clamp Starter switch (4) Option Choke lever Decompression lever (5) Option Hot-start lever Clutch actuator (slave cylinder) [TD] standard rearMoun If the issue is clutch lever to handlebar distance, and not clutch cable adjustment, then use the lever dial setting which moves the lever either away or toward the handlebar. I know that my front brake lever has this kind of adjustment, but I'm not sure the clutch lever does A motorcycle clutch lever will break down or need to be replaced at some point. They can easily be damaged from crashes or the motorcycle falling on its side, which means it will likely need to be changed more than once if it is used often. So let us learn what it takes and how to replace your motorcycle clutch lever in a few minutes

TORC1 Racing Vengeance V2 Flex Clutch Lever $66.49 $69.99 You save 5%. Compare. Quick View. Tusk Quick Adjust Clutch Lever Assembly $19.99 $24.99 You save 20%. Compare. Quick View. TORC1 Racing Vengeance V2 Flex Front Brake Lever $66.49 $69.99 You save 5%. Compare. Quick View How To Check And Adjust Clutch Lever Free Play - MC Garage. Motorcyclist. 3 years ago. We're getting back to the basics with this explanation of how to check and adjust your motorcycle's clutch-lever free play. It's easy and only takes a moment. Browse more videos Here's the WRN Discount. From today through the end of October, readers of WRN can receive 15 percent off the retail price of Hog Leverage adjustable clutch and brake levers in either chrome or black with pink adjuster knobs. These are available for 2008-2013 Harley-Davidson touring models only. Retail prices range from about $140 to $160 per. Remove the 10mm nut from the clutch and loosen the cable. Remove the cable and the brass bushing. Grab the new lever and replace the cable and the bushing into the pivot point. Reinstall the screw and nut before adjusting the clutch cable tension

The adjustment screw can be right OR left thread, so watch out. A shop manual would be of help here. The adjusting screw can also be UNDER the clutch cover on the clutch spring plate. After you have made this adjustment, adjust the clutch cable keeping at least a little free play in the cable 3. Adjusting the Clutch Cable. Locate the clutch cable housing adjusting nut, locknut (or wingnut), and adjuster nut at the cable bottom end where it attaches to the clutch operating lever. To increase clutch pedal free travel (lower clutch pedal), shorten the housing by turning the nut One the earlier type, adjust the clutch adjusting screw with the handlebar adjuster screwed almost all the way in. Turn the adjusting screw in until you just feel it contact the clutch rod, then back it off about 3/4 turn and lock the nut. Make your final adjustment at the handlebar lever so that you have about 1/16 free play at the lever. The Rizoma brake/clutch levers were developed through in-depth wind tunnel testing to provide the best comfort about grip and lever adjustment. Levers JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser The Adjustable Plus levers have been developed to offer the maximum comfort in terms of grip and adjustment according to different riding styles. In addition to the lever-grip distance control system, with higher position for increased accessibility, a sliding control system allows the length of the lever to be adjusted

Push on the brake lever forward and twist the dial to 1. Test the lever. Push on the brake lever forward once again, and twist the dial to 5. Test the lever by pulling on it. See which feels better for you, or find a step in between (2, 3, 4) that works best for your hands and prefference How do i adjust the clutch lever so the clutch engages sooner? I cant get it in neutrel when the bike is running and when i put it in 1st, it wants to take off on me with the lever in. 31 Years experience with Harley-Davidson motorcycles, licensed Motorcycle Mechanic, Shop Owner. Terry. Motorcycle Mechanic

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Go back to the left side of the motorcycle and the clutch lever. Back in Step 1, we moved the fine adjustment all the way in. Now, simply adjust it out until you feel about half an inch of movement in the clutch lever between first engaging the clutch plates and a full clutch extension. Step 7 6. The clutch cable adjuster lock nut. Step 1: If you find the play of the clutch incorrect, adjust it in the following way: Step 2: A basis adjustment be allowed by the clutch lever adjuster. #3. Step 3: Loosen the clutch lever adjuster as per #3. Step 4: Screw the lock nut #2 clockwise fully, after finishing adjustment

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Classic Line Cable Clutch Lever Assembly. $155.00 - $195.00. Choose Options. Kustom Tech How to adjust clutch engagement point on a motorcycle. 1. Setting the clutch cable slack is not only easy to do, it's necessary if you want your clutch to work properly and last a long time. For your clutch to work correctly there has to be the proper amount of slack in the cable, if there's too little slack the clutch plates won't be. The Adjustable Clutch Lever is an adjustable version of the standard equipment. This item fits Daytona 675 and Daytona 675R models up to VIN 564947 and Street Triple and Street Triple R models up to VIN 560476. Always have Triumph approved parts, accessories, and conversions fitted by a trained technician of an authorized Triumph dealer Installing the Pazzo Adjustable Levers. The clutch side on the Multistrada 620 was first (photo above). One of the reasons for installing the Pazzo levers in the first place was because the clutch engagement point adjusting screw (green arrow) on the original equipment (OE) lever shown here is permanently sealed

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clutch perch as possible PIC 3 and rotate the cable and housing away from the handlebar PIC 4. The lever may now be pulled free of the perch PIC 5. Slide the nylon cable anchor out of the stock lever freeing the cable. Remove the OEM nylon pin bushing from the lever. (Now is a good time to lube your clutch cable. Wit This video is specifically about making minor adjustments to the clutch cable on your Harley Davidson motorcycle, which in turn will adjust how your clutch lever feels. To adjust the actual clutch on your Harley Davidson, check out the completely free tutorial video for that on this page EZ. SJH, The narrow engagement band for the clutch can be helped a little by adjusting at the clutch like EZ says, but it's a pain to get to with the footpeg brackets in the way. You can use the cable adjustment to run more or less slack, which will change where the friction zone is during lever travel