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Vastu Tips For South-East Toilet. The South-east direction in Vastu is considered to be like a well-wisher who is sensitive yet angry by nature if not complied with properly. Lord Agni is the owner of this direction while its representative planet is Venus (Shukra). The sun, the provider of heat, energy and light, is the strongest when it. East facing plot and house vastu explained in tamil.#eastfacing#eastplot#eastfacinghousevastu#vastutipstamil#வாஸ்த

தென்கிழக்கு மூலை வாஸ்து படி எப்படி இருக்க வேண்டும்? #southeastvastu#. வாஸ்து: கழிவறை , பாத்ரூம் அமைக்கும் முறை | வாழ்க வாராகி. Vastu remedies for toilets facing south-east direction. Building a toilet facing south, the direction of fire, can have negative effects as per Vastu. It is better to avoid using such toilets. To remove the negative effects, place a Vastu pyramid on the south and east side of the walls on the outside Vastu Tips for Bathroom and Toilets We should not have toilets and bathroom in North East and South East as this is very severe vastu defect. As North East is a Eshan Corner and Lord Shiv leads this direction if we build toilets in this direction then this will impact on your wealth,Health and Legal cases

Vastu dosh in South East direction may affect the health of women in the house. Vastu dosh in South East direction also affect the married life or in conceiving a child. South East direction is recommended for Master bed room. Vastu restricts doors, toilet/bathroom or an underground water body in South East direction As per Guruji's , Saral Vastu Principles: Construct toilet 1-2 feet higher than ground level. Colour of the toilet walls should prefer light colours. Avoid having a water closet, in the toilet, above or under pooja room, fire or bed place. Avoid toilets in the centre of the home. Toilets should not be near to the kitchen due to hygienic reasons South East direction, in vastu shastra, is considered the direction of Fire element.. Now, since this is the place of fire element hence it controls or rules the fire or zest of human beings for good earning, health (especially for women), physical power and relationships (love and marriage both).. Furthermore, any vastu dosh (defect) in South East direction leads to financial, health. In Vastu Shastra yesterday, Acharya Indu Prakash had talked about constructing the toilet in the south-east direction and today he will talk about the construction of the toilet in the south. 3. If there is going to be a septic tank in the toilet, then Vastu advises avoiding south side for the installation of the septic tank. 4. Avoid mirror in the south or west wall. North and east walls are considered good for the mirror but also make sure there is no direct contact of the mirror with the bedroom. 5

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Toilet effects in south-east direction of the house. घर की दक्षिण-पूर्व दिशा में शौचालय के प्रभाव। आप अपने. Vastu Shastra | Vastu Shastra For HomeFor all vastu solutions click: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYyFgdNf_uhUSoULwnYAvZg?sub_confirmation=1Vastu Shastra..

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  1. Placement of toilet in a home is most important for the health and wealth of the inmates living there. If by hap toilet is placed at undesirable place then surely it would lead to major problems such as finance loss, health problems, mental tension and stress etc. Vastu-Shastra lays down rules for the placement of toilet and WC so that it won't create any complication for any occupant
  2. Vastu Guidelines For South-East Bedroom. The South-east direction in Vastu is considered to be like a well-wisher who is sensitive yet angry by nature if not complied with properly. Lord Agni is the owner of this direction while its representative planet is Venus (Shukra). The sun, the provider of heat, energy and light, is the strongest when.
  3. The best direction of the toilet seat, according to Vastu, is in the south-east or north-west side. This should be in such a way that a person using it is not facing either the east or the west. 5. Windows should open out along the east, north or west in your bathroom. 6. Constructing the toilet a couple of feet above the ground is a good idea. 7
  4. Never store water or install taps in South-West or South-East. I assume that you now have understood the importance of having a vastu compliant attached toilet or bathroom in your home. Also, I believe that you will follow the above mentioned vastu tips for toilet and bathroom and make the attached bathroom in your home a vastu compliant one
  5. Vastu Shastra has specific prescriptions for every area of a home, be it the children's bedroom, the home office, the meditation room or your kitchen.Not just in terms of direction of rooms, vastu also dictates the right spots for the placement of furniture at home. There are also vastu tips and guidelines for the bathroom and toilet in terms of their direction and position

