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I am making a project in which i want to select multiple photos from gallery and want to save that in imageview array. I am able to import single image and save at imageview Can anyone tell please how may i import multiple images and save in array or different imageviews? Select multiple images from android gallery. 5. how to open gallery. How to select multiple images from gallery in android programmatically? Set the EXTRA_ALLOW_MULTIPLE option in the putExtra () method to select multiple images from the gallery I try to select multiple images from photo gallery and save it in my custom folder on sdCard. I wrote some code but i have nullPintException this is a my source. Select multiple images from android gallery. 2. How to handle image path for an image comming from external sources like Dropbox. 3 In this video you will learn to pick multiple images from gallery in Android 18 and abov

If user select multiple images, when user click the second button, the image view will display user selected images one by one. In this example, the first image is selected from camera, the second image is selected from gallery. If you can not watch the above video, you can see it on the youtube URL https://youtu.be/c7MaWjTmf4k 1 How to select multiple images from gallery for android and IOS device and how to show it in the UI? Because of the lack of those codes the selected pictures are not showing in the UI after selecting. I added the above codes in my OnAppearing(). So remove image part is working now. Thanks @ColeX for the sample : I want to create a picture chooser from gallery. I use code intent = new Intent(Intent.ACTION_PICK, android.provider.MediaStore.Images.Media.EXTERNAL_CONTENT_URI); startActivityForResult(intent Selecting an image from a gallery in Android is required when the user has to upload or set their image as a profile picture or the user wants to send a pic to the other. So in this article, it's been discussed step by step how to select an image from the gallery and preview the selected image User62123 posted. Hi guys, I'm wondering if there is a way to select multiple images from gallery Android and photos from iOS i tried to use for iOS ELCImagePickerViewController library but I didn't understand how to use it and i didn't find docs for it. is there alternatives that works on both iOS and Android

Nếu ai muốn ủng hộ mình, thì Donate cho mình qua link bên dưới nhé.https://unghotoi.com/tincoder Tài khoản 21710000128947 - NGUYEN DANG TIN - BIDV. Hi, I am working on xamarin.forms app. I am creating the app for android and iOS. I need to open the gallery and select multiple images from gallery of devices. How I can do this in xamarin.forms cross- platform that can work for both android and iOS instead of xamarin native code for android and ios. Thanks Deep In this video:1) Pick One or Multiple images from Gallery.2) Show Picked Image(s) in Image Switcher.3) Switch/Slide Images by clicking Next/Previous.Watch Fo.. Select multiple images from the gallery or take a picture in android. Display all images from storage. - 11zon/Android-Image-Picke Smart Gallery with Single and Multiple image pick action. Features. luminous.ACTION_PICK for choosing single image. luminous.ACTION_MULTIPLE_PICK for choosing multiple image. Also custom Theme. - - Usage /

An android library that allows selection of multiple images from gallery. It shows an initial album (buckets) chooser and then images in selected album. Can limit the number of images that can be selected. Can be used in apps with APK 11 onwards 1. Open the Photos or Gallery app on your Android Phone or tablet.. 2. Tap and hold on any photo, until you see check boxes appearing on all photos. 3. Select all the Photos that you want to send by tapping on them. 4. Now, Tap on the Share icon (See image above). Note: On Samsung and other phones the Share icon will be titled as Share 5. Once you tap on share you will get the Share.

Android Apps/Applications Mobile Development. This example demonstrates how do I pick an image from image gallery in android app. Step 1 − Create a new project in Android Studio, go to File ⇒ New Project and fill all required details to create a new project. Step 2 − Add the following code to res/layout/activity_main.xml There are three Fields inside that table id, image_data and image_tag . After that we will create android code which will send the selected image to server. Android Select Image from Gallery Upload to Server example tutorial. Please add INTERNET permissions and WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission to your AndroidManifest.xml file

