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There is a time factor here and also the cost will go up if special equipment or testing is required to diagnose the problem that your guinea pig has. If you have to rush your guinea pig to the vet for an urgent problem then the cost will be higher. Expect to pay at least $100 for this. For out of hours visits this is likely to increase $49 here for a guinea pig checkup at our usual clinic. It's not a dedicated exotics clinic, although two of the vets are cavy savvy enough for most average illnesses/problems. Thank you, mufasa, for this useful post, says hey how much usually should a check up cost at the vet? Forums. New posts Search forums. Vet Locator List. Rescue Locator. Guinea Pig Guides. £22 for a healthy pig check up or a follow up appointment after a consultation, and £38 for a sick piggy consulation. Just to say that choosing a vet who knows guinea pigs or has guinea pigs can. Each time you take your guinea pig to the veterinarian, and please do, it's going to cost about $50. Guinea pigs are considered exotic pets, and taking one to the vet if they have health problems will cost more than taking a cat or dog to the vet. Not all veterinarians will take care of them Today I thought we'd play a little game I like to call How Much Is A Visit To The Vet For A Guinea Pig? You see yesterday Sophie and I took her pet guinea pig, Cookie, to the vet for a bit of a check up. Poor old Cookie (actually he's not even one yet so I should probably drop the 'old' bit) has developed a bit of a rash on his skin and while he seems his usual happy self, I thought we should.

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The Cost of Neutering a Guinea Pig can range from $40- $500 and the average would be about $120- $200. However, this largely depends on your location and the consultations you have made with the local vets in the area. Look for Online reviews of the Clinic. In addition to asking for references, research on your own Guinea pig cost at PetCo is $40, as of Feb 2017. Cost of a Hairy Male/Female Guinea pig at PetSmart is $35 as of Feb 2017. Skinny Guinea pig price at PetSmart is $54.99 and availability is seasonal (Check availability

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  1. In the end, the average cost of investing in these guinea pigs is typically somewhere in the ballpark of $50 to $80 for a pair of guinea pigs. Average Hutch Cost. If you want to keep your guinea pig healthy, you need to purchase the appropriate size hutch. Many people mistakenly buy one a few sizes too small
  2. g home, then schedule checkups once a year. Check your local PetSmart Banfield Pet Hospital to see if a small pet vet is on staff. Take your guinea pig for a check-up if it displays any of these.
  3. Cost may vary by breed but the average cost for a guinea pig is $10 to $40. You may pay a little more from a breeder or shelter, but adoption fees generally include the spay/neuter surgery. How much does it cost to neuter/spay a guinea pig? It costs between $50 and $100 to neuter a male guinea pig
  4. Guinea pig food costs around $5 for a 5-pound bag, or about $5-$10 per month depending on the size and appetite of the guinea pig. Harnesses used to take guinea pigs for a walk or to play in the yard run $5-$7. Exercise balls are priced $14-$17. Common Veterinary costs include spay or neutering for around $45. The Humane Society offers care and.
  5. How Much Do Guinea Pigs Cost? Guinea pigs usually cost between $10 and $40, and you will need at least two. There are lots of guinea pigs without a home in pet shelters, so source your pets there if possible
  6. Hormone Cystorelin injections - Female guinea pigs at ages of 2 yrs - 2.5 yrs or over can develop Ovarian Cysts. These are extremely common and can cause all or some of the following symptoms. Hair loss on both sides of the flanks and in a V on the back, aggressive behavior with other guinea pigs, crusty nipples, enlarged sides (from fluid filled ovarian cysts), sexual behavior (humping.

You can easily spend $400 getting set up with a new guinea pig. But it's worth it. They are cuddly, social creatures that will cuddle, snuggle and sit on your lap. Healthy guinea pigs generally live to about four years of age, with a good quality of life and good guinea pig diet. Some will live longer, but most veterinarians have only seen. In almost all cases sterilised guinea pigs will bond better with their owners and other guinea pigs. Our HopStart package covers the cost of the surgery, a day of hospitalisation, fluid therapy during surgery and all medications including multimodal pain relief. Your guinea pig will have one of our vets and a dedicated nurse to monitor them. A guinea pig cage costs between £15 to about £150. The exact amount will depend on the type of cage you need. Larger cages tend to be more in the range of £50 to £200 with some of the high-end ones. The largest cage we found when researching this article was 64 by 74 by 149 cm and cost £149.99. Smaller cages are cheaper