Vastu defects that can take place in the south-east direction: 1. Placing a toilet in the south-east 2. Positioning a bedroom here 3. South-east having a cut or an extension 4. Slope in the south-east 5. the entrance of the home placed in the south east direction 6. Problems which occur due to defects of Vastu in the south east direction: 7 Vastu for Kitchen - Vastu for home, Vastu in tamil, Tamil vastu. Home. Vastu for Kitchen. Kitchen should be provided at the South East corner of the house. Optionally it can be constructed at the North-West portion. While cooking face East direction in the kitchen. (Both South-East & North-West If the Bathroom zone in South East is extended, then use any light shade of Yellow or Beige. Off-white or cream is a Vastu neutral colour. Vastu Shastra Colours for Bathroom in South of South East; If the Bathroom zone in South of South East is balanced, then use any light shade of Red, Pink, Orange, Violet, Purple, or Lilac colour. If the. Vastu Tips for South East Toilet The secret of the Vastu Pyramid One should avoid having their toilets or bathrooms in the South-west direction. But if this is the reality, then placing a Vastu Pyramid for South West toilet on the exterior wall does the work. Ensure keeping the doors of the toilet closed all the time Vastu Dosh Remedies For Toilet- Complete Tips and Vastu Solution: Vastu Shastra has occupied almost all the fields such as home, business, office, shop, etc.Most of the apartments and houses are constructed by keeping Vastu guidelines in mind. When you are buying or constructing the home, it is advised to pay special attention to toilets, bathrooms, as well as combined washrooms

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Tips For mirror Placement In Bathroom - Vastu For mirror. Install a mirror in a well-lit bathroom. If you put it up against the lights, you may not be able to see yourself in the mirror clearly. Place the mirror against the bathroom's north or east wall. A full-length mirror may be hung on the door, but it must be installed carefully The positioning of toilet should be complaint to Vastu norms in every way, here are some rules for placement of toilet: North-west is ideally considered for the placement of toilet while attached toilet in bathroom must also be in this direction only. Alternative direction for the construction of toilet is South-east

Apart from above septic tank vastu tips, here're some more vastu instructions for pipelines that lead to septic tank. Pipelines Vastu - What to Follow. Pipelines from bathroom and kitchen should have outlets from North or East. Pipelines from toilets should be from West or NW. Replace or repair any broken pipelines. Pipelines Vastu - What. Place a red bulb inside it and keep it on (burning) for 24 7 356 days. Place a North East Direction Yantra on the North East direction of the house. Regularly burn camphor (kapoor) inside the bathroom and place a bag full of table salt inside the bathroom. Place a palm tree inside the toilet. Place an fragrant candle inside the bathroom/toilet

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வாஸ்து: கழிவறை மற்றும் பாத்ரூம் அமைக்கும் முறை Toilet

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According to Andal Vastu rule, Avoid constructing a toilet on the North-East/ South-East (corner)/ South-West of the house which brings ill health. If women have health issues, south-east corner of the house should be checked. There should not be any obstructions in the south-east portion of the house, like well, bore well etc South-east is also called agneya zone, governed by element fire and most suitable place for kitchen and electrical equipments. South-east is ideal only for kitchen and electrical equipments while the major defect is entrance in South-east. This essential zone should be kept free from any Vastu defect so to maintain inflow of wealth and good health South East Vastu Dosh & Remedies : South East direction, in vastu shastra, is considered the direction of Fire element.Now, since this is the place of fire element hence it controls or rules the fire or zest of human beings for good earning, health (especially for women), physical power and relationships (love and marriage both) Toilet Direction As Per Vastu: The ideal direction to construct a toilet that is attached to the bedroom is on the west or northwest side of the bedroom. For an independently placed toilet, the northwest side works the best, whereas, for an attached toilet, the west direction suits well. While the south corner is considered auspicious, the east.