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  1. GitHub CLI. Use Git or checkout with SVN using the web URL. Work fast with our official CLI. Learn more . Open with GitHub Desktop. Download ZIP. Launching GitHub Desktop. If nothing happens, download GitHub Desktop and try again. Go back
  2. Unfortunately, if you want to select multiple images there aren't a lot of open source options to do so. Here I will guide you through an implementation I did to Select Multiple images from the photo gallery in Xamarin Forms, using a dependency service
  3. December 14, 2013. December 14, 2013. by Chintan Khetiya. Hello Guys, I am here after long time and today i am posting one new sample. Today I have build simple example in which you can select either Camera or Gallery to pick up an image.For that you have to simple click on Default image and that will launch dialog to ask selection alternative.
  4. You can upload an individual photo or multiple photos at a time. To bulk upload photos from your Android gallery, you can either upload a photo album or select multiple photos to upload. Here are the steps to Upload a Photo Album to Google Drive: Open Gallery on your Android phone. Tap Menu button located at the top right corner on your screen
  5. This example demonstrates how to pick an image from an image gallery on Android using Kotlin. Step 1 − Create a new project in Android Studio, go to File ⇒ New Project and fill all required details to create a new project. Step 2 − Add the following code to res/layout/activity_main.xml. Step 3 − Add the following code to src.

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User380334 posted Hi, i'm trying to find a solution to select multiples photos in Xamarin in both platforms, can be two separated nugets or something like that. I tried GmImagePicker, but it simply don't open the images selector view controller, i followed the GitHub tutorial. Something i can · User371688 posted The following links are the function. The below line between Start and End is added to distinct if user select same image to crop than each time same image name replace with random number with .jpg to to * overcome issue of same previously cropped image set. if you comment below line between Start and End than check for selecting same image with cropping different portion of image and result will be * previously cropped image. Select Start, and type file explorer in the Search box. In File Explorer, navigate to the location of the edited photo, then select the file. Right-click the image and select Send to > Bluetooth device. In the window that opens, select your Android device, then select Next. On your Android device, accept the prompt to transfer the file

I'd like to share a native plugin that helps you interact with Gallery/Photos on Android & iOS. With this plugin, you can: - Save your images/videos to the specified album in Gallery/Photos. - Prompt the user to pick an image or video from Gallery/Photos. - Prompt the user to pick multiple images or videos from Gallery/Photos (available on. In this video, i have shown how to create a Gallery application using Android Studio. I have used a couple of API's to display the images from the gallery ap.. In this post I will explain in detail how to select multiple images from the native gallery in Xamarin Forms and more! This class contains the code to open the native Android gallery and to. What I am trying to achieve is opening the Gallery in Android and let the user select multiple images. Now this question has been asked frequently but I am not satisfied with the answer I have used dependency service for it. For android I have written below native code TedPicker is image selector library for android and allows you to easily take a picture from gallery or camera without using a lot of boilerplate code. Do not waste your time for writing image select function code. You can take a picture or select image from gallery. Also you can customize color, drawable, select count, etc for your application.

Step 2: Change the Layout. For our demo, we need simple layout. One Image view to display user selected image and one button to trigger Image gallery. So our Android's app UI is very simple, One LinearLayout to organize Image view and Button linearly. Note that the id of Image view is imgView and that of Button is buttonLoadPicture Since photos updated, I can no longer select multiple photos to send to a specific album. Since photos updated, I can no longer select multiple photos to send to a specific album. I'd be really happy if I could run the Android 4.4 photo organizer... I'm not a photo buff, I just want to simply file my family photos in folders

I have over a thousand photos on my phone to transfer to my pc and then on to a harddrive or cloud account. I can see all the photos listed in the Your Phone app, but there appears to be no way to select multiple images, I can only click one at a time and select copy, or drag them one at a time Image Picker is one of the most usable functionality used in dynamic android iOS applications. Using the Image Picker we can capture image from mobile phone camera and display in Image widget. We can also select image from mobile phone local storage gallery and display the selected image in Image widget Tap 3-dots > Download. This creates a ZIP file on the device. Extract the photos from the ZIP file and (optional) delete the ZIP. This article tells you how to download an album from the Google Photos app and share to email or Drive: In the Photos app, select Albums from the bottom of the screen. Tap on the album you want to download

Android Image Picker Library can help you in your Android Project to help user select images from their media folder or from the camera of their android device.. Here is a curated list of 15 such libraries built by developers to help you make choice for your Android Project with link to their respective github repository and gradle implementation code.. Inspired by a Xamgirl blog post about selecting multiple images from the gallery decided to do an updated version that will allow selecting multiple images and videos. Will do this by creating a cross-platform media picker service for iOS and Android able to pick multiple images and videos. So the result will be Import photos and videos from an Android phone to PC. First, connect your phone to a PC with a USB cable that can transfer files. Turn your phone on and unlock it. Your PC can't find the device if the device is locked. On your PC, select the Start button and then select Photos to open the Photos app. Select Import > From a USB device, then.