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  1. The vets most local to me (which i dont actually use!) is always putting up signs to say This month is Rabbit and Guinea Pig Month and to bring your pet in for a free health check, or its Dental Month for free teeth checks etc etc
  2. Guinea pigs can become costly in terms of monthly bills and outright payments for their cage and accessories. They have a high upkeep, and require a large portion of food each day, and roughly 5 liters (1 US gal) of bedding every fortnight. While guinea pigs are high maintenance, this shouldn't stray you away from keeping them
  3. Check the treatment is suitable for guinea pigs before use, as it may have toxic effects on guinea pigs. The guinea pig and its cage should be disinfected after the fleas have been removed. Insects tend to attack again and again, so you need to be careful
  4. This is dependent on where you are taking your guinea pig to get it's nails cut. The cost for a groomer or veterinary office to do it is usually in the $10-$20 range

Grand Total. So taking all the essentials and put them together as a total, a guinea pig will cost you (on average) anywhere between $208 and $238. Of course, this can change depending on the level of quality in regards to the products your purchase Re: How much does it cost to get a pig check-up? The vet closest to me charges $72 for one pig, and offers a multi-pet discount so the charge went down to $64 and some change per pig (10%). There are vets further from me (closer to down town), that charge around $45 An appointment costs $66 dollars, and that does not include any tests or treatment. A vet that does not specialize in exotic animals is less expensive, but guinea pigs are much different than cats or dogs, and frequently it takes a specialist to recognize and illness and to know the correct treatment

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The initial cost of having a guinea pig will be more expensive than the monthly cost to care for it. You will spend around $200 on your guinea pig cage, toys, bedding and the animal itself when you first get your guinea pig. After that, you can expect to spend around $40 dollars per month on food and bedding. Of course, this per-month cost will. If your guinea pig is badly debilitated, your veterinarian may suggest hospitalization for supportive care to build up the animal's strength. In addition, there are no specific drugs specifically formulated for managing mites in guinea pigs, so it is likely your veterinarian will suggest an 'off label' use of products designed for dogs and cats Guinea pigs acclimate well to average household temperatures, not to exceed 80°F; be cautious of extreme temperature changes. The habitat should never be in direct sunlight or in a drafty area. A minimum 36L x 30W x 18H escape-proof habitat with a solid surface area and plenty of room for exercise and play makes a good home for one guinea pig Guinea pigs have full, rounded bodies; short, floppy ears, stubby legs and no tail. There are MANY colors and breeds, but most types fall into three main breeds: English/Common (smooth coat, straight hair), Peruvian (long, silky hair) and Abyssinian (rough, wiry hair in whirls and twists). Guinea pigs have hair like a human, not fur like a rabbit ADOPTION COST: It costs $20 to adopt a Guinea Pig through us, then $30 for two Guinea Pigs and an extra $15 for any amount of Guinea Pigs after the initial $30. They must be purchased at the one time

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  1. We ask a $25 adoption fee per guinea pig. We do not run sales or offer discounts on the guinea pigs. Part of the reason for the fee is to help cover the very high cost of running the rescue
  2. Guinea Pigs are considered to be an ideal first pet! They are adorable and loving animals that are easy to maintain and handle. There are a number of treats and toys available to use when bonding with your guinea pig. Guinea pigs are very affectionate and will snuggle up to their pet parents
  3. Respiratory Diseases. Guinea pigs are sensitive to cold air drafts and can easily develop an upper respiratory infection—or worse, pneumonia. 1  They can even get Bordetella bronchiseptica from your dog, cat, or pet rabbit. Take notice of your guinea pig's cage location and be sure to keep them away from drafts, open doors, and open windows
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An insurance plan for your guinea pig can cost from as little as £5 per month which can help meet the cost of any unexpected treatments from injuries as well as pay towards any ongoing treatments. Insurance costs can increase as your pet ages and you may end up paying closer to £15 each month during the later years Guinea pigs and rabbits have the same space requirements, but rabbits tend to eat a little bit more than GPs, and also live longer. A rabbit's lifespan is between eight and twelve years compared to a guinea pig's five to eight. It's slightly more difficult to provide guinea pigs with all the nutrition they need, as they can't manufacture. Yes, I consider my guinea pig an emotional support rodent. I grew up in a pet-loving family. Throughout the years, there was always a dog I could cuddle , a parakeet I could chirp to, or a. Hay feeder - Some guinea pigs enjoy pulling the hay out of the hay feeder and it can help to keep the hay sanitary. Some guinea pigs will pull all the hay out and it will just end up on the floor of the enclosure. Food Bowl - Check that it is shallow enough for your guinea pig to dip their face int Bringing You Closer To Your Pets. We design beautiful, easy to maintain products which give you more time to spend with your pets. Learn Mor