Changing the toilet towards either Southeast or Northwest is a good idea. But at any cost, it should not be moved to the Northeast corner. The good idea is to obtain proper guidance from vastu expert before doing any modifications. South West Toilet is Good or Bad as Per Vastu. Normally, the southwest toilet proffering ill-effects to the residents 33+ House Plan Vasthu In Tamil, Great Concept - To have home plan interesting characters that look elegant and modern can be created quickly. If you have consideration in making creativity related to house plan vasthu in tamil. Examples of house plan vasthu in tamil which has interesting characteristics to look elegant and modern, we will give it to you for free home plan your dream can be. Vastu for Bathroom. Vastu for Balcony. Vastu for Bedroom. Vastu for Offices. Vastu for Hospitals. overhead tank in the North-West & South-East directions. Mr. Andal P. Chockalingam's Live Program. Tamil Nadu, India. Phone: +91 99622 94600 +91 99622 94600, +91 95972 7747

A small Vastu Tip may change your life. Toilet/bathroom construction on top of the Septic Tank: +6 #16 Toilet tank at South East corner 1 feet away from wall. — Lalit 2017-06-05 16:25. Namaste sir, I want your kind advice regarding the position of toilet tank in a newly built house that I want to buy. This home has Septic tank at SE. Vastu for Bathroom. Bath rooms and toilet rooms can be built on the eastern side or in the seuth-east corner. These can be built even in the North-West corner. These may be built either on the Northern side or on the Eastern side if necessary. Water-tubs, water-tanks built on pillars should be placed in the east and northern sides of a house 2. Avoid adorning the bathroom door with decorative statues or religious idols. 3. The toilet should be separated from the bedroom, puja area, and kitchen by at least one wall. 4. Do not locate an attached toilet in the South-East or South-West corner. Bathrooms and toilets that are not Vastu compliant invite a slew of problems.. Follow the. Sri Aandal Vastu Practitioner Training Class Starts on 15-11-2019, For More Details : +91 99622 9460

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Vastu for Bedroom also known as Vastu Shastra for Bedroom involves the direction of the bed, various items that we place in the bedroom, the position of the toilet door etc. The columns, beams, corners and furniture should not have the sharp edges Office Vastu Shastra is not new. It is the part of ancient science that serves as a guide for a positive workspace. Right from the entrance of the office to the reception, pantry/canteen, washrooms, staircase and sitting positions in the office, Vastu covers everything that forms a healthy work environment Vastu Shastra suggests to make length of septic tank on East-West side while breadth on South-North. Level of Spetic Tank It should always be constructed to the ground level and must not touch the main wall of house i.e. compound wall. The Drainage Make sure the drainage pipes in toilet and bathroom have thei 3. Keeping the magnetic compass in your phone in the centre note down the direction for all the rooms, including drawing room, bedroom, kitchen and toilet etc. 4. Fill the below form by assigning the direction to the corresponding rooms. 5. And Done! Get the result of the Vastu for Home evaluator for free

North East Vastu Dosh - The Remedies You Can Apply. S.No. North East Vastu Dosha. Vatsu Remedy for Dosha. 1. Toilet in North East. Place 3 bronze bowls at the ceiling of toilet in upside-down position in North, East and North East part. Keep a plant that can absorb huge amount of negative energy such as spider plant Further, please tell me vastu for car colour and vastu for car portico. In this car garage vastu, is there any car colour is preferred and is there any specific car number also recommended. +20 #2 Car Parking Vastu Issues — Benjamin 2014-05-04 11:0 Vastu tips for mirror placement in bathrooms. Place a mirror in a well-lit part of the bathroom. Do not position it against the lights as you may not be able to see clearly in the mirror. Place the mirror on the north or eastern wall of the bathroom. You can place a full-length mirror on the door but it should be affixed carefully Sri Aandal Vastu Practitioner Training Class Starts on 15-11-2019, For More Details : +91 99622 94600. The Septic tank and the toilet must be on the North West corner. Pooja room should be located on the South East or North West portion

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Vastu extensions,vastu tips for home,vastu shastra for home,vastu pyramid. square or rectangular plots are considered best for residential or commercial purposes. But in actual practice we find the plots shapes to be irregular more often than not. The effects of plots extended in different directions or reduction Very soon we are introducing house vastu in Telugu, Hindi, Kannada, Tamil, Gujarati, Marathi, Bengali, Malayalam, Rajasthani, etc. Already Vastu in Gujarati is available. It is highly appreciated if you support to develop vastu shastra in different languages. Right now, House vastu shastra in Telugu work is going on. 100 Vastu Shastra Question