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This plugin helps you save your images and/or videos to device Gallery on Android and Photos on iOS. It is also possible to pick an image or video from Gallery/Photos. INSTALLATION. There are 5 ways to install this plugin: import NativeGallery.unitypackage via Assets-Import Packag SSImagePicker Image Pickers. Free. Easy to use and configurable library to Pick an image from the Gallery or Capture image using Camera. You can easily select image from camera and gallery and upload it wherever you want. We have created this library to simplify pick or capture image feature. Handled permissions for camera and gallery, also. 1. Create a new project in Android Studio from File ⇒ New Project by filling the required details. When it prompts you to select the activity, choose Empty Activity and continue. 2. Open AndroidManifest.xml and add the following permissions : To advertise that your application depends on having a camera, put a <uses-feature> tag of name. Choose photo/ image from gallery in Android. User will need to choose one option from the above two options and then depending on the option chosen by the user, we will either capture an image from the camera or open the gallery. You will get Final Output: Step 1 Create Layout. First, we'll show a button to user - user can click the button. 3. Now tap on the Attach button (looks like a paperclip) and select the gallery option. 4. After that, select the folder that contains the image. 5. Once you find the image, tap on it. You can also select multiple images and share them at once. 6. WhatsApp allows you to edit, crop, add text, or a caption before sending an image to someone. 7

Android Image Gallery Example App. This Android image gallery example application is made as simple as possible, so that it will help as a starter for your image based Apps. You can add and modify features easily as it is developed in a modular way with re-usability in mind. Images are loaded from remote URL and displayed in a gallery view select multiple branches to merge, select the merge gallery android github, Processing for Android also lets you accessing the Android Give the project name as 2021 — Select single or multiple images, with cropping option. iOS/Android image picker with support for camera, video Click on Albums after opening Google Photos; Choose the album you want to download; On the top right of your screen you should see a three dots symbol (also known as a hamburger menu or hamburger icon) - it represents additional options. Click on this icon; Select Download all form the pop-up menu on your screen Choose the date type to back up from your Android device. For text messages, select Messages. For photos, select Gallery from Media. You can back up other types of data. To encrypt the backup, just tick on the Encrypted Backup option To add images you want to convert, tap the plus sign icon on the toolbar. Folders on your device containing images are listed. Tap on the folder containing the images you want to include in your PDF file. To select the images, click the selection button at the top of the screen. All the images are selected

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Select more images. Tap on all the images you want to add to your post. Your friends will need to swipe left on your first image to view all of the images one by one. You can add up to 10 photos to your post. If you want to deselect a photo, just tap on it again on the Gallery grid Microsoft Outlook users on Android can now take advantage of brand new photo gallery when composing an email. Version 4.1.105 is live in the Play Store and carries a brand new photo gallery experience that saves time by providing an immersive image browsing experience built right into the camera.. Users can also take a picture of a whiteboard or a document lying on the desk and send it right away

That is, tap on the Gallery button and select the required photo or video from your Gallery. 4. In case you want to add multiple photos to your Reel, tap on the Select multiple icon when you have to choose photos. If the Select multiple icon isn't available, touch and hold any of the photos. The selection circle will appear on the image Delete Multiple Photos. Open the Gallery or Photos app. Open the album that contains the photos you wish to remove. Tap the Menu icon located at the upper-right corner of the screen. Choose Select item (Gallery) or Select (Photos). Tap the photos you wish to remove. They will become highlighted On your Android phone, open Gallery Go . Tap the photo or video that you want to move. At the top right, tap More Move to SD card. Select a storage location, then tap Move here. To select multiple photos or videos, tap Photos More . Tap Select Photos and choose the photos and videos that you want to move. Or, tap Select all to choose everything

If you want all pictures in Messenger to save automatically, see Saving Photos Automatically. Select a conversation. Tap the photo you want to save. It will open in full-screen mode. Tap ⁝. It's at the top-right corner of the screen. Tap Save. The photo is now saved to your gallery Step 1: Launch the app from which you want to add the photo to Google Drive. Open the required photo or select multiple photos. Step 2: Tap on the Share icon. Look for Drive (or Save to Drive icon. To send multiple text messages on android phone, kindly open the message app on your phone. On the message app tap on new conversation and enter the recipient phone number or select from your contact. To send multiple pictures in text message on android, look at the options on your screen and you will see a picture icon, camera icon and a plus.