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The Guinea Pig Sanctuary 31 mins · Luna and Sola say thank you for helping with Luna's amputation costs ️ ️ her latest bill is $496.38 she'll go back tomorrow for a check up ️ ️ to help with the bill call VCA 781-245-0045 ️ ️ # luna # sola # amputeelife # sisters # vetbillsforday 10 Best Guinea Pig Hay Racks Reviewed. Let us check out the list of 10 best guinea pig hay racks, along with its pros and cons and reviews. 1. Western Era Wooden Cage Attach Hay Rack. Western Era Wooden Cage Attach Hay Rack, Grass Feeder, Holder for Rabbit, Guinea Pig, Ferret. Size: Approx. 19*16.5*10 cm / 7.5*6.5*3.9 in Check out our guinea pig bedding absorbency experiment results where we tested 6 different types of bedding. Dusty bedding is dangerous Another important factor you will need to consider when buying bedding for your guinea pigs is how dusty it is Guinea pigs are an excellent choice of pet, and you should provide a guinea pig starter kit, as we know. Provide a clean, comfortable shelter and enough healthy food, and clean drinking water. Guinea pigs are social animals that thrive in a company, so please choose the best items when you shop for them This makes the cost of preventative care for Guinea pigs cheaper than it is for most other pets, but the fact that your pet does not need vaccinations does not mean that you should forgo taking them along to the vet for an annual health check

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#1. Guinea pigs cost less. I am sure that the budget is always an issue in getting your desired pet. Since you want a cute guinea pig, you will only spend a small amount to have it. (please read here how much are Guinea pig at Petsmart) There many variations in the breed that you can choose from, and you will be amazed by how beautiful they are. Myth 2: Smaller pets, like guinea pigs, are less expensive to care for. The cost of caring for a pet can vary greatly depending on the type of pet you have. Certainly it is cheaper to feed a guinea pig than it is to feed a great dane! That being said, guinea pigs have special needs that do cost money to look after Happy Guinea Pig. Generally, a larger room to live in would make for a happier pet. With more space comes the avenue to display more natural behaviors which would not only keep your pet happy, but also help you to get to know it better. How To Set Up Your Guinea Pig's cage Avoid Noise. Guinea pigs have sensitive ears Check out this article for more information! Things you should know before getting a guinea pig. This kind of cage does not only cost less than the ones in the pet store, but it is also much healthier. Guinea pigs do end up with vitamin C deficiency so be sure to provide them with ample vitamin C supplements Guinea pigs are social creatures, and this includes time with humans. If you build up trust and love with your cavy over time, they will enjoy being cuddled and held. Biting in these circumstances will be kept to a minimum. If you want that your guinea pig doesn't bite you check this step by step guide that I wrote

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10 Best Guinea Pig Cages For Small Spaces. 1. Guinea Habitat Plus Guinea Pig Cage by MidWest w/ Top Panel, 47L x 24W x 14H Inches. Pros & Benefits: 2. Living World Deluxe Habitat. Pros & Benefits: 3. Yaheetech Metal Ferret Cage Indoor Outdoor Small Animals Hutch with 2 Front Doors If your guinea pig feels cramped in a small play area, then you need to take a look at the Casifor guinea pig exercise pen. It guarantees a lot, measuring 47 x 39.4 x 15 inches (120cm x 100cm x 38cm)