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Jade is a small green plant with round leaves, known to bring luck and symbolizes growth, prosperity, wealth, and positive energy. It can also prove beneficial in flourishing friendship. What Vastu Says: Keeping it in the south-east direction of your entrance attracts most energy.Do not keep the plant in the bedroom or bathroom as it'll bring negativity that way The direction of the main entrance as per Vastu, is the most important aspect, while taking a rental home. The best entry is north-east, followed by north-west, east. North and west-facing homes are also considered good. Avoid homes with south, south-east and south-west entries. The kitchen should be in the south-east or north-west Vastu suggests that since bedrooms normally have heavy objects like beds, cupboards etc, they should be placed in the south, southwest or west direction of the room. If possible, avoid beds in the centre of the room. The southwest corner of the room should not be vacant. An attached bathroom could be built on the west or north sides of the room Hindu Vastu Shastra is an ancient Indian architecture of house and apartments. These Vastu Shastra tips, which is actually the Vastu guide of the house, include the Vastu knowledge of the kitchen, Vastu tips of the room and master room, Vaastu instructions of the worship room and the use of the correct home Vastu Vastu experts are of the opinion that an anti-clockwise staircase can impact career growth. Vastu principles for direction for external staircase. The external staircase, on the other hand, could be built in: The south-east, facing the east. The south-west, facing the west. The south-west, facing the south. The north-west, facing the north

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Vastu Shastra Tamil is a daily app used by Tamil people all over the world. Vastu Shastra Tamil app is completely free. Also available both offline and online. Our app will help you to easily understand doubts and information about Vastu Shastra. This Vastu Shastri Tamil is a collection of information from many empirical research and texts Place platform of the kitchen in East and South-East corner. Put cooking gas burner or stove in South-East corner of kitchen, make sure that it is a few inches away from wall. Provide L shaped platform, next to the kitchen's main platform, near South wall and use this platform for keeping and operating microwave ovens, mixer/grinder etc Vastu for house Best 9 benefits of vastu shastra , Source : hireandbuild.com South East Facing Main Door Vastu Remedies 28 02 2022 · If you have a south east facing main entrance follow these remedies to nullify the Vastu dosha Place three Vastu pyramids one on each side of the door and the third one on the top of the main door in the centr Vastu says it is better to avoid bedrooms, kitchens and any place near the toilet for a temple. You can place a temple in the living room in the north direction. 4. • Placement for the Idols: Keeping idols in the pooja room is another major task. It should be done with proper consideration and planning. Vastu Shastra explains that the best.

This is an east facing house plans as per Vastu shastra. The total buitup area of the plan is 640 sqft. This is a 32'3″x23'3″ house plan. This plan consists of a two-bedroom, kitchen, hall and a common toilet. Each bedroom has a size of 10'6″X8′. Another bedroom has a size of 10'6″x8′. The hall has a size of 113'x13′ South Facing House Vastu in Tamil . For Tamil speaking people, south facing house Vastu in Tamil will be convenient.They should also have a south facing plan.If you are going to own a south facing flat, you should have a south entrance Vastu plan because entrance is very important.The moment you walk through the entrance of a home, the energy of the house can be sensed

Vastu dosha remedy by means of puja/yagya and vedic upay *Ganesh pooja, navagrah shanti and pooja of Vastu purush. *Navachandi Yagya, shantipath, agnihotra yagya. *Vastu purush idol, nag or snake made of silver, copper wire, pearl, and powla. All these items to be put in a red cloth with red earth and keep that in the east direction Vastu Dosh is eliminated using Vastu Tips.Vastu Shastra is a renowned ancient science in India under which the systematic process of home, building and temple construction is done. It is also known as Vastu Kala. in this aspect, directions holds of a great significance. Although there are 4 main directions (North, South, East and West), but in Vastu Shastra, there are 6 different directions.

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  1. BEST VASTU FOR KITCHEN Kitchen is the most effected area of house from where all kind of energies prevails while an expert Vastu consultant would surely identify about the adverse situation of house if kitchen is placed incorrectly. This important part of house must be placed on its corresponding place i.e. South-east governed by element Fire
  2. Vastu Tips for Bathroom and Toilet: Simple Vastu Tips for Bathroom: Avoid construction of toilet in the southeast direction, know why,Putting in a humble amount of effort to rebuild a lavatory.
  3. Vastu suggests aligning the water closet to the north-south axis. The best placements for the water closet are in the west, south or north-west direction of the toilet. Also, make sure the door of the toilet is always closed. Keep a check on the fitting of the pot, to avoid any health issues in future, make sure the pot is fixed in such a.
  4. Bathroom Location as per Vastu: As per Vastu Shastra for bathroom, The North, The West, and The North West sides are good for bathroom located in the building. It is highly recommended that the bathroom should not be in The South, South-East, and South-West direction as it can cause health effects in family members, especially in females
  5. Toilet must never be built in the northeast or eastern corner. According to Vastu for bathroom, the doors must never be in the southwest direction. Its good to keep the bathroom clean, as proper sanitation lets positive energies flow freely.According to vastu for septic tanks, bathroom pipes must have their outlets in the north or east direction