The following steps will help you to send photos from WhatsApp on android to email. Step 1: Launch WhatsApp application from your android device. Open the conversation with which the photos were shared. Find and select the photos you want to send to the email. Select the photos by tapping and holding for few seconds until highlighted Step 1: Open the Google Docs document from which you want to extract an image. Step 2: Right-click on the image and select Save to Keep. Step 3: Keep will open in the right sidebar of Google Docs. NOTE: Uploading photos via the PlanGrid iOS app will compress photos. On Android. Photos. In the PlanGrid app, navigate to your Photos screen and tap the Add icon. You can take a new photo or video or select from your device's gallery. Once you've taken a photo or video or selected the file(s) you'd like to add, tap Open You can add photos to Lightroom for mobile (Android) from other third-party photo apps that have the share capability, such as Google Photos, Google Drive, and Dropbox. To do so, simply select photos in any other photo app, share them, and choose the Add To Lr option. Your photos are added to the All Photos album in Lightroom for mobile (Android)

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Answer: To select multiple images we will use multi_image_picker flutter package. in this Package we can select. First Of All Add multi_image_picker package in your pubspec.yaml file. After That run pub get command to get dependencies. then import material.dart , multi_image_picker.dart and async in your main.dart file Check out this Stack Overflow post for an alternate approach using mimetypes to restrict content user can select. Selecting Multiple Images from Gallery. First, from the above example, we can add the Intent.EXTRA_ALLOW_MULTIPLE flag to the intent: Intent intent = new Intent (Intent. ACTION_PICK); intent. setType (image/*); intent. putExtra. Move images to archive. On your Android phone or tablet, open the Google Photos app . Sign in to your Google Account. Select a photo. Tap More Move to Archive. Optional: To find any photos that you've archived from your Photos view, in the Google Photos app , at the bottom, tap Library Archive The previous article Android Pick Multiple Image From Gallery Example has told us how to browse an image gallery to select and show images use Intent.ACTION_GET_CONTENT intent. In that example, we save all user-selected images android file path URI in a list. Then we display those images one by one How to download multiple photos from Google Photos to your phone storage. To download multiple photos all at once from Google Photos you will need your PC. There is no option to download multiple photos from Google photos back to your phone. Step 1: Open the Google Photos App on your PC. Step 2: Select multiple images that you wish to download

This article explains how to build an Android application with the ability to select the image from the mobile gallery and upload images to Firebase Storage. Here are the detailed steps: Step 1. Create a new project on android studio or open an existing project in which you want to add authentication and add the firebase to that android. Just open the Gallery app, access the Share function (this is often done via the Menu button), select Gmail, select the photos/videos you want to attach, select the OK/Share button, and Gmail. Using the Image View to Display Images. To render images Android provides us with the ImageView class. we will be able to see the images in a Horizontally scrollable gallery as seen below

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When wondering how to transfer photos from Google Photos to Gallery, after you have opened the app, you'll then need to find the photo that you want to download and select it. It's important to realize that when you download photos from Google Photos to Gallery, you can't choose more than one photo at a time But yes, the button to select multiple photos is undergoing some change — like it or not. On iPhone, the multiple button is now gone but as of now (May 23, 2021), on Android, it's ever-present. But don't worry, you can simply tap and hold on any image of yours to get the multiple selection back

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Here's how to reduce photo file size on Android phone this app: Open the Gallery app on your Samsung devices. Now select the photo that you want to compress. Hold onto one photo to enable multi-selection to select multiple photos at once. Now tap on the Share; Select Email from the resulting options. Now tap on RESIZE IMAGE 2. Select Browse, then navigate to the folder that contains the files you wish to send. You can hold the CTRL key and select multiple files if desired. Once you have the file(s) selected, select Open. 3. The files should show in the File names field. Select Next. 4. From the Android, choose to Accept the file.