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Guinea Pig owners who need a reliable ramp for exiting/entering the cage should consider Pulse's Brands Wood Bridge. Its fold-able 24-inch long and 6.7-inch wide design should be more than stab;e enough for your guinea pig. I can easily see mine rocking up and down this ramp to get from location to location. Features: 24 x 6 x 6.7 inche As guinea pigs live in groups, it is possible that if one develops it the rest will follow. As we mentioned, guinea pigs kept in hot, unsanitary conditions are most likely to pick up the infection. So, ideally having a good look at the place the guinea pig was raised will give you an idea of whether the new piggy is likely to carry the fungus. The Guinea Pig API is provided as a single row in JSON format. Currently there is a soft limit for subscribers of 5000 requests per month. The monthly cost of using the Guinea Pig API is only $3.99. About the cost of a Big Mac. But tastes better ;) Please Login or Register to Access the API. Example Guinea Pig API Output: Aragorn Little Bit. The 10 Best Guinea Pig Pellets — Reviews 2021. 1. Oxbow Essentials Cavy Cuisine Adult Guinea Pig Food — Best Overall. Check Latest Price. Oxbow is a brand well known for quality pet foods that have your pet's health and wellness in mind, and these Cavy Cuisine pellets are no different

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The guinea pig carrier should have adequate airflow for your cute pet. Usually, that is done with a mesh material with a zipper on the front and small holes on the sides so that the travel carrier gets well ventilated at all times. Space. The guinea pig carrier that you purchase should have enough space for your pet to stand up and turn around. If I bring the same pig back for a check-up or to get more tests done, etc. because the original problem has yet to subside, or the is getting a check-up after a surgery (all of these situations have happened to me since one of my pigs is a bit of a sicky), anyways, if I bring that SAME pig back, it costs nothing for the visit, even though I. In the past, we've talked a little bit about how much it costs when you need to take your guinea pig to the vet. Regarding Broccoli's neutering, we said: The total cost of the process was the vet visit ($77) plus the neutering ($320) plus the Oxbow Critical Care ($14).The vet threw in the cost for the Meloxicam pain killer for free (would have been $20) The vets I was recommended had a piggy check up clinic for £10 where they'd clip claws and do an all round healthcheck, run by a nurse. Mine charge the same fee for a consultation on any animal - which is about £25. I suppose it's the same length of time for an appointment whether it's a hamster or a great dane The delivery fee of $15000 covers all delivery costs (Carrier with Water Bottle, Driver , Vet Check, Interstate Health Certificate ) Cost for up to 2 piggys by ground is $150.00 (this is the button below each piggy) Each additional piggy above 2 is $50.00 more eac

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  1. It's perfect for Guinea pig! Learn why more than 100,000 households have chosen Pet Assure for their pets. Among pet health plans, Pet Assure is the best value pet plan for your Guinea pig.It is the best pet insurance alternative and available for any type of pet
  2. The Humane Society of the United States recommends housing a maximum of two guinea pigs in a cage that's at least 7.5 square feet. Most cages advertised for guinea pigs are much smaller. I purchased an uncovered MidWest guinea pig cage for about $35 on Amazon. Not only was it cheaper than pet-store cages, it was roomy enough for my two guinea.
  3. Guinea Pigs have continuously growing nails that need to be trimmed regularly. Housing. There are a variety of hutches and cages available to house Guinea Pigs. Generally Guinea Pigs should be kept indoors as warmer weather (above 27 C) can cause heat stroke. Indoor cages should allow at least 0.5 square metres of floor space per guinea pig
  4. Guinea pigs, rabbits, and rodents form thick pus that will not drain or get resorbed easily, because of this most abscesses require surgical removal. Surgery will be followed with up a treatment of antibiotics based on the bacteria growing within the abscess