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  1. We will also learn about vastu for toilet seat facing in the house and vastu for wash basin and bathroom under stairs. Vastu for Attached Bathroom and Toilet in Bedroom As per vastu, when the bathroom is attached to the bedroom, the bedroom or master bedroom should be built in the South-West direction of the house
  2. 1) Choosing the right direction for the location of the toilet: Vastu has stated that the ideal placement for a toilet in the house is the West or North West side of the bedroom. The West is ideally suited for a toilet which is attached to the bedroom. However, if the toilet is built separately, it is best constructed in the North-West direction
  3. தெற்கு பார்த்த வீடு வாஸ்து. Vastu for south facing house in Tamil. It is also called as south facing house Vastu tips in Tamil. therku partha veedu vastu
  4. Southeast toilet. Rivalry, diacoty , loot and theft are the major problems for this defect . South east overhead water tank, water borings, water wells etc. Irritation, behavior problems, unwanted tensions, suicidal tendencies, murders are the major threats from this defects. Southeast bedroo
  5. South East Facing House Vastu is one great science of architecture which has the power to channelize the universal cosmic energy into one successful life span. In order to apply Vastu, the major key role is played by the main door direction of a house

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Avoid sleeping with head towards the Northeast direction. As per Vastu, the magnetic field may harm sleeping patterns. South-west and South-east are considered good sleeping directions for the diagonal bedroom directions. The remaining north-west is considered as a neutral sleeping direction as per Vastu Closets in the toilets should face North or South, along the North-South axis; and should not face the East or West. If the toilets are not located in any of these appropriate places then vastu gives remedies by placing geyser in the south-east corner. Mirrors in the toilet and dressing room should be on the North or East walls Then keep the door of the toilet closed. Place vastu pyramids on the walls outside the toilet, on the south and east side. Paint the southeast part of the house with red or dark shades. Siddha Vastu Kalash should be placed in the southeast corner of the house to attract positive energy from the cosmos. To reduce the vastu dosha of south-east. As per Vastu Shastra, one of the best ways to ensure financial stability is to grow your wealth in the earth corner of the home —the south-west. Installation of a toilet in the south-west or south-east is the next option, however, do not set this up in the south-west or south-east corners of the house. 1 / 3. ALSO READ: This expansive. Vastu Shastra is a form of architecture conforming to the traditional norms according to the Hindu system.Your health suffers, and the repercussions can be felt on your day to day work as well. The way the grains are stored or your kitchen stove is placed can have a huge impact on the energies that surround you. There

Toilets in south-east direction lead to an imbalance in the rules and create a defect according to Vastu. If there is a toilet in a south-east direction, then placing Vastu Pyramids in the south and east direction is considered good. Also, make sure the door of the toilet is always closed otherwise open door allows the negativity to enter the. Effects of South east defects. 1. Fear of theft. 2. Fear of fire. 3. Bad health. 4. No good ceremony in the house. 5. Bad relation between husband and wife. 6. No piece of mind for ladies. Effects of North West defects. 1. Enmity. 2. Legal Problems. 3. Legal problems from Govt. 4. Friends and relatives go away Vastu Consultants are the doctors of buildings. Vastu Advice For The Offices Toilets should be built in West or North-western side while avoid toilet in South-east, North-east & East. Pantry should be constructed in South-east. Staircase is best made in South, South-west or West. Avoid stairs in centre or Brahmsthan of office