How to Transfer Photos From Your Phone to Computer Using Email . You can use the email app of your choice on your phone to send pictures to your computer. This eliminates the need for wires and adapters. However, this method only works when transferring one or two photos If you find your target image there, tap on that to select it or tap-and-hold to select multiple images. Now choose the 'Restore' button to restore or the 'Delete' button (trash can) to permanently delete it. That's it. You have successfully restored deleted images on your Android device using the default Gallery app

Another option of selecting multiple photos is by holding the Ctrl button and clicking on each photo you want to download. This way, they will all be downloaded to your computer simultaneously Steps To Compress Image File Without Losing Quality: Step 1. First of all download and install the app Photo Compress on your android device. How To Compress Images In Android Without Losing Quality. Step 2. Now launch the app and there you will see options Pick the image from the gallery, capture, and multiple compress Simple Gallery Pro for Android. Despite its Pro in the name, it is a free app for Android that runs locally on the device, at least when you download it from F-Droid. The Google Play version costs $1.09 and helps fund development. You may also donate to the developer to help fund development of the apps. It is a photo management application. Step 3. Remove Multiple Pictures - If you want to remove multiple pictures from LG Android phone, you need to go to the folder which saves the pictures you want to remove on the Gallery. - Enter the folder and tap on the Delete icon on the top right, please. Now you can pick out the pictures or tap on the Select all on the upper left

To download the images, simply navigate to the folder where the images are stored in the Google Drive folder on the Files app. Then tap the options button on the top right corner. Select all the photos you want to download by swiping your finger over the checkboxes on the left. After that, tap the share button on the bottom left and tap Save image Photo Transfer (iOS, Android) allows you to move photos from your iPhone or Android device to your computer via Wi-Fi.If you're using the free version of the mobile app, you can transfer up to. Delete All Group Photos from Within the Chat on Android. Step 1: Open the group chat whose media files you want to delete. Step 2: Tap on the three-dot icon at the top and select More from the.


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How to stop saving WhatsApp photos to Android phone's Gallery. If you are using an Android device and want to stop media files including pictures and videos from all individual chats and groups being automatically saved to Gallery folder, you need to disable the Media visibility feature. Open WhatsApp on your Android device and tap three-dots. Photos: Open a photo in the gallery. You can also send multiple photos by opening the default gallery app, you just have to long-press a photo's thumbnail, and then tap all the other photos you want to send to select them. With the photos selected, you can finally start the beaming process. Step 3: Beam the Conten Android. Open the WhatsApp chat from where you want to delete photos. Tap and hold the photo that you want to delete. If you want to delete multiple photos, then you must select one photo, and tap.

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The Google Photos app on Android and iOS functions as a typical gallery app showing you the photos on your phone. But you must be aware that it acts as a photo-storage service as well If we are going to create a Flutter application that is accessing the camera to take a picture or using the gallery to pick an image then in this tutorial we are going to learn how to access Camera or Gallery in a flutter application.. In this Image Picker Example, we are going to use ImagePicker dependency to access the camera/gallery Next, if the gallery didn't return any data (image), break out of the method and don't do anything; If data was returned, save in the filePath variable declared at the top of the class; Lastly, set the imageview to show the value of filePath . At this point, we can now select an image from our gallery and preview the results in our imageview

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2. Create database along with table on your server to store image information : Create a table on your hosting server with three columns id, image_path and image_name. 3. Create folder on your server to save images : Next step is to create a folder named as images on your server which will used to store uploaded images. 4 And encode IMAGE_CHOOSE ,PERMISSION_CODE variables into the companion object code block. We need a function to select a photo from the gallery. We are coding the function named chooseImageGallery

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Tutorial about loading an image by making an http request. I am writing this tutorial as lot of people are asking me about loading an image into imageview Transfer photos from iPhone to Android using Google Drive: On your iPhone, download Google Drive from the Apple App Store. Open Google Drive and sign in to your Google account. Tap Add. Select. If your image was captured in Business Card mode, select OneNote to save it as a vCard (.vcf file). If you also want to save the image to the Gallery on your Android device, select Gallery as well, and then tap Save. Edit a previously scanned PDF. You can easily edit a PDF file that was previously created with Microsoft Lens Target Audience: Beginner Recipe: Implement uploading image to Firebase Storage on Flutter Native. Goal: In this code recipe, we'll pick an image from device camera or gallery and upload it to the Firebase Storage.Note: I'll be using Android emulator to demonstrate this code recipe. The camera functionality doesn't work in iOS simulator. You need an iOS device to use camera