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  1. Although you can also keep guinea pigs in herds of females (sows) or a male (boar) with 1 or more female guinea pigs. Two boars - take care not to mix two very strong characters, as they may fight. A neutered boar with one or more sows. Sows often seem more relaxed when they live with a neutered male
  2. Rex Guinea Pig. Highlights: Friendly, Gentle, Calm. The Rex Guinea Pig is a short-haired cavy with hair no longer than 1 cm long. Most mammals have three different types of hairs, including guard hairs.. These specific hairs are used to protect the rest of the coat from any wear and excess of moisture
  3. The Kaytee Guinea pig cage will be suitable for two young critters, and when they grow older, you may need to switch them to a bigger cage. That being said, this cage is a beautiful model to keep in the house, that is because of the look. It comes with a good design, enough to suit any modern house
  4. Guinea pigs need as large of a cage as you can fit and afford, and many pet shop cages marketed for guinea pigs are actually too small. Remember their cage is their primary space for exercise unless you're able to take your pet out and monitor it for most of the day. One guinea pig should have a cage that is at least 30 inches by 36 inches
  5. Guinea pigs are ultra sensitive to heat and are best kept in areas around 65-75F degrees. Over 80F degrees can cause issues. Excessive loud noises can also stress out your guinea pig. Bedding - The top choices for bedding are natural paper, aspen or fleece liners
  6. What you will need to litter train a Guinea Pig: Here are the things that I use to set up my cages and habitats for my Guinea Pigs when using this litter training method. Plastic container (I use these dish pans) Absorbent Litter (I like paper or pelletized wood bedding) Hay Rack (I like this one but I use DIY C&C Hay Feeders
  7. There is often a good understanding of the individual's temperament too. There are also guinea pig breeders around the country. Guinea pigs usually cost $20-40 each. Some show breeds can be more.There is hutch set up costs around $200 and ongoing costs of about $50-$60/month for a pair for food and hay. Plus, medical and vet bills

In the wild, Guinea pigs live in herds, so its quite natural for them to share living space. It is best to house your Guinea pigs together from an early age. If you are introducing a new Guinea Pig to an existing set up, then try to do this gradually to allow time for the new roomies to become used to one another If your dead guinea pig died suddenly or under traumatic circumstances, it's normal to be overprotective of the surviving pig or piggies; wanting to guard them against harm at any cost. While this might be admirable, think about how this overprotecting might affect your pet's quality of life and mental well-being Last update on 2021-07-08 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API. First up on our list is GuineaDad's Fleece Liner 2.0, a perfect product for those who are looking for a tried-and-tested guinea pig fleece cage liner Occasionally, we even have to deal with some rather rude people, who just want to try their luck at getting a 'cheap' guinea pig, as our adoption fee is only $30 (which covers the costs of the vet check-up), instead of buying a guinea pig from a pet store, which can cost up to $180, Felicia explains Dogs and cats may be too curious to stay back from your cage, and your guinea pig could end up injured. The size of your cage is also the biggest difference in the cost. And if you want to learn more about other costs associated with owning a guinea pig read our guinea pig costs breakdown post

Guinea pigs don't catch the flu or cold as we humans do. So, if your guinea pigs show flu-like symptoms by coughing and sneezing constantly, then there is a high chance that they are suffering from Upper Respiratory Infection. URI is a severe health condition and can only be treated by using antibiotics prescribed by the vet Sometimes, a lump can make a guinea pig feel so bad that it doesn't want to eat. For example, if your guinea pig is not eating its meals and doesn't want any tasty treats, check its mouth for an abscess. Even if your guinea pig wants to eat, the size of the abscess in its mouth or jaw could make it difficult to chew food

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The general health of the guinea pig should be considered, along with the reasons for neutering and whether surgery is the most suitable option. How much does neutering male guinea pigs cost? The cost of neutering is wide-ranging depending on area, veterinary centre and the individual guinea pigs needs. It is best to discuss this with your vet Sponsor. Thank you for helping homeless pets! The Sponsor a Pet program is handled by The Petfinder Foundation, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, to ensure that shelters and rescue groups receive donations in the easiest way possible

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Well, not guinea pigs for sale, technically, but we have a lot of guinea pigs for adoption! Check our adoption listings and create your own if you are looking to rehome your pet guinea pig. Guinea Pig Cages. We have top-quality C&C guinea pig cages for sale Guinea Pigs. Monday, October 5, 2015 | NHS Behavior Department. Originally from South America, the guinea pig isn't related to pigs at all. They are a type of rodent called a cavy. Incas domesticated these animals for use in religious ceremonies and for food. Housing. Guinea pigs require a large, single-level cage