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Best Vaastu Sastra Directions to Buy House. The Hindu Portal 1. B efore making any investment in the house property, think on the following Vaastu Sastra measures. Never purchase a property based on Emotional [Dynamic] feelings. It could end unfavorably because the adverse placement of elements can create challenges Under no circumstances, put an underground water tank in any of the south zones. It is a severe vastu flaw as it disturbs the Water tank vastu and vastu experts advice to shift its place at the earliest. If kept in the south-east zone, it can cause accidental injuries, financial burden and loss of opportunity Therefore while constructing a house, rules or principles given in Vaastu Shastra regarding direction, shape, level should be taken into consideration. For example, south-east corner is the seat of the god of fire, Agnidev. So kitchen and any room for works related to fire/heat should be made in this corner, then only the house will be trouble. South-East - Loss of wealth is foreseen, as per septic tank vastu, if it is located on the SE direction. South - There is a good possibility that you may lose your wife if the tank is placed on the south side. South-West - There are chances that you may lose your life, if you construct your septic tank in the SW direction Vastu Tips for a south-east facing apartment, flat, plot, home or office. South east facing house should be designed with a careful arrangement as fire element is dominant in this zone. Main purposse of Vastu consideration is to align you space with universal structure. Vastu is a cosic science of structure

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Solution for Toilet in South West. If you have your toilet in the wrong direction then it is important that you imbibe these changes at the earliest as the placement of toilet influences health in a major way. Keep the door of the toilet always closed. To nullify the effect, you can place a Vastu Pyramid outside the toilet on the South West wall Vastu advises placing the septic tank on the north-west side or north side in a south facing houses. The tank should be located at least 15 feet away from a well and water stump. Following this rule prevents the house from negativity and keeps all the evil eyes away from the area In this post, we list pooja room vastu tips to make sure positivity reigns in your home. The pooja room is an epicentre of positive energy, and so, vastu for pooja rooms comes highly recommended. It is often ignored or sidelined due to lack of space or other constraints, but having a pooja room or a mandir at home is a sure-shot way of keeping. Vastu Tips: Be careful while taking loans if your home has bathroom in North-West direction If due to some reason, you have to build a toilet in the north direction, then the pit should be shifted. Vastu for Main Door. The main door direction is like the 'mouth of human body'. The mouth allows the intake of food and nutrients for the sustenance of the body. If intake of food is not done properly, it will impact the whole body adversely. Similarly if the main door of the house is not well-positioned it may lead to lot of life related.

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But overhead tank in northeast is a big Vastu defect. So, the tank should be built in southwest direction. Staircase should be built in southern or western part of the office. Staircase in the center of office is not good. Toilets can be built in the west or northwest. Northeast and southwest directions should not be used for toilet Welcome to World of Vastu Tips for Home. Deep inside the heart of our mother earth, a magical magnetic force exists. We are honored to bring the secrets of her force to everyone in the world. Here you will find simple Vastu Tips for bringing good health, long life, enough wealth, peace, prosperity, fame and wisdom to you and your family North-East Bedroom Vastu Remedies - Complete Guide Bedroom is one of the most integral parts of our house.A research study shows that we spend about one-third of our lives in our bedroom.Hence, it is important to have it in the right location along with proper arrangement Important Vastu Shastra Rules And Tips. In Vastu Shastra (Indian Feng Shui / Vedic Architecturial Science), every aspect of the house and/or business premise such as doors, windows, pillars, steps, staircases, gutter, toilet, home gym, kitchen, flow of rainwater, water tanks, ponds, mini lakes, swimming pools, fountains, well, septic tank, drainage, and master bedroom among others have to be. South-west direction is the conjunction point or corner of West and South direction direction and ideally known as Nairuthi corner or place of Demon. South-west being governed by demon is considered inauspicious direction for construction particular sections as per Vastu

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The study room should not be below the bathroom or the beam. The bookshelf should be placed in the East, North or North East. Make sure there is no reflection of the books in the mirror as that increases the pressure of studies. A well-lit lamp on the South-East corner of the study table will energize the luck in education. Vastu Tips for Good. East facing house Vastu. If you planning on getting an East facing house, you need to do a detailed vastu analysis before build you home on it.It is because, not every vastu is suitable for everyone. We have already covered the north facing house vastu and south facing house vastu in our previous blogs. Now its turn to discuss the same for an east facing house vastu A Vastu compliant shop is constructed in accordance with a proper design and layout that invites the positive energies of the universe that lead to the flourishing of the business and helps the owners gain monetary profits as well as fame and fortune by impressing the customers who come to their shop. Therefore, it is extremely essential to get.