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More details at instructables.com. 2. PetHelpful's C&C Guinea Pig Cage. The Cubes and Coroplast, commonly known as the C&C cages are the most popular DIY guinea pig cages. Most importantly, you can build a sizeable C&C cage providing ample space for your guinea pigs to roam around at a very low price The Guinea Pig Sanctuary Today at 6:43 AM Luna and Sola say thank you for helping with Luna's amputation costs ️ ️ her latest bill is $496.38 she'll go back tomorrow for a check up ️ ️ to help with the bill call VCA 781-245-0045 ️ ️ # luna # sola # amputeelife # sisters # vetbillsfordays See Mor Guinea pig odor can be soooo overwhelming, especially if you have your guinea pig cage inside the house. In my experience, guinea pigs can create two odors, one that is the typical small animal smell that all critters like Guinea pigs, mice and hamsters have. The other odor is that gross unpleasant wastey smell that typically happens after about one week of not changing your guinea pig's. Guinea pigs have a gestation period of about two months or a little more. When the babies are born, there may be only one, or more than six or seven. The average size of a litter is three babies. Newborn guinea pigs come complete with fur and up to twenty teeth at birth. Their eyes open soon after they are born

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The Perfect Chew for guinea pigs includes orange slices, wood balls, a wood log and a block in brilliant orange, red and yellow colors. A completely chewable toy with a metal attachment hook make it easy to hang in any habitat. Helps reduce boredom in small animals and provide your pet with hours of playtime fun A Balanced Diet. Guinea pigs need a variety of vitamins and minerals to be fit and healthy, but vitamin C is especially vital in maintaining a healthy body. Each day, your pets will need fresh food and dry food, clean water and hay. Have a look at our Guinea Pig Care section for more information. A Safe Space To Run Around Guinea Pig Forage Cube Guinea Pig Large Dome Guinea Pigs Large Log House For bedding, we tend to stick with Megazorb or Fitch. And hay, lots and lots of hay for them to play in and eat. If you're just thinking about getting guinea pigs, then do read 6 Reasons Guinea Pigs Make Perfect Family Pets and 5 Things to Consider Before Getting Guinea. 5. Weight and Shape Changes. One of the clear signs that your guinea pig is pregnant is if she starts to take on the shape of a pear. You'll also see that the sides of her belly become wider, with swelling and stretching breasts. The abdomen becomes bulky and look plump, though this can also mean other things

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A stressed guinea pig will show signs of aggression and irritability. He will display hostile behavior such as fidgeting, head-tossing, or teeth-baring. On the other hand, a depressed guinea pig will not display much energy. You may want to consult a vet if your guinea pig is acting in either of these manners You can keep your guinea pig in its cage with other guinea pigs after surgery. They may be a little lazy, but it should still be eating and moving. Keep it clean and warm as it recovers. When picking up your guinea pig, take care not to touch their stitches. Call your vet if: The guinea pig is not eating or drinking Guinea Pig Insurance. Cover your Guinea Pig for £2,000 of vet fees for illness or injury inc dental or gastric related issues. Our Essential policy is designed to cover one Guinea pig, for up to 2,000 of vet fees. Our Premier policy is designed to cover up three Guinea pigs under one policy and it offers £2,000 of vet fee cover per Guinea pig Fleece bedding works for guinea pigs because it allows liquid to pass through without soaking in. Usually people say you want the fleece to wick meaning it allows the liquid through. When using fleece in a guinea pig cage, you want the urine to be able to pass through the layer of fleece so your guinea pig is not laying in wet spots

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Fortunately, it's quite easy to check your guinea pig's supplies for dust, as it will likely irritate humans, too. If the sneezing still persists, look to your commonly-used household supplies. It's easy to use an air freshener or certain perfume and not think about how it may affect your guinea pig From balls to tunnels to chew treats, we've rounded up the best guinea pig toys that will provide endless hours of fun. Now, you'll only need to decide on what color and size to get How to Cut Guinea Pig Nails Step-by-Step. #1 Gather the Essentials. #2 Prepare the Area. #3 Get Your Guinea Pigs Out of the Cage. #4 Restrain Your Guinea Pig. #5 Relax Your Cavy. #6 Secure a Foot. #7 Locate the Quick. #8 Repeat

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Typical Teeth. Typically, a guinea pig has 20 teeth. According to Guinea Lynx, these are: A pair of upper and lower incisors. No canines (instead, a gap called the diastema) A pair of upper and lower premolars. 3 pairs of upper and lower molars. It is also worth noting that guinea pigs tend to have white teeth as opposed to other animals. oh and anna can you tell me if this cage is good for my 2 guinea pigs.Kaytee Open Living Habitat 60″ x 30″. just search it up on amazon and tell me because I really like how much space it has because lizzie is bad and so she jumps out of her gage and young summer follows lizzie everywhere and so they just run around my room at night

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